Australian International School Recognised as First Visible Learning School in the World

As a parents of two, I emphasize a lot on my kids' educational journey. Education begins in early years, we as a parents should let our child explore, extend and excel in their academy. In fact, Education today is no longer about the consumption of knowledge. Schools today are preparing their students for challenges in real life and imparting skills that they would use in a highly competitive 21st century. With that, the role of a teacher in moulding citizens of the future is an ever important one and the learning approach in schools needs to change to reflect the needs of the future.
The Australian International School Malaysia, a part of Taylor’s Schools, knows how the delivery of an international curriculum is and has invested in equipping its teachers and students with a new teaching and learning method called the Visible Learning approach alongside the Australian curriculum. The school which has offered an Australian education in Malaysia for the past 17 years, held a launch ceremony on Thursday, 12 October 2017 to announce that it is the first Certified Visible Learning School in the world. This is testimony to its commitment to deliver outstanding teaching and learning practices at its beautiful campus in Seri Kembangan.
We were honoured to be invited to witness this memorable moment at the launch event. We have saw a lot of great performances by the talented students from AISM before the event began.
“The number one thing that differentiates an impactful teacher from others is their passion about children’s learning; a teacher who has taken time and effort to build up trust between themselves and the student. We are working hard to ensure this in our schools,” says BK Gan, President of Taylors Schools.

[Review] Lunior Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel

I first heard about deer placenta health supplement on a workshop that I attended months ago. According to the speaker, deer placenta is the latest health supplement that provides many benefits including youthful and improve blood circulation.
So coincidentally, my friend has introduced me the Lunior Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel last week. Hence, I grabbed the golden chances to try it out since many people has already consuming it with good feedback.
As we know, placenta is a vital organ that is naturally needed for exchange of nutrients between the mother and the fetus. Ancient Chinese people explored the power of placenta as a source rich in nutrition, which nourishes the human body. Now, Deer placenta is preferred over other sources of placenta as New Zealand deer is known to be disease-free and a rich source of nutrients as well as certain growth factors which could be used for restoration of skin health and other benefits. The product is farmed from best sourced of New Zealand deer.
Made by Alpha Laboratories (NZ) Limited in New Zealand, Lunior Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel comes in a 30 soft gels pack. Each soft gel contains 100mg deer placenta extract (20:1, equivalent to deer placenta fresh 2000mg), 200 mg Grape Seed Oil, 180mg Squalene and 50mg Lyophilised Royal Jelly Powder.

HyppTV Celebrates The Joy of Deepavali with Children from Agathians Shelter

In conjunction with the Festival of Lights, HyppTV, TM’s award winning TV & Video Streaming service available on multiple platforms in Malaysia has treated 20 underprivileged children from Agathians Shelter to a special movie screening of 'Cars 3', accompanied by their caretakers at GSC The Gardens Mall last Thursday.
Mr Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President of New Media, TM, Miss Inthira, Council Member and representative of Agathians Shelter together with 20 children from Agathians Shelter

In fact, HyppTV’s has held a series of Deepavali community-oriented activities including this special movie screening and a donation drive campaign to raise funds and collection of household items for the shelter.

(L - R) – Mr Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President of New Media, TM handing over mocked cheque worth RM7,000 to Miss Inthira, Council Member and representative of Agathians Shelter

We were honoured to witness this memorable moment with the underprivileged children at the event. Before the movie screening, Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President, New Media handed over cash contributions and shopping vouchers worth RM7,000 to Miss Lotus, a volunteer education planner and representative of Agathians Shelter. Part of the contributions were gathered through a donation drive held recently at the lobby of Menara TM for Warga Keluarga TM as well as members of the public.

Jeremy said, “Deepavali is one of the most significant festivals for the Indian community, and it is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time and bond with family and loved ones as we celebrate new beginnings. So at HyppTV, we intend to bring light and joy to the children from Agathians Shelter this Deepavali with the donation as well as the movie screening as a special treat.”

