The Grand Opening of The BAR°N @ Sunway Pyramid

Residents in the greater Subang and Petaling Jaya area have reason to celebrate as The BAR°N has opened up on the Ground Floor of Sunway Pyramid, with its unique ambience while serving up a refreshingly distinct experience for diners with signature offerings which include tapas, flame-grilled delectable and an extensive selection of wine.
Having already established a famously large following with its preceding outlets located in Penang, Mont Kiara, Ara Damansara and Kuala Lumpur, The BAR°N at Sunway Pyramid lends even more credibility to its vicinity’s moniker of being one of the ultimate destinations for food lovers in the Klang Valley.

Indeed, The BAR°N’s unique offering is complemented by its seductive ambience and surroundings which are modern and chic, offering an alluring appeal for diners and discerning social bugs who simply enjoy stunning flavours, unique dishes and tantalising beverages, at reasonable prices.
In keeping with its atypical charm and individuality, The BAR°N Sunway Pyramid was launched in a rather unorthodox manner – by Barny the Camel, a special guest traversing the Pyramids of Egypt before making a stop at the Pyramids of Sunway.
Ms. Candice Lee, one of The BAR°N’s founders, expressed at the launch, “We’re so glad to formalise the growth of The BAR°N with today’s launch of our outlet right here in Sunway Pyramid. Indeed, our success through the years is due in part to the constant support of our guests, who have been our inspiration throughout the years, for which we are truly grateful. Today’s launch is a testament of that. But we are more than just another dining venue. We’re about creating that WOW experience and developing a culture which ultimately creates that unique offering to our guests,”

Nourish The Skin with Prebiotic with Murad Prebiotic Series

The surface of our skin is home to carefully balanced collection of trillions of living organism such as bacteria and yeast. This microbiome that’s made up of bacteria and yeast provides the skin with much needed nutrients and helps create a barrier against assaults which leads to a healthy and amazing looking skin.
Today, our preoccupation with anti-bacterial products and harsh cleansers not only destroys bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria that’s maintaining our skin’s ecosystem. Couple that with the harsh environmental condition (exposure to allergen and toxin), as well other factors such as lifestyle, age, emotion, community, diet, and hygiene products we find ourselves battling with skin issues. In fact, 93 percent of people think that the skin microbiome and its homeostasis play major roles in skin’s health. To help solve this problem, Murad Malaysia launched its latest invention, the Prebiotic Series: Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist to help nourish the skin with prebiotics to achieve a balanced microbiome; Murad’s Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser to cleanse, hydrate and balance the skin; and lastly Murad’s Night Fix Enzyme Treatment to encourage overnight skin repair through ingredients inspired by the science of sleep.
Director of Deacon Medical Sdn Bhd Mr. Jason Choy

The latest innovation was announced at the launch by Director of Deacon Medical Sdn Bhd Mr. Jason Choy, International Marketing Manager Kathy Tran and ASIA PAC Sales and Education Manager Katy Bacon. During his opening note, Mr Choy spoke on the potential of beauty industry in Malaysia. “Malaysian women today are much more empowered and better informed than they have ever been. They understand what’s good for their skin and are more selective of the products they use. “Thus, products like Murad that take all these into account have over the years successfully created skincare solutions that fits their ideals and beliefs,” said Choy.


This 3-in-1 solution is the trifecta for healthy skin – it eliminates dehydration and dullness, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and act as a priming and makeup setting agent.

