Mamonde's Flower Day with it's Brand Ambassador Park Shin Hye

It was a crowded day at 1 Utama last Friday, 14th October 2016 as Mamonde’s brand ambassador and popular Korean actress, Park Shin Hye arrived in Malaysia to officially launch Mamonde Flower Day. Mamonde Flower Day is celebrated to inspire us to show love and appreciation to those we love and admire with the gift of a flower. It is also a day dedicated to admiring the beauty around us, be it the beauty of people or the beauty of Mother Nature.
Park Shin Hye, Mamonde’s brand ambassador and popular Korean actress

Arriving in Malaysia for the first time, Park Shin Hye greeted fans and exchanged flowers with Mamonde’s management staff as a gesture of appreciation and love for welcoming her to the launch of Mamonde Flower Day.
Themed around Mamonde’s flower of the month – the Hibiscus, the LG, Oval Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre is transformed into a flower garden with Hibiscus as the main highlight amidst Mamonde’s other four key flowers i.e the Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Lotus and Camellia. The event was a fun-filled affair featuring a myriad of activities and flower attractions. Participants at the event were treated to game stations such as the Flower Dice and Cotton Candy, photobooth, 5 Key Flowers activity booths and a contest with a chance to win prizes. At the Mamonde Flower Garden, the public was given an opportunity to experience of Mamonde’s Five Key Flowers while enjoying special sets and gifts with purchase.
“The Mamonde Flower Day is a significant event for the brand as we wish to instil among Malaysians an appreciation for flowers as a symbol of love and gratitude towards nature and mankind. We are truly honored to have Park Shin Hye grace our event as she personifies the true beauty of a flower and what Mamonde stands for,” said Celine Diong, Brand General Manager of Mamonde Malaysia.
from left to right: Ms Margaret Chin, Ms Park Shin Hye, Ms Celine Diong

Park Shin Hye was appointed as Mamonde’s brand ambassador in 2014. She began her acting debut in 2003 in the Korean drama Stairway to Heaven. In 2006, she starred in the South Korean-Japanese series Tree of Heaven and later received acclaim for her leading roles in the television dramas You're Beautiful (2009), Heartstrings (2011), Flower Boys Next Door (2013), The Heirs (2013), Pinocchio (2014–2015) and Doctors (2016). In 2015, Park was included in Forbes Korea list of "40 Most Powerful Celebrities" in Korea.

Eat @ Sungai Long 668 Food Court

Living in downtown KL, I seldom visit Sungai Long or Cheras area. Finally I paid my first visit to Sungai Long last Saturday. Nope I did not go to the famous college but I went there because of food! Yeah, we Malaysian love to eat, and we could travel miles and miles so long there’s nice food, don’t we?
So my friend told me that Sungai Long has a new hawker centre, the ‘Sungai Long 668 Food Court’ which has just opened for nearly a month. We drove all the way following the directions by Waze, passed by Cheras Batu 11 and not long later, we turned left at the Sungai Long’s main road junction and saw this big and bright food court at our right hand side. It has a big neon sign hence it’s not easy to be missed.
Sungai Long 668 Food Court is attached with a sport centre, hence there’s ample of free car park available for the customers.
There are variety of food available for us to choose from. Since we had travel so far, we ordered a lot of food to try!
Char kuey teow, our popular local cuisine for the whole family. The Char kuey teow  there has a strong aroma and taste very nice, strongly recommended for all.

How Much Sugar Your Children Consume in a Day?

Kids love sugar, and sometimes too much! But as parents, we need to be more informed and empowered to make good decisions to reduce sugars in our children’s diets. It’s essential for us to take care of our diet, especially on the sugar intake per day. I personally think that it’s best to start them young, and keep your kids off added sugars as long as possible so the taste for sugars does not get in the way of them enjoying more nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. 
Do you know how much sugar your children consume in a day? I believe most of the parents can’t answer this simple question. There are many types of added sugar in foods and even milk too, hence it’s time for us parents to learn how to read labels.
Thanks to our Ministry of Health, all the foods in the market come with a clear ingredients list. However, the amount for most sugars fall under the carbohydrate amount hence making it difficult to differentiate between natural sugars and added sugars. As a rule, ingredients that are listed first are in the highest volume. So if you recognize added sugars in the first few lines of the ingredients list, alarm bells should go off! Added sugars come in many names which makes it trickier to identify them. Look out for brown sugar, corn syrup solid, dextrose, fructose, glucose, glucose syrup solid, maltose, maltodextrin, and white sugar. If you see any of these names in the label, it indicates that the product has added sugars.
When a kid has excessive added sugars per day, it will increase the likelihood of obesity, develop a sweet tooth which is hard to quit and increase risk of dental cavities. In fact, Malaysian Dietary Guidelines (MDG) for Children and Adolescents 2013 recommends that children who are 2 to 6 years old should have no more than 3 teaspoons of added sugars per day.

