Millions of GUARDIAN MALAYSIA Shoppers Get to Vote, Once Again, for Their Favourite Brands

The millions of shoppers who buy from GUARDIAN MALAYSIA, will get the opportunity to vote, once again, for their favourite health and beauty brands, and stand to win attractive prizes.
The annual brand appreciation season, launched 18 years ago, starts now and will close on 14 May. This year, more than 150 brands will vie for 64 categories of coveted awards.
Ms Shirley Ham, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing (E-Commerce) of Guardian Malaysia said: “When Guardian Malaysia conceptualised the award in the year 2000, our objective was to connect our millions of shoppers to all our business partners and brand owners, by having them vote their favourite brand.”

“We view this annual award as our way of contributing to the brand owners’ relationship building with our customers. It also gives the brand owners an unbiased valuation, as the votes are from our customers, those who actually buy and use their products.”

“Now, 18 years later, this need to remain constantly connected to our customers and better understand their needs are more important than ever,” she added.
Called the Most Voted Brands (MVB) Award, this year’s voting format is also designed to gain an insight into the evolving needs of consumer, their fast-paced lifestyles and purchasing trends! Reflecting the digital lifestyle of majority of today’s consumers, the voting process will continue to be conducted entirely in digital format. This means, all voting will be done online.

Starbucks Launches Two New Bold Limited-Edition Frappuccino® Flavors

Starbucks is kicking off the summer with two new Frappuccino beverages in bold, explosive flavors that will give you the feels with just one indulgent sip. Renowned for their delicious flavors, Frappuccino® is blended for the discerning dessert lovers who are constantly craving something delectable.
The arrival of the new Frappuccino beverages, Starbucks® Midnight Mocha Frappuccino® and Starbucks® Tea-ramisu Frappuccino® will be sure to bring a cool break to your sunny days!

● Starbucks® Midnight Mocha Frappuccino®: Starbucks® Midnight Mocha Frappuccino® infuses black cocoa into Starbucks Coffee with a blend of java chip and layered with fluffy whipped cream. The monochromatic beverage is topped with a dash of black cocoa powder to bring back those oh-so-sweet memories.

● Starbucks® Tea-ramisu Frappuccino®: A new spin on the famous dessert ‘Tiramisu’, this blended beverage brings together the creaminess of a delicious western cheesecake with bittersweet Japanese matcha. Tea-ramisu brings the unique texture and taste of Starbucks newest Frappuccino with a blend cheesecake-flavored milk base with green tea sauce and topped with whipped cream and green tea cookie crumble.

Feel the moments with unapologetic time-outs this season summer, by enjoying your frozen treats with the new chocolaty food offerings from Starbucks – the Matcha Oreo Cheese Cake and the Salted Corn Chocolate Puff. Matcha Oreo Cheese Cake comes with an Oreo cookies crust topped with creamy green tea cheese mousse finished with Oreo biscuit bits, meanwhile the Salted Corn Chocolate Puff is a flaky chocolate flavored Danish pastry encased with creamy salted corn filling.
Dedicated to all coffee lovers, Starbucks is introducing a collection of masterfully roasted packaged whole beans consisting of Kati Kati Blend, a medium roast blend that provides citrus and spice notes from Kenya and floral aromas from Ethiopia, and the new single origin coffee that provides rich flavor notes with juicy acidity and milk chocolate sweetness - Colombia Huila. Also available this season is the new Summer-themed merchandise and special Mother’s Day Starbucks card, which are perfect for gifting.

Amlife’s World Sleep Day 2018

After a long day at work, all we wanted is a good night's sleep on our lovely bed in our home sweet home. Everyone needs to sleep, a good sleep will promotes good health and good emotion for the following day, do you agree? However, how many of us have a good night sleep every night?
I have recently learnt about World Sleep Day (WSD), which is an annual celebration of sleep & call to action on important sleep issues organized by World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society.

To mark World Sleep Day 2018 amidst an alarming increase rate of insomnia and sleeping disorders within Asia Pacific, sleep health specialist Am Life International Sdn Bhd presented its sleep care showcase to the Malaysian media at One World Hotel on Monday, 16th Apr 2018.
Joining the global call to action on the importance of healthy sleep with the theme ‘Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life”, Amlife placed the topic of insomnia/ sleeping disorders and their impact under the microscope with key revelations from international sleep & health experts and the debut of Malaysia’s national sleep survey.

Sleep disorders impact 45% of the world’s population. Media reports showed approximately 35% of the general Malaysian population suffer from insomnia symptoms and 12.2% have chronic insomnia.
Mr. Lew Mun Yee, President and Founder of Amlife said the company has been in collaboration with the World Sleep Society and several authoritative and prestigious organizations in the sleep technology industry to advocate sleep care initiatives.