Jordan Asia Pacific Kick starts Green Clean Campaign To Raise Awareness on 3R

Earth Hour has just passed and Earth Day is coming, what have you contributed to our Earth and mother nature? I know that we cannot stop waste production entirely, but everyone can make a significant contribution indeed. I am happy to share with you the meaningful Green Clean Campaign organised by Jordan Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.
I was honored to be invited to witness the launch of Green Clean campaign at Me.reka Makerspace, Publika Shopping Gallery on 16 Apr 2019. It is a part of Jordan Asia Pacific's efforts to raise the awareness on the 3R concept: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
The gracious event was attended by the Ambassador of Norway to Malaysia, Her Excellency Ms. Gunn Jorid Roset, and officiated by the Director General of the Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Kamarulnajuib bin Che Ibrahim. The event also saw the attendance of environmental non-governmental organisations as a show of support for Jordan’s Green Clean initiative.
Eric Yong, Country Manager of Jordan Asia Pacific

Run from April to December 209 in different phases, the Green Clean Campaign is expected to be revealed later. Eric Yong, Country Manager of Jordan Asia Pacific said, “Recognising the need to raise the awareness on the 3Rs in Malaysia, we aim to work with our eco-partners to share as much information to the public through the help of our media colleagues over the course of this campaign.” Sharing a ‘sneak preview’ of what is to come in the next phase, Eric said, “We will be rolling out an old toothbrush collection drive and when that takes place, we hope to get as much support from the Malaysian public as possible.”

Halal Korean BBQ @ SeoulNami, The Gardens Mall

Any Korean cuisine lovers here? I am sure a lot of us Malaysian love Korean cuisine for it's spicy and sweet, plus some kick! In fact, I have many Malay friends who are into everything Korea including Korean food. Korean food is so popular that it is easily available in Klang Valley but not many of them are Halal.
I have recently discovered the Halal Korean BBQ at SeoulNami. Located at the level 2 of The Gardens Mall, SeoulNami is strongly recommended as it is a Halal Korean style BBQ restaurant. I like the great atmosphere in the restaurant.
Diners could enjoy Chicken BBQ, Beef BBQ, Seafood BBQ, Charcoal Burnt Cheese Cake, Crabby Kimchi Jjigae, Goguma On Fire, Signature Kimchi Trio, Fire Ramyeon, Odeng Seafood and many more Korean food here at SeoulNami.
We have indulge ourselves with some of the delicious food from SeoulNami's menu recently. Read on to find out more;

Famous Chuncheon Chicken (RM 59 each)

Choose from the spicy hot pepper chicken, savoury ganjang chicken, sweet honey butter chicken or salty ganjang chicken.

How to Protect Skin from Sun with The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF45 PA++ and Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++

We all want to get out and live life more spontaneously, but those everyday adventures can mean exposing our skin to sun damage. UV rays cause 80% of the visible signs of premature skin ageing. Dermatologists also recommend reapplying sun protection at least every two hours when we’re out and about. Despite these stats, we still choose to skip the sun protection.
Reapplying isn’t always practical, though, and can be a hassle when you’ve spent time on your make-up. After all, who wants greasy skin and smudged foundation?


That’s why The Body Shop are launching their new make-up friendly Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF45 PA++. Unlike heavy skin protection, this formula is a super lightweight, cloud-like mist that helps to deliver UVA/UVB protection. After massaging into your skin in the morning, it can be easily topped up throughout the day and over make-up for an invisible, comfortable finish. It helps keep your skin protected, so you can love life and live it your way.


Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF45 PA++ is enriched with Community Trade marula oil from Namibia, red algae extract from the North Atlantic and skin brightening vitamin C. It helps protect skin against UVA/UVB rays while helping it appear brighter and more luminous.

PA++ helps protect skin from UVA rays, including long UVA rays, which reach deep into the skin and accelerate the signs of photoageing, while SPF45 helps protect it from UVB rays that trigger sunburn and damage the skin’s top layers.


Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist is perfect for active and busy lifestyles. After massaging into skin in the morning, it fits inside your handbag, gym bag or backpack so you can help keep your skin protected on-the-go and for those spontaneous, everyday adventures.

