Guinness is Ready When You Are

Malaysians have been through an overwhelming situation in the past year. All their favourite spots to have a fresh Guinness Draught were closed for months and they have missed the smooth and creamy taste of Malaysia’s favourite stout. Now that patrons are finally allowed to dine-in, Guinness lovers can see a silver lining as their wait to enjoy a glass of Guinness on tap has come to an end.

Whenever they are ready, fans will finally be able to reunite with friends, family and loved ones at their favourite outlets, while catching up with long-overdue conversations. Doing all that with a glass of fresh, cold, smooth and creamy Guinness in hand is the perfect commemoration to all those months of waiting.
“At Guinness, quality is always at heart, so fans can rest assured that only the freshest Guinness will be served when they visit the outlets again. Good things - be it reconnecting with friends and family, or Guinness Draught of best quality, come to those who wait. So, fans can finally enjoy that first sip of Guinness Draught whenever they are ready,” said Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager of Guinness Malaysia.

Mentholatum Acnes - Your Treatment for Acne Skin

Facial acne, though common among adolescents and young adults, impacts their quality of life. Studies have shown that acne can cause psychosocial disturbances such as depression and anxiety. Citing a research done by Brody, 2019, “acne is not a killer, but it can scar people literally and psychologically.”

In addressing issues arising from facial acne and also to offer a solution to help with acne care, Mentholatum has launched a new skincare range for acne and oily-prone skin known as Mentholatum Acnes.
Mentholatum Acnes, Japan’s No.1 complex trouble care is a brand that has been developed from Rohto-Pharmaceutical, a global pharmaceutical company with rich history and heritage in skincare product development with over 120 years’ experience in pharmaceutical technology. It aims to help consumers achieve visibly clear and healthy-looking skin through its range of products containing naturally derived ingredients to help address acne and oily troubled skin effectively whilst providing gentle care to the skin. According to a survey by Mentholatum, 72% of respondents experienced improved skin condition after 30 days of using the Mentholatum Acnes, whereas 3 out of 4 said their skin condition improved just after 7 days thereby giving them more self-confidence.

The new Mentholatum Acnes range consists of a full range of acne skincare routine, namely Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash, Acnes Powder Lotion, Acnes Oil-Control Moisturiser, as well as Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel for spot-treatment. The Acnes product range contains more than 95% of pure Centella Asiatica extract from Madagascar, which is backed by research to effectively help soothe the skin and aid in blemish recovery.

You Don't Want to Miss HomePro 7th Anniversary This Oct 2021

Moving into a new home has been a tiring but fun journey to my family. There are so many things to hunt and buy. Luckily I can get almost everything from HOMEPRO - The One Shop For All Home!
As a Home Improvement Centre, HOMEPRO has everything we need under one roof. The best part is, HOMEPRO is celebrating their πŸ•π­π‘ π€πππˆπ•π„π‘π’π€π‘π˜ π˜π„π€π‘ this OCTOBER with great deals that you wouldn't want to miss!
With the aim to thank all shoppers for their continued support with HOMEPRO and stay with them even in a difficult time, HOMEPRO has prepared many extraordinary deals for all of us. No matter you are shopping at a nearby store or online store, do check out the great deals HOMEPRO is having for their anniversary. They included;
  1. 10.10 Super Sale (9/10/21 – 11/10/21)
  2. HomePro Members Week (15/10/21 – 24/10/21)
  3. HomePro Care For You (28/10/21 – 31/10/21)
10.10 Super Sale

Limited time offer at great discount
Storewide Free Delivery

HomePro Members Week – Members exclusive offer

Extra 5% discount + 7x member points
Free gift with purchase of RM150 and above
PWP up to 50%
Only 300 points to redeem 1x service (included air-cond cleaning, mattress/ sofa cleaning or sanitisation service)

Not a member yet? Free member sign up with no minimum purchase and get FREE 1,000 member points (Exclusive for HomePro Members Week special)

New, Healthier, Creamier & Tastier Lactel Kids Yogurt

Lactel Kids is a yogurt snack for children that is tasty, healthy, and wholesome. Parents want a fun and healthy snack their children will love, can now choose Lactel Kids yogurt, the newest product from the Lactel range of yogurts.
Available in compact 100 gramme servings with bright, attractive packaging depicting elephants, orangutans and tigers, Lactel Kids yogurt comes in children’s favourite flavours of strawberry, vanilla and banana. These three (3) options are made with real fruit puree without any artificial sweetener added while kids will love the creamy texture, clearly indicating the richness of the milk from which the yogurt is derived. Besides taste, parents can rest assured that Lactel Kids is a yogurt snack that packs a healthy punch as it is filled with the goodness of calcium, fortified with vitamin D and live cultures important for the gut.

