[Holiday Edition] Althea Red Sparkling Box

I love receiving goodie in boxes. I subscribed to most of the beauty boxes back then, but sadly they were discontinued. I was happy when Althea released their Holiday edition Red Sparkling Box which contains 7 full size products from Korea. It was such a steal as we get all the lovely items below for just RM 116. I couldn’t resist and got myself one box too.

Hello Skin Jumiso Chewy-Elasticity Mask Sheet

This is my first time trying the Mask Sheet from Hello Skin. I love it’s attractive red packaging which means ‘ONG’ to Chinese hehehe.

SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Cream 50ml + SKIN&LAB Red Serum Sachet

Skin & Lab carefully formulated for various skin concerns based on dermatological experiences. Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Cream provides brightness and elasticity to dull skin so that your skin looks younger. The normal retail price for a jar of SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Cream is RM 150. Althea Red Sparkling Box is really a great deal!

New! Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint #02 RED

The Latest HOVR Collection by Under Armour

The renowned sports brand, Under Armour has unveiled the brand’s latest innovation in footwear cushioning technology called HOVR. Under Armour HOVR is a cushioning platform, engineered to provide the ideal combination of cushioning and energy return, all without compromise.
The HOVR midsole is made of a proprietary foam compound in partnership with leading innovators Dow Chemical, providing a super-soft durometer with incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every single foot strike. 
HOVR is UA’s third cushioning platform, in addition to Micro G and Charged Cushioning. This new pinnacle cushioning system delivers on runners needs to have a shoe that provides not only support– but also energy return and shock absorption. Another key component of the HOVR technology is the ‘Energy Web,’ which is a comprehensive mesh web that contains the cushioning core, helping to maintain the midsole’s shape and, in return, delivers strong responsiveness and energy return.
This combination of advantages makes you feel better and perform better – with HOVR, the shoe is absorbing some of the impact your body would normally feel, aiding in your comfort and keeping your legs fresh for the road ahead.

Invest a New Mattress Every 10 Years for Better Health

How old is your mattress? Mine is just 2 years as I have changed my old mattress then. Many people might not know how long they have had their current mattress, some ever thought mattress is used for life. In fact, many experts have identified and concluded that we should change a new mattress every 10 years for better health.
Mattress is so close to us, and it is affecting our sleep and life so closely. A good mattress give us the optimal support for the whole night. However, mattress does age just like our skin. The mattress might lost its support over time. Besides taking good care of the mattress, for instance to put on mattress protector, it is also essential for us to invest a new mattress every 10 years.
Many people judge a mattress by its look. Actually, an old mattress that still looks good does not mean it does not need to be replaced. Imagine the old mattresses that have accumulate years and years of dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria; it is a breeding ground for millions of creepy critters that are living there right now. Many skin issue, irritation or bad sleep are actually caused by the old mattresses.

An old mattress might also reduce the sleep quality. If you wake up with sore body, most probably you might need to change your mattress immediately for the good night sleep and rest.
Some people may thought a firm mattress is the best mattress but it might not. In fact, you should choose your mattress by trying it personally before buying. A firm mattress which seems comfortable to me might not bring be the same benefits to you. Hence I would always advice people to go and try out the mattresses before making any decision to invest in new mattress.

Now Everyone Can Eat Ribs

Hubby and I love BBQ spare ribs hence we know we must not missed the Biggest Ribs Eating Event this year. Happening at Naughty Nuri’s SS15 Subang Courtyard this February 28, Wednesday from 11am to 4pm. Do not miss this special chance to partake in an enjoyable, fresh, food tasting experience we will yearn for as soon as it ends.

Famous with delicious Signature ribs, Naughty Nuri’s is hosting the Biggest Ribs Eating Event where hundreds of their Signature BBQ Spare Ribs are doled out for patrons to devour.
You wouldn’t want to miss this Biggest Ribs Eating Event. To take part in the glorious festivities, you can made your reservations at the following link - http://bit.ly/naughtyribs.
Clicking on the link, it lead you to Naughty Nuri’s event page, ‘Now Everyone Can Eat!’ where it will prompt diners to key in their email addresses and select their preferred dining time. Akin to booking a flight ticket, successful reservations will deliver a Dining Pass to the applicant’s email, hurray!

Ohya, do bring along your own favourite plate, be it a classic porcelain one or contemporary with vibrant hues to enjoy the succulent ribs at Naughty Nuri’s the Biggest Ribs Eating Event. A communal seating arrangement greets diners, which is a fun way to socialise, with delectable ribs as the ice breaker. It will surely be a greatest ribs carnival in the fun atmosphere.

Panadol ActiFast presents Chinese New Year: Every Minute Matters

Oh my God it’s just a few more hours to Chinese New Year! I feel that the year of the Dog is usher in really quickly, what about you? It has been a hectic preparation for weeks but there are still so many things to prepare! Cleaning the house, preparing the food, prepare the new clothes for myself and the kids, sourcing those crisp new bank notes and ang pao packets, and so many more.
I am lucky that the hubby has shared my burden. He has been helping out to buy food, to the banks as well as cleaning the house with me. As a traditional Chinese, we are still practising the traditions associated with the Lunar New Year because they are full of auspicious meanings. For instance, cleaning day, reunion dinner, visit my mum’s side and many more.
Now you know that Chinese New Year preparations can be hectic. Lucky for us, this Year of the Dog, Panadol ActiFast is delighted to organise a contest for us to win a dream holiday so that we would never miss a moment with the people we love over the holiday season.

This Chinese New Year, Panadol ActiFast is helping you get back to the moments that matter, quickly.

Buy RM15 worth of Panadol at any Guardian store and Whatsapp/MMS your receipt to +6 11 11 266 930 by Friday 2 March 2018 for your chance to win a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong or RM500 worth of shopping vouchers!

Not only that, every submission will receive a special gift too.

Terms and conditions apply. Visit http://bit.ly/2rX39b1 for details.

I have already entered the contest and I wish I win the a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong with my loved ones.

Auspicious Lunar New Year Feast @ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Lunar New Year is almost here, it’s time to make reservation at restaurants for a feast with our family and loved ones. This year, Executive Sous Chef of Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs are all set to immerse your senses with Festive Menus that capture the finest flavours of Cantonese cuisine from 2 Feb until 2 Mar 2018 in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.
From the festive Dum Sum selection to timeless Treasure Pots (Poon Choi), a superb selection of Set Menus and a line-up of Yee Sang to please all palates, Dynasty is the place to spoil or be spoiled by family and friends.
Focusing on the use of traditional ingredients while emphasizing on light and fresh flavours for healthy feasting, Chef Kin has created three festive set menus complete with Yee Sang and Dynasty’s fortune pastries. The 3 festive set menus are Happiness at RM 1788 nett, Fortune at RM 2188 nett and Longevity at RM 3388 nett for a table of ten persons.
There is also a 6-course and 7-course Double Delights menus for two persons, priced at RM 378 nett and RM 578 nett respectively. There are sets that cater for group of six persons and five persons depending on your number of patrons.
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