Beauty to Infinity with La Colline’s NATIVAGE Skincare Range

I was introduced to La Colline by SaSa Malaysia recently. If you don’t know yet, La Colline Cellular Research Laboratories were founded in 1997 in a natural setting of rare purity: the sheltered valley of the Rhone River in the Valais Canton of Switzerland.
By offering products of the highest quality backed by top-level technical expertise, much like the Swiss watchmaking industry, La Colline soon became a reference in premium skincare. Unique in the world, synonymous with effectiveness and reliability, the La Colline brand is now well-known and respected in more than 25 countries including Malaysia.
This April, the science experts at La Colline are offering a dual innovation at the heart of their new anti-aging formula: NATIVAGE. Based on the most recent breakthroughs in the fight against cutaneous aging, bis the first comprehensive anti-aging skincare to offer the ultra-effective action of Eco-Regeneration. An extraordinary active ingredient, Cell Life Extender, recycles free radicals into energy that the cells can use. Once it is initiated, the process continues indefinitely. Its action is supplemented by the three properties of the new CMAGE® Complex: oxygenation, hydration and protection. The cells' optimal metabolism is restored.

Cell Life Extender + CMAGE® Complex = Cellular Eco-Regeneration

Definitely something that I need for my 30's skin.
In conjunction with the grand launch of La Colline’s NATIVAGE skincare range, I was honoured to be invited to enjoy the exclusive La Colline NativAge Facial Massage Treatment at SaSa Sunway Pyramid last week.

There, I met the beautiful Miss Jessica Ecolasse, International trainer and retail developer of La Colline. I adore her glowing skin and I really like her great massage skill.

Etude House @ Sunway Velocity Mall

Good news to people in KL, Etude House's SECOND store is now open at Sunway Velocity Mall. We had so much sweet and fun precious memories in this latest store. 
Located at the Ground floor of Sunway Velocity Mall Vanity Atrium (near to Innisfree and Parkson store), it has everything to offer us from head to toe.
Etude House has also launched the super amazing Mini Two Match range. There are the mini lipstick of 27 shades for you to mix and match and create the perfect combination. Chose from MINI TWO MATCH LIP BALM, MINI TWO MATCH LIP CONCEALER, MINI TWO MATCH LIP COLOR, MINI TWO MATCH COLOR MIX, or MINI TWO MATCH LIP TOPPER. They all comes in 2.4g for RM35 each. The shades are so pretty and it's so fun to mix and match our own lippie.
A Magnetic Holder is also available to attach your desired lipsticks to both ends and use them like one lipstick. Just attach MINI TWO MATCH COLOR to the inside of the holder until a sound is heard; attach to the opposite side in the same way.

LyndaRahim KL Presents Moonlight Mile Wedding Collection

What is your dream wedding gowns for the biggest moment in your life? For me, a sweet lovely pure white gown that could accentuate my silhouette as a mature woman it is. As a person who are into fashion, I was glad to be invited to see the Moonlight Mile Wedding Collection by LyndaRahim KL at the recent Inspirasi Cinta event held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
LyndaRahim KL & her models

Inspired by Bianca Jagger, a quirky and fun loving icon for fashion. The 70’s on its own was a defining point in the development of fashion as we know it today, and her choice of wedding attire was set far apart from the stereotypical ball-gown dresses of this era. She chose a single buttoned blazer (of course wearing absolutely nothing inside), paired with an ankle length skirt, peep-toed Mary-Jane heels and a wide brimmed sun hat detailed with rosettes and a face veil. Not to mention, a flower chain for a bouquet.
Steering clear of LyndaRahim KL’s usual, the Moonlight Mile Wedding Collection features a cohesive blend of silhouettes and attires-short dresses and long bridal dresses, pant suits and jumpsuits, off shoulder cuts, clean lines as well as low necklines and backs.

The collection is aimed at destination themed weddings; hence there is no sight of the brand’s usual modest and traditional cuts. This time around, the collection incorporates large flowers, petals and wispy feathers, as well as Shimco’s luxe beaded laces and Rhea Tan’s shoes.
LyndaRahim KL has specially sourced the material used in this collection by the luxe fabric retailer, Shimco Brunei. Fabric from French laces, Beaded laces, Dutches silk, Organza silk, Fine tulle, French crepe, Shantung silk and many more. As a luxe fabric atelier, Shimc carries the most exquisite and luxurious fabrics from the finest of silks to the most intricate applique laces that is adorned with Swarovski crystals and other embellishment. All these fabrics exude opulence and are handpicked by Shimco’s buyers, who look for only the best quality to supply to their important clientele, including members of Brunei’s royal household.
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