The 4S Behind Every Good Cup of Coffee

Hello my dear readers, I hope you are having a lovely weekend. As a coffee lover, I feel happy because I just had my good cup of coffee, what about you? People always ask - 'what makes a good coffee?'. I have just learned that there's 4S that contribute to a good cup of coffee at the 5th Cafe Malaysia which was held at MITEC from 17-19 January 2019.
I have met many master baristas and coffee-enthusiasts there. As the official milk of Malaysia Latte Art Championship and Malaysia Barista Championship from 2019-2020, Dutch Lady has organised some fun and interactive activities at their booths for all of us to join. One of the most unforgettable experience to me was the Dutch Lady Perfect Serve of cuppa and we also got to learn more about how milk affect the quality of a cup of coffee.
Present at the event was Ramjeet Kaur Virik, Marketing Director, Consumer Diary of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad. According to Ramjeet, the origin of milk can make a great difference to the way a coffee tastes. Just as a great barista, Dutch Lady understands the science behind milk that is best for the discerning coffee lover. Hence Dutch Lady Pasteurised Fresh is made right to produce a silky smooth froth that is stable and consistent. It's rich and creamy taste is perfect for both hot and cold beverage applications.
The 4S behind every good cup of coffee were also shared, they are listed as below;

Aussie SUMMERFRUITS are Sweeter When Shared

It's the Australian summer fruit season! Malaysians are set for a juicy festive season ahead with Taste Australia kicking off it's “Sweeter When Shared” Summer Fruits campaign which brings Australia’s freshest seasonal produce straight to our shelves.

Taste Australia’s SummerFruits ‘Sweeter When Shared’ campaign launch held at Village Grocer, MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Cheras, guests and media saw how use Summer Fruits to their best effects by incorporating them in a stunning pavlova, and too-pretty-to-eat fruit jellies.

Rich in vitamins A, C and E and a great source of dietary fibre and potassium, the Australian summer fruit includes peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and apricots. This time, the “Sweeter When Shared” campaign couldn’t be more ideal with the start of the New Year and Chinese New Year as well as Valentine’s Day just around the corner making it the perfect time to savour Australia’s succulent Summer fruits with family and loved ones.

Daniel Havas (Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner) sharing some tasty insights into Australian produce, specifically Summer Fruits at Taste Australia’s SummerFruits ‘Sweeter When Shared’ campaign launch at Village Grocer, MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Cheras.

Australian summer fruits make for a unique yet culturally significant gift for Chinese New Year with fresh fruits symbolising life and new beginnings. Meanwhile, what better way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day than with a basket of juicy fruits or a dessert made lovingly with these nutritious and delectable summer fruit treats.

The eye-catching and yummy yee sang in the shape of the Australian continent used as the launch gimmick at Taste Australia’s SummerFruits ‘Sweeter When Shared’ campaign launch at Village Grocer, MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Cheras.

Fruits, especially peaches are a popular gift during Chinese New Year as they symbolize the wish for a long and healthy life. With all four Australian summer fruits perfectly ripe and in season, the gift of Australian summer fruits will certainly leave a mark on family and friends as their round shape and colour are said to symbolize prosperity and bring the recipient good fortune throughout the year.

[Hotel Review] Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur, Mont' Kiara

Fancy a feel like home hotel? If you are, I would recommend Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur, Mont' Kiara for you. If you don't know yet, Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur, Mont' Kiara has opened it's door last December. You can read my previous blogpost about it.
Nestled in the busy central of Mont Kiara, Hyatt House KL is the best place for travelers to experience the neighborhood of Mont Kiara, and also be part of the friendly neighborhood.

Our family of 2 adults and 2 young kids checked-in to Hyatt House KL on a lovely Saturday last December. Upon arrival, we were greeted with warm smile from the friendly staffs there. The check-in process was fast and easy.
Once checked-in, we were given the room key to access to the lift and our room's floor. We had chosen the Suite type that occupied 42 sq metre. Once the door opened, my kids jumped with joy. It feels just like a home to all of us.
The suite is bright and clean, and comes with all the fully equipped kitchens. From fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, cutter, cutlery, bowl, and many more. You name it they have it.

