Vanilla Mille Crepe Grand Opening @ Desa Park City – Waterfront

Originated from France, Mille Crepe is one of my favourite cake for it's unique texture. In fact, Mille Crepe cake is tedious and hard work that each cake can go more than 30 layers of browned butter crepes slathered with alternate blankets of flavored pastry cream lightened with whipped cream.
I am glad that my favourite Vanilla Mille Crepe has opened their 17th outlet at my neighborhood Desa Park City – Waterfront. They had held a grand opening ceremony on the beautiful evening last Saturday.
Seen there was the founder of Vanilla Mille Crepe – Nelson Liew and the VIPs including Datin Winnie Loo. Nelson Liew and his team has put so much effort into Vanilla Mille Crepe and was awarded The Brandlaureate Prominent Business Best Brands Award 2019.
In fact, the ESSENSE to a great product is the ingredients that form the foundation. At Vanilla Mille Crepe, they used only the best ingredients in its class directly flown in from Paris, France.

Pavilion REIT Malls Usher in Deepavali with Uniquely Festive Kolams

Pavilion REIT Malls - Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Intermark Mall and Da Men Mall showcase creatively unique kolams to embrace the festive spirit and triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. For the first time ever, Pavilion KL presents an illuminated kolam at the Pavilion Crystal Fountain and enters the Malaysia Book of Records for “The Biggest Illuminated Fabric Flower Kolam”. Intermark Mall also gains an entry to the Malaysia Book of Records for “The Biggest Peacock Replica Kolam Made of Coffee Grounds”, as the mall combines the festive celebrations with International Coffee Month and a message of sustainability. As for community-friendly Da Men Mall, discover a charming kolam, designed and made by kids aged 7 and above. Come immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Deepavali at Pavilion REIT Malls this Deepavali!


Pavilion KL, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, today launched Divine Diwali – a joyous event to kickstart its celebration of the Festival of Lights, supported by the Indian High Commission. Inspired by flower shows and garden festivals around the world, the mall presents 9 beautiful kolams, lavishly decorated with colourful florals, strategically placed at various precincts of the mall, to bring shoppers a divine celebration of beauty, luck and unity through surprising and engaging experiences. 
The main showcase of Divine Diwali is at the Pavilion Crystal Fountain – featuring the “Biggest Illuminated Flower Fabric Kolam” awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records.
From now until 31 October 2019, Divine Diwali, welcomes all to enjoy the Deepavali festivities, showcasing not only colourful, vivid decorations, but also vibrant dance performances, irresistible shopping rewards and exciting experiences in the month-long celebration of Deepavali. To add to the vibrant ambience, from 1 – 6 October, drop by the Divine Diwali Bazaar for traditional Indian clothes, desserts & snacks, home art and décor, located at Main Entrance, Level 3 to coincide with Diwali Launch. From 7 – 31 October, the Bazaar can be found at Connection.

Mindful Snacking - to Eat with Attention and Be Present in The Moment

We Malaysian love to eat snacks, as snack can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise. A snack between meals can also decrease our hunger and keep us from overeating at meal time. Many people thought snacks are bad for diet but it is in fact an important part of our daily diet.
James Kane (Managing Director, Mondelēz International (Malaysia), accompanied by Dr. Satvinder Kaur (Assistant Professor, Head of Program for Nutrition with Wellness, Faculty of Applied Sciences at UCSI University), Sheahnee Iman Lee on the left & from right – Pei Gee Chew (Nutrition & Strategy Communications Lead for Mondelēz AMEA) and Nash Idrus (Key Opinion Leader) at the SMRter Snacker Session.

I was honoured to be invited to attend an interactive and informative session centered on the importance of mindful snacking with the aim of empowering participants to snack right, without having to choose between snacking and eating right host by Mondelēz International (Malaysia).
A panel of experts Pei Gee Chew (left) along with Mr. Nash Idrus and Dr. Satvinder Kaur during the‘Panel Discussion’ at SMRter Snacker Session. The SMRter Snacker Session was moderated by Sheahnee Iman Lee (right).

We the participants had engaged in fun activities that inspire mindful snacking habits by encouraging them to focus on tasting and savouring each bite in the half-day engagement, titled SMR-ter Snacker Session.

Not only that, a panel of speakers also shared their point of view on Snacking Made Right - Mondelez’s new strategic purpose and focus - and how it can be fulfilled through sustainable and mindful snacks for both people and the planet to love.
Managing Director, Mondelēz International (Malaysia), James Kane delivers his speech at SMRter Snacker Session.

The SMR-ter Snacker Session was led by the Nutrition & Strategy Communications Lead for Mondelēz AMEA, Pei Gee Chew, along with a panel of experts, namely, Dr. Satvinder Kaur, Assistant Professor, Head of Program for Nutrition with Wellness, Faculty of Applied Sciences, UCSI University and Mr Nash Idrus, dad and Key Opinion Leader, who shared his perspective from a parent’s point of view.
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