Mentholatum's New Collection of Botanics Cellular Water Sheet Mask now Available in 3 Variants

Sheet masks, which is a popular beauty product among Asian women is known for its quick and effective results, offering the skin an immediate boost of nutrients and moisture. Asian women use it at least once a week as part of their beauty regime to maintain a youthful radiant complexion.
Inspired by the goodness of Nature, Mentholatum has introduced the NEW Botanics Cellular Water Sheet Mask collection with three variants, namely Cellular Water Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask, Cellular Water Cherry Blossom Antioxidant Mask and Cellular Water Tea Tree Acnes Care Mask. Unlike any other sheet mask in the market, this latest Botanics Tencel Sheet Mask is designed with the Advanced Cell Disruption Technology and Herbal Cellular Water to help maintain a plump, healthy and youthful-looking complexion.

The essence in the mask is extracted using advanced low-temperature Cell Disruption Technology instead of high-temperature distillation method. This prevents plant cell walls nutrients from being exposed to heat damage and ensures that they remain fresh and pure. This method of extraction also produces smaller molecular size essence that penetrates deeply into the skin.

Each variant of the sheet mask is formulated with the following Herbal Cellular Water and specific ingredients for different functions: 

Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask (Suitable for All Skin Types, especially those with Dry Skin)
• Aloe Vera Cellular Water: Extracted from fresh Aloe Vera which contains multi-vitamins to help hydrate and soothe the skin 
• Evening Primrose: Deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. It also helps to plump up the skin and lock in moisture.

Cherry Blossom Antioxidant Mask (Suitable for All Skin Types)
• Cherry Blossom Cellular Water: Extracted from fresh cherry blossom which contains multi-vitamins to fortify the skin’s natural barrier. It also serves as a powerful anti-oxidant.
• Edelweiss – Helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, revive the skin’s overall health and slow down the rate of aging skin cells.

Newly Formulated Maxilip Double Layer Lip Balm offers Lips Double Protection

Are you looking for lip balms to effectively tackle your lip woes? Look no further because Mentholatum has just introduced its newly formulated Maxilip double layer Lip Balm! An anti-aging lip balm, the Maxilip is designed with its latest formula to offer lips double protection and ensuring youthful looking, firmer, and fuller lips.
Offered in two variants, namely the Firming Q10 + Pomegranate Lip Balm and Brightening Caviar + Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm, the Maxilip is a pout pleaser that works wonderfully to anti-age, brighten, and moisturize your lips. The Maxillip Firming Q10 + Pomegranate Lip Balm contains firming and anti-aging properties, while the Brightening Caviar + Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm targets those who are looking to brighten and restore fullness to the lip. With just a swipe, the Maxillip double layer Lip Balm helps moisturise the lips, leaving them feeling soft and supple all day long!

Maxillip Firming Q10 + Pomegranate Lip Balm
Are you concerned about the fine lines on your lips? Then this Firming Q10 + Pomegranate Lip Balm is a must-carry item in your pouch bag! This double layer lip balm works effectively to smoothen fine lines, brighten lips as well as provide long-lasting moisturization to the lips! Upon application, lips appear firmer, fuller and more youthful. Each layer is formulated with the following ingredients:

Inner layer – Contains Anti-Aging & Firming Properties

• Contains Pomegranate Seed Oil that are high in antioxidants to hydrate & revitalize lips resulting in smooth, healthy lips while Coenzyme Q10 helps to smoothen fine lines for smoother youthful looking lips.
• Combines Hilurlip ™from Spain – a functional ingredient that redefines, plumps and minimizes fine vertical lines of the lips; Propolis extract from France and other Maxillip™ ingredients to help with firming up for fuller lips.

Outer Layer – Contains Moisturizing Properties

• The outer layer of the lip balm contains 3 types of Ceramides, Squalene, a natural antioxidant as well as a variety of Natural Botanical Oils which help restore and strengthen skin barrier for intense and long-lasting hydration of the lips. 
• It is fragrance and preservative free, and gentle even on sensitive lips. 

Maxillip Brightening Caviar + Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm
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