• Top up your protection before heading out for lunch without having to worry about smudging your make-up.
• Spritz while enjoying the outdoors.
• Take it on your next city break and help protect skin from UV rays.
Our verdict: We love how convenient it is to use Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist. Just spritz it on like fairy dust any time of the day. It has a feather-light texture and it doesn’t leave a white cast on my face hence it is good to touch up in the middle of the day even with make-up on. Most importantly, it gives sun protection and contains anti-pollution properties. What not to love?

New Chypre Fragrance from The Body Shop®

For women who are wild at heart, The Body Shop® have launched White Musk® Flora — their new chypre fragrance.
Chypre fragrances have the most complex composition, defined by their warm, mossy base notes and contrast citrus top notes. This floral twist on White Musk® blends uplifting notes of bergamot and pink pepper with a blooming bouquet of peonies and lily of the valley for a floral scent that’s modern, sophisticated and vegan. It’s the perfect springtime fragrance, just in time for Mother’s Day.
Dare to be yourself with White Musk® Flora.

It’s time to celebrate the freedom of spring with this exciting new fragrance.

The Wedding That Got Sponsorship of RM500,000

While many people are thinking how to pay for the wedding expenses, this lucky couple got their wedding a Sponsorship of RM500,000. Wow, you must say! Yupe, everything from their Wedding Shooting, DoorGift, to Wedding Honeymoon are sponsored. How? Read on to find out more OK.
Tuah ayam Nampak dikaki, tuah manusia siapa yang tahu. Untung seorang gadis kecil comel SITI SURIANI atau lebih dikenali sebagai SITI JAMUMALL mendapat tajaan kahwin sehingga RM500 RIBU !!

Pada mulanya beliau sangkakan ingin buat majlis biasa secara kecil-kecilan, tetapi sapa sangka setelah memuat naik satu status di fb beliau tentang majlis perkahwinan terus mendapat wassup dan call bertalu – talu dari founder produk, owner kedai dan bermacam lagi untuk sponser majlis beliau.
Hampir 100 company dari perbagai produk berminat untuk sponser majlis kahwin siti, paling menyentuh hati, yang baru berjinak dalam perniagaan juga berbesar hati sponser majlis perkahwinan siti.
Kata siti, beliau sangat sebak .. tak sangka , majlis yang mulanya plan biasa-biasa kini menjadi luar biasa. Inilah berkat usaha beliau selama 3 tahun membuahkan hasil .. beliau menjadi promoter atau host untuk dan menjual perbagai jenis produk kosmetik, kesihatan, fesyen dan makanan.

Latest Hair Repair Treatment and Products for 2019

My hair is damaged due to excessive dye, blow dry and styling. Hence, I am always in needs of help to get back it's moisture and strength. I am glad that I have attended the launch of Schwarzkopf Professional's BC Fibre Clinix that bring us the most powerful repair performance ever.
Top as the best hair-repair treatment to remedy your damaged strands, BC Fibre Clinix is a new breakthrough haircare treatment transforms the hair fibre back to its perfect, healthy virgin properties. The salon exclusive customised service instantly improves hair quality, providing 10x stronger hair, complete sealing of hair porosity and up to 60 days of inner and outer hair restoration.

The BC Fibre Clinix treatment started with FIBRE CLINIX TRIBOND SHAMPOO that prepares the hair structure for the personalised BC Fibre Clinix Treatment. Then the hair is ready for FIBRE CLINIX TRIBOND TREATMENT COARSE HAIR - an intense, strengthening treatment for medium to coarse hair types. Finsih off with FIBRE CLINIX PEPTIDE REPAIR BOOSTER, a concentrated emulsion that replenishes porous hair. Available in a variant of Peptide Repair Booster, Hyaluronic Moisture Booster, pH4.5 Color Booster, Collagen Volume Booster and Keratin Smooth Booster, these bespoke boosters targeted to different hair type for total hair replenishement. The FIBRE CLINIX PEPTIDE REPAIR BOOSTER is customisable to intensifies the effect of the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatments. According to the users, it offers up to 90% hair revitalisation and up to 90% less breakage after the treatment.

