BMS Organics "Warmth Beneath The Autumn Moon” Mooncake Launch

BMS Organics held their “Warmth Beneath The Autumn Moon” mooncake launch at Cheras Leisure Mall not long ago. During the launch, BMS Organics introduced six flavours of organic sugar free mooncakes to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Atumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese that is closely tied to gathering, thanksgiving and praying. Mooncakes—the must eat Mid-Autumn treat! Typically, a mooncake contains high sugar and fats. It is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and diabetes.
BMS Organics understands everyone loves mooncake. Hence, in order to let everyone enjoys mooncake in a healthier condition, BMS Organics is introducing 6 choices of SUGAR FREE mooncakes that are freshly made from the finest ingredients which will give you a hint of intensity and a delightful texture!
Natural isomalt is used to substitute normal sugar in BMS Organics mooncakes. This smooth-sweet love affair is recommended for people with high blood pressure and diabetes. Besides, all ingredients are 100% organic. For example, plain flour is free from bleaching and additives, produced through traditional style stone milling process which helps immensely in reducing the loss of cereals enzymes and nutrients.

These six choices of organic sugar free mooncakes include three unique flavours: Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot, Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame and Green Balance Macha Red Bean; and three classic flavours: Pure Lotus, Pure Lotus with Yolk and Mixed Nuts Delight.

[Review] LANEIGE BB Cushion_PoreControl

Living in a tropical country, with extremely hot and humid weather recently, I always struggle with my daily makeup. I am having oily combination skins for years and that has made my pores become super big and ugly. Though I could camouflage them with concealer and foundation but I don’t like to put on heavy makeup during normal day.
I received a LANEIGE BB Cushion_PoreControl during the launch of the new LANEIGE BB Cushion months ago. I am gratitude that LANEIGE has produced such an amazing product that could finally save our (oily skin people) life!
The new LANEIGE BB Cushion_PoreControl has been upgraded with technology to give us a whole day effect with just one application. Look at the newly opened LANEIGE BB Cushion_PoreControl, do you notice the moisture and watery texture here?

It’s easy to apply using the polyurethane puff applicator that was provided in the case. First, apply all over the face and then gently dab on the Plus Zone, which is the intersection of the vertical line from the forehead to the chin and the horizontal line across the cheekbones in order to better blend the BB into the skin.

The New Laneige’s 2016 BB Cushion

Attention all Laneige’s fans, Laneige has launched the new Laneige’s 2016 BB Cushion in Mid July 2016 in Malaysia. The launch event was held at Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre where the invited media and guests were all dressed in futuristic theme before channel into a BB Cushion Evolution Time Tunnel at the entrance of the event.
The Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion was the first cushion-type BB product that AmorePacific exported globally in year 2012. This first generation BB Cushion was designed using the air pump technology. The air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles that functions to disperse a thin layer of BB liquid onto the skin with just a light pat. The puff is designed to absorb less moisture than any ordinary puff so that the face stays refreshed. Upon application, it gives the skin a refreshing, soothing and cooling sensation.
The Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion offers 5-in-1 benefits.  Then, in March 2014, Laneige changes the name of its cushion-type BB product from Snow BB Soothing Cushion to BB Cushion Whitening. The 2014 BB Cushion Whitening SPF50+ PA+++ feature 6-in-1 functions which include Brightening + UV Protection + Makeup Tint + Water-resistant + Soothing Effect + Moisturising Effect. It also protects the skin from darkening, thereby improving its whitening function. One of the key ingredients include MelaCrusherTM, Laneige’s patented bio-brightening technology that functions to deploy our skin’s natural melanin to destroy excessive melanin in the skin through the stimulation of our natural autophagy biological process. In 2015, Laneige launched its 6-in-1 anti-aging multi-function BB Cushion that complements its anti-aging skincare line Time Freeze.
And this year, Laneige has launched the new Laneige’s 2016 BB Cushions - Whitening and Pore Care BB Cushion underwent a facelift and reformulation.
Ms. Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager for Laneige Malaysia has addressed her welcome note to all of us.
Then, there was a very interesting product presentation and model showcase while Ms. Camiellia Choo, Beauty Trainer of Laneige Malaysia explained to us the new Laneige’s Whitening and Pore Care BB Cushion.