“In addition to this, we wish to extend the spirit of giving to more Malaysians and our customers through our on-going ‘Tambah Lagi’ campaign. In the spirit of Deepavali, we will be giving a 15 days free viewing period of all the channels in Varnam Pack to showcase our wide content offerings, bringing only the best Indian content line-ups for continuous enjoyment during the festivities. Furthermore, you can enjoy these channels not only at the convenience of your living room, but also anywhere while on the move with HyppTV Everywhere mobile app,” he added.
We knew that the kids from Agathians Shelter have truly enjoyed the special screening of “Cars 3” movie with popcorns and juices from their joyous faces. Good job to HyppTV.

Cost of Living – is it a Needs or Wants?

Have you ever calculated your cost of living? In this modern World, there are so many things we can buy from the shopping malls and even from home online. Do you always buy what you want and is all of them what you need?

For me, I would always ensure I buy something essential that I need, and I control myself when I see something nice to have but I don't really need. Simple because, wants may change over time, I might be regret the next day for spending something that I don't need.
Let me share with you some examples;

I need a pair of nice pants for working purposes.

I don't really need a nice dress for the latest fashion. I might probably wear it once or not even wearing it.

See, that's how I differentiates wants and needs. Sadly, I have many friends that shop because they see something nice. Over time, they have many debts from their credit cards, loans and it has eventually affected their financial status.
Thanks to KPDNKK, we can now check the latest price for essential items from their website and their app to become a smart consumer. For instance, KPDNKK has just announced the 16 controlled items for the coming Deepavali festival. From there, we consumer would know the price of the essential items for the festive.

With the habit of asking ourselves if something is a need or a want, we would eventually learn to set the spending priorities and save the money for things we really need.

[Concert] Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu / 而立

The last time I been to concert at Plenary Hall, KLCCCC was a few years back. I am so excited that I am going to be there again tomorrow for the 'Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu' concert.

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu / 而立 

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 17

Time: 3 to 6pm

Venue: Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

As a big fans of Faye Wong, I know about Final Fantasy back to my teenage time. I love her sang “Eyes on Me” which was truly a hit back in 2006.

And now, I am going to listen the music live with my elder daughter. I feel really excited and can't wait! Sharing with you more details about Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY JIRITSU / 而立 below.
Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY presents a new series of orchestral concerts: FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary - JIRITSU. Including a spectacular musical tribute to 30 years of FINAL FANTASY, music from FINAL FANTASY XV and a visual experience to accompany the show, SQUARE ENIX, AWR Music and Impact Live/Creon Asia bring this once in a lifetime live show to Kuala Lumpur's Planerary Hall on 18th October. Featuring Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu in attendance and a full symphony orchestra conducted by Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth, this multimedia experience combines stirring HD screen images to match the soaring emotions of SQUARE ENIX's world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series.

Traditional Remedies for Kidney Stone

I have a lot of friends and relatives suffering from kidney stone. It is so painful and sometimes even need to go for a surgery to take out the kidney stone. For mild case like me, I would suffer from mild pain and sometimes pain on urination. But, I am glad that there is a traditional remedies for kidney stone removal which I have tried recently. The GlamoHealth juice that is made from traditional village formula.
GlamoHealth juice contains a lot of ingredients to benefit us from kidney stone, including lemon, beetroot, leafflower, basil, honey, celery leaves, pomegranate, soursop leaves, and snake grass leaves. As you can see, these botanical ingredients are good to the body. In fact, it does not only helps in kidney stones, it also helps for heart disease.
GlamoHealth juice comes in a plastic bottle packed in paper box. The bottle cap is sealed securely before open. It comes with a small measurement plastic cup too which is useful and made consumption easier.
The juice is quite concentrated. Most importantly, it taste good, not too sweet but soury sweet which I really like. I normally drink 30 ml of it on every meal. I also make sure I drink enough of water (at least 8 glasses) every day to help ease the passage. After drinking GlamoHealth juice for 2 days, I noticed that my urination is smoother and not as painful as previously anymore. I do not have any pain nor discomfort after consuming it. In fact, the best result could be seen after consuming it for one to two weeks.
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