Planning My Year-End Family Trip to Jakarta

It's almost the year end school holiday again. Every year, our whole family will be traveled abroad to create memory together. We have been to countries like Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and many more together. This year, we are planning to visit the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta.

We have heard so much about Jakarta - our neighborhood city so much. As the largest city in Indonesia, it is also the center of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia. Jakarta is an amazing and wonderful city. Many tourists have been enjoying a stay in one of the most vibrant, friendly and uprising cities in Asia. It would surely be the best city to visit to learn about the culture of Indonesia. It is an ideal place for the family vacation as it only took 2 hours to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta.

Let's find out top 4 reasons why we choose to visit Jakarta.

1. Shopping

We Malaysian love shopping. Shopping is a must to most of us, especially when travelling. Jakarta has a lot of shopping malls that shoppers could shop till they drop. The top shopping mall, Taman Anggrek Mall is the city's largest, has over 500 stores on seven levels. We could certainly spend a day or two there to get our favourite stuff. No matter you are into high-end, mid-range or low-range shopping, you would find your ideal products at the various shopping mall. It is also known that we could get the best deals during Jakarta Great Sale in June and July, held to commemorate the anniversary of Jakarta's founding.

2. Captivating Culture

Indonesia's diverse group of cultures has created a multifaceted culture that one can experience via traditional performances, the Java Jazz Festival, film festivals and many other world-class arts and entertainment events hosted by the city throughout the year. One of the must visit would be The Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park" in East Jakarta includes pavilions that illustrate life in all of Indonesia's 26 provinces.

Owning a HDB Flat As a Single in 30s

At the age of 35 and single sounds like fabulous life to some. But in Singapore, it is big deal where adulting can finally happen, buying your first HDB flat! There’s no need to worry about being affordable for HDB rental anymore. Because the amount paid for HDB rental is equivalent to the monthly instalment paid or your own house. Singapore’s Housing Development Board has their set of eligibility for the singles and unmarried citizens when they reach 35 years old and above and individual Singaporeans who is widowed or orphaned who has reached 21 years old and above to purchase or own a HDB flat unit and must be Singaporean. Not even Permanent Resident (PR) status allows Singaporean to buy a brand new or first hand HDB flats across Singapore.

Now, you have passed the eligibility tests, here is the next step to HDB unit ownership, selecting the schemes as it may help you with the grants that you may apply to help you reduce your financial burden with grants and schemes. There are two types of schemes available for the singles which are Single Singapore Citizen Scheme and Joint Single Schemes, check here for more. There can be two to four co-applicants for HDB flat.

There are few scenarios why single prefer owning a HDB flat with other co-owners:

1) Two singles who are in a relationship may have plans to get married in the future. Hence, the HDB flat that they bought may become their matrimonial home in the future. Buying a flat together may be a better idea as opposed to buying two separate HDB flats, needing to sell off one should they get married.

2) The two (or more) singles may want to buy a HDB flat but are unable to afford it on their own. Hence, they pool their resources to buy it together.

3) The two singles may have plans to live together over the long-term but have no plans to get married or be unable to be (legally) married.

There are few crucial notes of HDB flat ownership structure you will need to know especially being single and buying it with another single. Well, the most common one would be through a joint tenancy agreement which also applies on survivorship. This shows that upon the demise either one of the owner, the ownership of the flat would be passed down to remaining owner or co-owners automatically. This joint tenancy agreement applies whether or not a valid will has or has not been left behind.

‘Taobao Home’ and It's ‘New Retail’ Pop Up Store in Malaysia

Do you know where to go for great bargain and shopping deals? Yes you are right, it's Taobao! We all enjoy shopping online at Taobao in this digital era. It is easy, convenient and most importantly, affordable! It is even better now as Alibaba Group’s Tmall World (天猫海外), serving over 100 million overseas Chinese users and other buyers from around the world, launched the ‘Taobao Home’ pop up store, an offline interactive consumer showcase of offerings from its ‘Home and Living’ categories, at Lot 10 Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur today.

The three-day showcase is in conjunction with the Tmall World’s exclusive September ‘Home & Living promotions’ between 17 and 22 September 2018 launched on, which features an array of exclusive online promotions and offers from popular brands across a wide range of products.
Lilian Wu, Tmall World Southeast Asia, Head of Marketing (centre) officially launching Taobao Home Pop-Up at Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpu

From today until 22 September 2018, Malaysian shoppers who visit the ‘Taobao Home’ pop up store at Lot 10 Shopping Centre will get a taste of Alibaba’s ‘new retail’ concept as visitors only need to scan the product QR code through their Taobao or Taobao Lite mobile app in order to immediately purchase their favorite items on display in the store.
Lilian Wu, Tmall World Southeast Asia, Head of Marketing giving her welcome address to members of the media and guests during the launch event

“Malaysia is a key market for our Group and we are committed to continually looking for avenues to enhance our Malaysian fans’ shopping experience through our offerings and services. We find that Home and Living products are among Malaysians’ favourite items on our platform,” said Lilian Wu, South East Asia Head of Marketing, Tmall World. “In the past year, Tmall World has rolled out compelling new localized solutions including sea freight shipping, door to door delivery and installation services to enhance the Malaysian shopping experience.”

Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue

As a mother of two daughters, I emphasize on family hygiene. Not only our house area is equipped with tissue, I always bring along tissues with me too. You know there are different grades of tissue paper that ranges from very hard or rough surface to the luxuriously soft and quilted varieties. However, when it comes to family hygiene, I only wants the best quality. Hence, I have chosen Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues!
In fact, my mum is a Kleenex user since we were young. Kleenex is our family's most trusted brand. My whole family prefers the Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissues because of its 3-ply thick sheet made from 100% high quality virgin fiber. The tissues exudes a luxurious softness in each sheet, it is so soft that I can even use it on my kids when they were a baby.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue is developed with an advanced technology, where each sheet is specially crafted with CleanWeave design to remove dirt thoroughly while charcoal extract absorbs odor. Even my girls love to use it and they always bring it to school with them.
You can get so much more now with CleanWeave to absorb dirt. Its Cushiony softness is among the softest tissues ever and odor absorbing capability is so good that it keeps one smelling fresh and feeling good. It is indeed a good soft tissue paper for the whole family.

TM and BBC Studios launches BBC Player app Exclusively For All unifi Broadband Customers in Malaysia

We know we Malaysian love to watch TV. Now, there's a great news for all of us. BBC Studios and unifi TV has announced the expansion of the BBC Player service, enabling all unifi and pre-unifi (Streamyx) customers to enjoy the best of British documentaries, dramas, comedies, lifestyle and preschool programmes via streaming and downloading of the content to their devices.

Previously available only to subscribers of unifi TV’s Ultimate pack, BBC Player will now be available to more than two million unifi subscribers for FREE for 30 days.
“More and more viewers are going to online platforms in search of interesting programmes to watch. The Malaysian audience on BBC Player has steadily grown since the service was launched in early 2017, signaling an increasing appetite for our content online. Dramas like Victoria, lifestyle programmes like the award-winning The Great British Bake-Off, our blue-chip natural history programmes like Blue Planet II, and the ever popular irreverent Top Gear, consistently top the charts as the most-watched programmes by unifi’s Ultimate Pack subscribers, on both BBC Player and unifi TV,” said Ryan Shiotani, Vice President, Content, Asia of BBC Studios.
Ryan Shiotani, Vice President, Content, Asia, BBC Studios presents the trends in viewership especially related to contents by BBC Studios.

“It is evident that BBC content resonates with Malaysians and their families who are looking for high quality, intelligent programmes. We are glad that we are now able to offer these programmes to a wider base of Malaysians,” he added.
Emily Wee, Vice President, unifi Content (Product) talks about the collaboration between unifi and BBC Studios in bringing BBC Player to all unifi broadband subscribers.

Meanwhile, Emily Wee, Vice President of unifi Content (Product) said, “The BBC brand is synonymous with quality and trust. These are the same traits our customers expect and demand from us. We at unifi TV are happy to be collaborating with BBC to meet the diverse needs from our customers by providing a compelling suite of BBC channels as well as access to top rated British content via BBC Player.”

Funniest Person in the World Helms New BBC Earth Series, Got Science?

What is science got to do with the funniest person in the World? You may ask. Well, it is because BBC Studios announced the first BBC Earth original commission in South East Asia – Got Science? will be airs on 11 September 2018.

Hosted by Harith Iskander, Malaysia’s Godfather of comedy and winner of Laugh Factory’s ‘Funniest Person in the World 2016’, Got Science? explores and explains the science of everyday life, using reason, logic, rationale, and science. The eight episode series will explore themes of food, health, fitness, sports, anatomy and technology. Fast-paced and packed with information, Harith threads these stories together in his inimitable light, tongue-in-cheek style through his running commentary and funny one-liners. Popular myths like consuming durians and alcohol will kill you, and MSG is bad for you are just some topics covered in the new series.
(from left) Emily Wee, Vice President, unifi Content (Product); Harith Iskander; and Ryan Shiotani, Vice President, Content, Asia, BBC Studios at the media event to launch BBC Got Science? and the expansion of the BBC Player service to two million more unifi broadband subscribers in Malaysia.

BBC Earth is home to the BBC’s world-renowned natural history, science and adventure content. We wanted to do something fast-paced, fun and informative that would be specifically relevant to our audiences in Asia. Got Science? fits the bill. The series explores the science around everyday things we see on the internet to things our mothers told us, like don’t drink alcohol after eating durian, all told by Harith in his signature comedic style. I’m very excited to see people’s reaction to the show when it airs on September 11,” said Ryan Shiotani, VP, Content, Asia, BBC Studios.

Harith Iskander (right) speaks about BBC Earth Asia commission Got Science?, an entertaining science magazine show hosted by him which is set to premiere on BBC Earth (unifi TV, channel 501) on 11 September 2018 at 8.05 pm and will be available on BBC Player.

“Science was never my favourite subject in school,” said Harith Iskander, “So I was initially apprehensive when BBC approached me to host Got Science?. I never quite understood the complex scientific theories and formulae the teachers rattled on about in school. I realise now that it wasn’t interesting to me because it wasn’t relevant to my daily life. Got Science? approaches science in a way that is fresh, fun and accessible. I hope that viewers will enjoy it and have many light bulb moments as I did.”

Got Science? will premiere on BBC Earth on Tuesday, 11 September at 8.05pm, and will be available on BBC Player at the same time.
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