Friday the 13th?

What, Friday the 13th on 31st Mar 2010?

Haih, it is really a bad start for the day to me. First, my princess is fever since yesterday morning. It started with mild heat below 38 celcius degree, then it gone up to 38.50 in the evening, and in the midnight, her fever went up to 38.8 celcius degree! I was very worried and wished to bring her to the hospital, but we did not. We gave her milk and plenty of water throughout the night, and this morning before I went out to work at 6:30am, her fever was gone down a bit.

Since her fever was in control, I then started to prepare to go to work. Who knows before I stepped out from the house, my right toe suddenly felt very painful. When I looked at it, my goodness, it's the bee again! The black bee has "biten" my right toe. OMG, this is the 2nd time happened to me in the house. I shouted so loud and the maid quicky took a creme for me to apply. However, my toe is red and swollen since then.
My right toe is red and swollen now  :(
Well then, I went to work with a painful toe and unhappy mood. While I turned up to the Dude highway from Jalan Kuching, a black medium size rock suddenly flew from somewhere and hitted my car's windscreen. OMG!!! I could see the black line from the driver seat so I knew the windscreen must has been broken. But I still prayed the miracle happen and wish it is OK. I reached the car park and parked my car properly, the first thing I did was went down to check the windscreen. Well, miracle did not happen, it is broken. :'(
The only lucky thing was the car is tinted with v-kool, so the whole windscreen did not break, but a small hole and broken line.

Can you see my windscreen broken at the right corner in this picture?

Well, I hope this is the end of my bad luck today, I have had enough of it. God please give me luck and wish to win the lottery today!


#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

wei xj, you ok or not? so many bad things happened on you? but i believe you have gone through all these, and good luck will come to you soon.... take care~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

XJ, me y'day no good too because something happened, haih. Don't know when my bad luck gone, hopefully ASAP lor...

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