For more information on reading labels and identifying Added Sugar, please go to


源自于日本,Ikejime’技术是在鱼棚里处理鱼只,减少 Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)和消除鱼腥味,俗称为‘放血’。GST Group of Companies 在成立三十一年后再次带给马来西亚食家最新鲜美味的Ikejime’鱼
IKEJIME Fish Pearl Grouper
IKEJIME Fish Red Snapper

上个星期,我们一行人率先在 Sunway Mentari Wellcome Seafood尝试了‘Ikejime’鱼。我们点了两条Ikejime’鱼,分别是黑色龙虎斑和红枣鱼。两条‘Ikejime’鱼都很肥美鲜甜,各有三公斤多重!师傅把每条鱼一分为二,总共准备了四种不同的煮法让我们味蕾大开。看下四种不同的煮法是什么?

1)  唐酢黑色龙虎斑
唐酢黑色龙虎斑有点象日本的剌身。GST Group of Companies将鱼血放净后,把鱼送到餐馆。师傅将鱼肉切成薄片,晶莹通透。我们把鱼肉片浸入香甜的上汤后就可以食用了。

Jom Airfry Dan Menang Cooking Competition Grand Finale Cook-off

I am a fan of live cooking show, I always admire those who cook in front of many people and within limited time. For me, I definitely can’t do it as it will be stressed and panic. So I rather enjoy looking people cook. Thankful to a lovely invitation, I was glad to witness the five finalist teams of the Jom  Airfry dan Menang cooking competition’s grand finale cook-off at Tropicana City Mall last Sunday.
The five finalist teams of the Jom  Airfry dan Menang were carefully selected from the numerous entries received. Organised by Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) and Philips Malaysia. The Jom Airfry dan Menang competition is a part of their continued partnership for the FATCHECK For A Healthy Heart programme. In the grand finale organised in partnership with AEON BiG, the five pairs of airfrying enthusiasts battled it out to win prizes totalling over RM35,000.
The Jom Airfry dan Menang competition was organised in support of the World Heart Federation’s annual World Heart Day celebration, which aims to increase awareness on cardiovascular diseases (CVD). In line with the World Heart Federation’s ‘Power Your Life’ campaign, Philips aims to encourage people to take personal responsibility for leading heart-healthy lives, starting by eating healthy. For the competition, participants in teams of two were required to submit low-fat recipes of heart-friendly meals made using an airfryer to be eligible. The finalist teams were then selected based on the healthfulness and presentation of their recipes, the creative usage of the airfryer as well as the amateur chefs’ own personal story using the airfryer.

Philips’ focus on heart health encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our new partnership with the World Heart Federation is an important element of our commitment to drive prevention of CVD by highlighting the risk factors associated with CVD and to help people make better choices and develop healthier habits for life,” said Mr Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Chief Executive Officer for Philips Group of Companies in Malaysia. “This is also our second year working with IJN for the FATCHECK for a Healthy Heart community education programme as it is our shared mission to create deeper understanding of heart-healthy eating among the public.”
Mr Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Chief Executive Officer for Philips Group of Companies in Malaysia

Healthy Snacks for the Little One + Recipe Sharing

My girls are picky eaters, they don’t like to eat solid food and hence I always buy snacks for them as I thought it’s better than nothing. I always buy organic or natural snacks for them, but in fact I tasted them and found out that they don’t taste good.
Back in August, I found a new and healthy snacks for them. Even better, this snack taste really good that I have to fight with them to get to eat some. Let me share with you, the Frutzee Family that was launched by Nutrio Food.
Nutrio Food is a food company by parents who understand the challenges that a family faced especially in maintaining a healthy family lifestyle. Derek, Frutzee’s managing director is a father of 3 adorable children, but turned out they are very picky eaters. With his 10 years background in the food business and immense commitment in providing the best for his family, he and his partners, Eddie, has came up with this new concept of snacks that’s not only healthy, nutritious, but also super tasty.
Frutzee Family is the first healthy fruit snack series that is available in 4 real fruit varieties, including Banana, Grapes, Apple and Strawberries. Frutzee Family is designed to cater the needs of children from 12 months old onward. Frutzee Family  tastes crunchy at first and juicy later, hence do supervise your children with care when consuming the snacks.
Now, you must be curious how did they made Frutzee Family? Using the patented and proven cutting-edge technology, Nutrio Food washed and placed the fruits in a vacuum chamber to be cooled up to -30 degree Celsius. By freezing the fruits at fresh point, the natural freshness and taste are retained. In addition, air is pumped out in the vacuuming process, changing the frozen water crystals into gas and leaving the fruit dehydrated. The nutritional benefits are preserved for over one year through this particular process, while also giving the products its trademark crispiness.
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