Keep Baby's skin dry & comfortable with Huggies® Dry Pants

As a parents, I am thankful to many creations that help parents ease our job. One of it is diaper pants. It is convenient and easy to use. Diaper pants is on our baby all day long, every day and night, more than any other garment. So nothing is more important than how it feels against your baby's skin.
Baby skin is delicate hence it needs extra protection and care. Keeping babies' skin dry and comfortable is essential to raise a happy and healthy baby. Lucky we have the New Rapid Absorb Huggies® Dry Pants that absorb wetness instantly.
As Malaysia's Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants, Huggies® Dry Pants has 1000 Fast absorbing Micro Holes locks in wetness and keeps baby dry. Huggies®'s unique Rapid Absorb Technology incorporates 1,000 micro holes for instant absorption. Not only does it absorb faster than any other diaper pants in Malaysia, it locks wetness in to keep baby’s skin dry, yay!
Besides, Huggies® Dry Pants come with 5-way comfort fit, enhanced stretch and elasticity. Get the best fit for baby with enhanced stretch and elasticity. They have specially designed Huggies® Dry Pants to fit comfortably in 5 areas: waist at tummy, waist at back, both legs and crotch.
There are 5 sizes available in Huggies® Dry Pants range that caters for every babies. S Size for 4-8kg, M size for 6-12kg, L size for 9-14kg, XL for 12-17kg and XXL for 15-25kg.

Now our baby can have a good day and night with Huggies® Dry Pants.

To buy, go to now.


Fadzi Razak said...

My son used huggies before he free diapers. I must say huggies really one of the good diapers for kids

Cerita Huda said...

The best choice for my baby! Great invention yet very affordable price

Shini Lola said...

My sister bought this for my niece too

Clover said...

We definitely need the best and most comfortable pampers to keep our little ones happy! Huggies is the way to go!


Sunshine Kelly said...

Good to know that nowadays baby products are also becoming more innovative.

Arisa Chow said...

Did you use it on your girls? Any leakages? Because last time I use their newborn always leak

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