Luggage/Bag Repair Service in Kuala Lumpur

What would you do if your luggage or bag was broken? For a shopaholic like me it's a good excuse to buy new ones but sometimes you just can't buy the same luggage or bag anymore.

I have been carrying the michael kors sling bag for years. I like it's sleek design and I can put almost everything in it with the big compartment. However, it felt on the floor inside Starhill Gallery while I was walking around the shopping mall l
ast month. When I picked it up and checked, oh no, the strap was broken!
I quickly walked over to the michael kors store at Pavilion KL to ask the staff for maintenance. According to the sales girl, it takes a month or two to fix and it would cost from RM 130 to 200. Wow, I can almost buy a new bag (with sales) with that price. However, they have discontinued the model that I like and I don't really fancy the new designs.
When I told Johnson about it, he adviced me to look for the bag repair at Jalan Pudu. When I did some research on the Cheong Pudu Bag Repair, I found that it is located in Jalan Pudu, amidst the busy streets of KL(a few shops next to majestic pudu hotel). You can see a green and white signboard that reads “Kedai Membaiki Beg” (Bag Repair Shop) hung above the shop.
The shop was founded by an old uncle and run with his youngest son. Cheong Pudu Bag Repair has more than 20 years of bag repair experience.

Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow – A Versatile Makeup Bag Essential

My first thought when I heard about Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow was wow, such a cute name! It made me wondered what it does to my hair and hence when Mamonde Malaysia invited me to the exclusive Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow workshop with other bloggers and KOLs, I did not hesitate to RSVP and turned up early that day.
In Korean, ‘Pang Pang’ is a simple product name that expresses the tapping sound. In fact, it is an innovative product by Mamonde that boasts multiple functions in a miniature product that fits into your pocket.
It is very cute in packaging, measuring approximately 3cm in height and in diameter, and weighing 3.5g, the Pang Pang Hair Shadow features a mirror, a Pang Pang puff and the hair shadow. It is developed as a compact all-in-one solution to give the face a more youthful appearance by focusing on areas that show signs of ageing on your face which includes the hairline, eyebrows and the certain eye areas. Read on to find out more.
Dubbed as one of the most versatile products in the beauty market, the Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow is a lightweight, long wearing tinted powder that can be used in multiple ways to complement a natural, radiant makeup look. By tapping the hair shadow onto hairlines or eyebrows, it fills uneven hairline and can add dimension to sparse eyebrows. You can also use an angled brush and fill in any sparse areas on your eyebrows.

New Crocs Reviva™ Collection Delivers Revitalizing Bounce and All-Day Comfort

Crocs , a global leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men and children, today announced the debut of Crocs Reviva™, a new comfort technology and collection for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. Featuring footbeds with built-in air bubbles, Crocs Reviva™ technology provides a revitalizing bounce, a soothing massage effect and all-day comfort.

Crocs Reviva™ is available now at select Crocs retail locations and will be available on starting Feb. 24. The collection includes an extended everyday style offering across sandal, flip and slide silhouettes for women and men.

“Crocs continues to innovate in the comfort space at an extraordinary level, and the Crocs Reviva Collection is no exception,” said Michelle Poole, Crocs’ Chief Product & Merchandising Officer. “With distinctive footbeds that align to the foot pressure map, the Crocs Reviva Collection provides consumers with a unique all-day comfort option at a great price.”

Organizing Your Fridge for Healthy Eating in These Easy Ways

While browsing PropertyGuru, you can’t help but looking at your desired apartment on the ‘Sale’ section and adding that to your resolution list, to buy your apartment. Apart from setting your resolutions with the purchase of property, it is quite common that one of your 2019 new year resolution involves living a healthy lifestyle for yourself and to start off easier, your fridge is very important. We are giving the tips of how to clean and organized your fridge to avoid.