[Review] Tommee Tippee PESU bottle

What is the baby feeding brand that you choose for your children? As a UK’s graduate, I have been using tommee tippee® since my first princess was borned. Why tommee tippee®? You might ask. Well, I do a lot of study before I buy.
Apparently tommee tippee® is the number-one brand for baby feeding accessories in the UK and one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. tommee tippee® remains one of the most trusted and recognisable baby brands in the world, loved by babies and recommended by generations of parents.
tommee tippee® offers a range of award-winning baby feeding, soothing and hygiene products. Another reason I chosen it was because of its rounded shaped teat, the original Breast-like teat that mimic a mother’s nipple when in the baby’s mouth.
Many people worried about the safety of baby bottles made with bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to make hardened plastic. And, the FDA has banned the use of BPA in 2012 from baby bottles and sippy cups.
Now, do you know there’s another BPA free material called PESU? I have tried the tommee tippee® PESU bottle for my younger girl recently. From my research, PESU is an advance grade of thermoplastic polymers known for their toughness and stability in high temperature, and can withstand a maximum temperature of 180°C (Normal PP bottles can withstand up till 110°C).

《鬼戲》三部曲 Jeff陈浩然遇好兄弟, Emely潘毖伶我不是主角!

鬼节已至,由本地导演小华执导,Monte Productions制作,马特威电影公司协力发行,以降头、養鬼仔和亲人离世十分应景的貫穿組成七月十四三部曲的恐怖搞笑電影《鬼戲》。集合了《四個愚夫之金玉滿堂》多位重要演員,包括Jeff陈浩然、Bernard邱文博、Juztin刘界辉、Emely潘瑟伶、Catherine凱心、Joe曾耀祖、小演員Houson黃候升以及老戏骨叶清芳等人组成《鬼戲》固定班底,并加入不少新臉孔演員,包括吴天瑜同门师弟妹LynnAllanShir等。此外,电影『鬼戏』在于去年农历714日鬼节开拍,一年后的今日终于敲到档期正式在大荧幕上映。 


Join Dutch Lady Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak contest and stand a chance to meet Scha Alyahya and daughter, Lara Alana

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) is calling out to all Malaysian mothers to share their pearls of wisdom in its latest campaign named “Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak” to stand a chance to win a meet and greet session with celebrity mom, Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana over a tea party! On top of that, the campaign is giving away RM50 cash  prizes to the first 250 participants weekly throughout the contest period.
Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia explained the history and significance of the campaign theme: “A mother’s love is unconditional. Every little nugget of wisdom given by our mothers about life’s lessons has helped us become a better person. What she tells us shapes who we are and eventually become principles to live by. Hence, the reason why Dutch Lady Malaysia came up with the campaign theme “Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak”!
The phrase Mak Kata (My Mom says) was first used in a classic Dutch Lady TV commercial released in 1983, featuring two boys quoting their mother’s words of wisdom. Inspired by the iconic ‘80s commercial, Dutch Lady Malaysia introduced the first Mak Kata campaign in 2014.

“Dutch Lady Malaysia is pleased to bring back the familiar ‘Mak Kata’ campaign this year with a twist to reflect the smartness of kids these days. That is why our campaign is designed to help moms understand how her guiding words makes a difference in shaping her child,” Ng explained.

The ‘Mak Kata, Saya Anak Bijak’ contest is the perfect platform for mothers to share funny, interesting or touching snippets from their daily lives that are related to their children’s quick thinking and smart imagination. A total of nine lucky winners and their family members will get the chance to spend an afternoon with celebrity mom, Scha Alyahya and her daughter, Lara Alana at a tea party, and also walk away with one instant camera to capture their happy moments together. Additionally, the first 250 submissions weekly will also receive RM50 cash prizes each from 1st August till 30th September 2016.
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