Attention Women! Do You Know How Iron Strong Are You?

This post is dedicated to all women, so, women (and guys who are care for their loved ones) please read on. Ever wonder why women had brittle nails, cold hands and feet, are constantly tired, weak or pale; experienced chest pains, fast heartbeat and shortness of breath or have constant bouts of headaches and dizzy spells? If you’ve said yes to one of more of these symptoms, you may just be iron deficient.
Official launch of FERROVIT and FENZA!
L-R: Pn. Ernie Syafika, Consultant of Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd.; Chef Sara Khong, Author, Recipe Developer, Food Writer & Stylist; Mr. Balaji Rajagopal, General Manager Malaysia & Singapore of Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd.; Ms. Victoria Foo, Sales and Marketing Director Malaysia of Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd. and Ms. Teh Ya Shin, Product Manager of Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd.

Well, you’re certainly not alone! As we know, women’s nutritional needs change during menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. A woman’s reproductive life means that her nutritional needs differ greatly from those of a man. While Iron is an essential mineral required to deliver oxygen to all cells of the body. Men need about 10 micrograms a day, menstruating women need about 14 micrograms a day. The iron needs of older women revert to those of men.
Take charge of your ‘iron’ health today!
L-R: Pn. Ernie Syafika, Consultant of Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd. and Chef Sara Khong, Author, Recipe Developer, Food Writer & Stylist.

On the MEGA We Care IRON FEAST DAY not long ago, we got to learn more about Iron deficiency through this education based food event aimed to raise awareness on iron deficiency anemia symptoms with a call to action before it descends into anemia. Thanks to Mega Lifesciences, one of the leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies headquartered in Bangkok and a proponent of “Prevention is The Best Medicine” for organizing such a meaningful event.
Delicious servings of iron rich food at the MEGA We Care Iron Feast!

It was indeed a fun interactive event which featured a cooking demonstration by popular Chef Sara Khong and a delectable iron rich feast, also witnessed the unveiling of MEGA We Care’s new iron supplement Ferrovit and nutrients for pregnancy care, Fenza; officiated by Mr. Balaji Rajagopal, General Manager Malaysia & Singapore of Mega Lifesciences Sdn. Bhd.

Starbucks® x Pared Eyewear Merchandise Collection

Starbucks turns up the summer heat in celebration of all things sun-kissed by rolling out a brand new collaboration, Starbucks® x Pared Eyewear merchandise collection. The world-renown Australian sunglass brand, Pared Eyewear drew inspiration for this collaboration from the refined and sculpted sunglasses by Pared designers. The collection is available starting 1 July 2019 onwards at selected stores nationwide, while stocks last.

Find your inner diva, with the Starbucks® x Pared Eyewear merchandise collection which features iconic beach scenes. The new drinkware collection includes a Stainless Steel Tumbler, a Double Walled Traveler Tumbler and a Cold Cup.

The 2019 Starbucks® x Pared Eyewear collection includes the following pieces:
Starbucks® x Pared Eyewear Stainless Steel Tumbler – A stainless steel tumbler with decorative geometric design of pantone – colored sunglasses.

Starbucks® x Pared Eyewear Double Walled Traveler Mug – Two tones of pink color block with a soft silhouette of the iconic Pared sunglasses.

Northwest Cherries is Here at Malaysia

It's the Northwest Cherries season again, yay! It's time to indulge in the fresh, sweet and delicious Northwest Cherries fresh off the orchards in the North-western states of USA. Northwest Cherries have become one of the most sought-after cherries thanks to its sweetness, firmness and consistency in colour.
I have attended the launch of Northwest Cherries at Tesco Malaysia not long ago. There, I got to know that there are over 2,500 growers work tirelessly to bring the world the sweetest, juiciest, plumpest cherries ripened on the trees. The US is currently the second-largest cherry exporter of the world and one of the leading exporters of cherries to Malaysia. Wow, thank you for all the hard work to bring us the healthiest food into Malaysia.
During the launch, Mr Abdul Ghani Wahab, Agriculture Specialist, United States Department of Agriculture stated that Northwest Cherries are grown on fertile soil with a climate that is ideal for great quality cherries the world loves. “There are 11 varieties of Northwest Cherries and we believe our cherries are the most delicious cherries in the world! We hope more Malaysians will try these juicy fruits while they’re in season until end August for health as well as for snacking pleasure.”
Meanwhile, Retna Malar, Northwest Cherry Growers Market Representative provided informative notes on the harvest of cherries throughout the season - “Northwest Cherries offer a wide growth spread across many regions throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Montana. The different microclimates allow cherries to ripen at different times through the season ensuring fresh harvest all summer long. The Northwest Cherries that you enjoy are never more than a few days from the tree.”

Park Shin Hye Officiates The Launch of Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum at Watsons stores

Mamonde’s brand ambassador and top Korean actress Park Shin Hye was here in Malaysia to officiate the launch of the Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum at Watsons stores nationwide. The Red Energy Recovery Serum is a premium product by Mamonde that addresses skin aging as well as helps to recover and revitalise exhausted skin, bringing it back to its optimal condition.
Made up of two key ingredients, pomegranate and Blossoming Energy, the serum creates smooth and supple skin that glows from within by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and promoting the skin’s turnover cycle.
The Blossoming Energy, derived from a 28-year study of flowers is Mamonde’s latest innovation. It is a special active ingredient that helps to boost skin’s energy. Through the observation of flowers throughout their lifecycle; inclusive of changes in colour and temperature, Mamonde has discovered a unique component that helps flowers to bloom and survive longer than its usual lifespan. This component was extracted, tested on skin and has since been developed to become the core ingredient for the Red Energy Recovery Serum, bringing forth properties that boosts skin’s energy and return it to its healthiest state.

PEPPA PIG Arrives on HBO GO from 1 JULY 2019

With approximately 3500 hours of blockbuster movies and HBO Original content from the U.S and Asia, including 700 episodes from all-time favourite programmes for kids and families, HBO Asia has now added Season 1 and 2 of global preschool phenomenon PEPPA PIG to its collection on the streaming service, HBO GO.
From 1 July, HBO GO subscribers will be able to stream and download all episodes from Season 1 and 2 of Peppa Pig and follow Peppa across 104 episodes as she plays games, dress up and jump in muddy puddles.

For older kids, Season 1 of popular and beloved family-friendly series WE BARE BEARS is available on HBO GO as well. Set in the San Francisco Bay area, the series follows an adoptive family of three bears doing their best to try and fit in with human society in America – no easy task for bears!


New movies for kids premiering on HBO GO include TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES on 29 June, LEGO DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: SUPER-VILLAIN HIGH on 6 July and ALEX & ME on 9 August.

With over hundreds of hours of kid and family friendly entertainment, HBO Asia remains committed to providing fun-filled, light-hearted entertainment to viewers of all age groups.

Kids & Family highlights on HBO GO:

PEPPA PIG (Seasons 1 - 2)
Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her younger brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa’s favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

WE BARE BEARS (Season 1)
The Bears are an adoptive family of three bears doing their best to try and fit in with human society in America – no easy task for bears! Set in the San Francisco Bay area, the series follows Grizz, the oldest of the three, and definitely the most fun-loving, Panda, a social media enthusiast who is easily embarrassed, and Ice Bear, who is the youngest bear but of the strong, silent type. Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear may seem like an unlikely trio, but their friendship is strong to the core.
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