1. Setting up your fridge smartly

When you look for a snack, place your healthy snack on the eye level as it will be easy for selection. It is wise to plan ahead on your menu when you are not hungry. You will be thankful for the healthy snacks that are at the eye level when your hunger cravings kick in.

You could also categorize your food in the sections of your fridge. For example, the upper tray of your fridge can store some condiments or herbs or maybe the bottom tray could store your meal preparation containers of the week. This will tidy up your items and food in your fridge in the proper order.

Expiry dates of your food and items can be placed on the front line so you can be reminded that your chicken breast that you bought few days ago is still untouched or your butter is expiring in two months time. All you need is a weekly routine for some check up of your items in the fridge.

2. Arrange your fruit and vegetables for easy access

After doing grocery from supermarket, it is advisable to immediately wash up and cut the fresh fruits and vegetables. Next, you leave them in sets of single portion-sized storage containers. This will make it easy to grab your five plus a day whether it is for a healthy weekday snack or to use in the cooking.
3. Drink up your beverage

Fill up your pitcher with plain water and throw in some cut cucumber, lemons, limes or berries into it and store them into your fridge - infused water. A life hack to encourage drinking water and double up your H2O consumption. If you always keep a jug of chilled, fruity water handy in the fridge, you can easily get your daily dose of flavourful H2O.

You could also prepare few chilled plain water in the fridge by storing in a pitcher. It will be useful when the weather is hot or after workout. You will find your chilled water helps you to cool down your body from the heat.

How Role Play Helps Raising Resilient Kids

I have heard people say that kids are generally far more resilient than parents realize, is that true? Well, I am not sure about this but I know role play helps to raise resilient kids for sure.

As a parent of two young girls, I let my kids to role play whenever possible. I have found that by supporting them to play a role of something that it out of their comfort zone, it helps to develop their resiliency to response quickly after a difficult event or problem in their life.
I brought my girls to Kidzania KL for a day out on last school holiday. As parents can't accompany the kids inside the facilities, the kids would have to deal with any situation they face by themselves. There, they learnt to talk and voice out their thought. As well as see how things may happen and face them by themselves. It has definitely improved their confident and problem solving skill from my observation.
I remembered they were role-playing as nurse inside the hospital with other kids. Each kids were given a baby toy doll to let them take care of. My younger one was given a boy's doll instead of the girl one. She was so shy and didn't want to carry on her role play. Then, she talked to the other boy who was role-playing inside the facility and finally she got to exchange her doll with him and finished the role play. I am impressed.
It takes time, effort, commitment, and focus in building better resilience. It will not just happen to you overnight because it’s a process that will take months to learn and master. And hence I do take the chance to bring my kids to role-play in order to enhance their patience and training.

Free 60ml Bare for Bare Product with Bare for Bare Recycling Campaign 2019

Hello April! The Earth hour has just passed and Earth day is coming, it's time for us to love our earth more with Bare for Bare Recycling Campaign. Origin from Singapore, Bare for Bare's body and hair products are infused with nature’s healing and therapeutic benefits to boost physical well-being. Bare for Bare is inspired by timeless approach – as the name suggest, returning to basic, drawing inspiration and deriving benefits from the natural goodness of Mother Nature’s botanical treasures.
My recent favourite is Bare for Bare Red Rose Body wash and body lotion. They smell so good and fresh in red rose scent, they are also contain excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties that help to stimulate cell regeneration and strengthen existing skin cells for a fresh, dewy and healthy complexion. It's a best products to ignite and rejuvenate the senses after a long day out.
The best part is, they are infused with essential oils, 100% botanical extracts, paraben free and gives 24-hour moisture lock to the skin.
This April in conjunction with earth day, Bare for Bare is having a recycling campaign. Bare for Bare invites all shoppers to bring their empty personal care and skin care product packaging to redeem a complimentary 60ml Bare for Bare product. The redemption will starts from 1 – 30 April 2019 and available at selected Alpro Plus Pharmacy and Centro Maxx.
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