New! The Face Inc Anti-Aging Micro-Therapy Kit

High performance skincare brand, The Face Inc, introduces The Face Inc Anti-Aging Micro-Therapy Kit which combines a potent anti-aging serum with the action of a micro-needle derma roller that turbocharges your skin's recovery ability against the signs of aging to reveal younger, revitalised looking skin.

Following the success of the brand's Primer Mist and Eye Lift, the latest addition to the brand's "+" range uses innovative micro-needling technology designed to accelerate cell renewal and regeneration. The pairing serum is a proprietary formulation that contains a cocktail of potent anti- wrinkle peptides including Argireline that work to relax the facial muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines, visibly reducing the depth and volume of wrinkles.
The practice of micro-needling dates back to 1995. It is used by doctors to treat burn victims and in certain anti-aging procedures, such as eyelid surgery and treating cellulite. It has gained significant traction in recent years as a trending technique most sought after by those who wish to regain their youthful appearance. Even Kim Kardashian tried a specific form of a micro-needling dubbed “the vampire facial,” for her TV show which involved platelet-rich plasma injections. But not to worry, The Face Inc Anti-Aging Micro-Therapy Kit is a friendly, painless alternative to expensive and invasive cosmetic treatments that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Be Enraptured by Palatial Splendour and Floral Bliss @ Avenue K

Immerse yourself in the royal grandeur of a floral paradise as Avenue K transforms its Atrium into a spectacular imperial palace blooming with wealth and prosperity to usher in the Chinese New Year from 7th January to 19th February 2019.
In line with the theme, ‘Imperial Blossoms’, the mall’s Atrium resembles a blossoming floral market place set in the magnificence of an imperial palace. The booths at the floral market place are crowned by stunningly elegant peonies while majestic bright red lanterns festooned with peony flowers cascade from the ceiling, creating a waterfall of illuminating lights. Step into a world of palatial splendour as you climb the regal steps, leading to a Chinese imperial palace. Discover a traditional study room covered in oriental paintings and decorated with Chinese artefacts and ornamental works of art to represent the glorious period of the emperor’s reign.
Kick-start the Chinese New Year celebration to shop for festive essentials at the market place. From mouth-watering cookies to trendy apparel, fashion accessories, and tableware; add a touch of festivity to your New Year celebrations with a galore of goodies.

Delight your senses with a host of interesting cultural activities and artistic performances lined up to entertain both the young and old. Treat your little ones to a series of fun Chinese New Year-themed workshops such as Chinese Rattle Drum Making and Water Art Painting, and indulge in family-friendly events including Classical Folk Dance and Fusion Instrumental Musical. Don’t miss out their signature ceremony where mandarin oranges are rolled out to welcome wealth and money is released from the mouth of Lion Dance performers to usher in good fortune, happiness, and longevity on 12 February.
Shopping has never been this fruitful as Avenue K reward you with prospers rewards. Start the auspicious year by redeeming a set of exclusive Avenue K Ang Pow packets for FREE with every purchase of RM288 (RM200 for AK Neighbours or HSBC Debit/Credit Card holders) and above in a maximum of two combined receipts.

Chinese New Year 2019 Festive Menu @ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, an early 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' to all of us. Chinese New Year is the best opportunity for reunion and feasting with family and friends. In conjunction with this, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs is all set to engulf your senses with Festive Menu that capture the finest flavours of Cantonese Cuisine only at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.
Available from now until Chinese New Year 2019, diners could indulge in Lunar New Year’s festive delights including festive Dim Sum selection to Treasure Pot (Poon Choi), luxurious Set Menus, Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaves and a variety of Yee Sang for prosperity, Dynasty is the place to spoil or be spoiled by family and friends.
Featuring a colourful mixture of raw fish and other exotic seafood served with crunchy vegetables, crackers and condiments, these raw ingredients signify the renewal of life – definitely a must have for good fortune and great wealth. Choose from Salmon, Mini Abalone and many more selections from their Yee Sang Menu. Take-away Yee Sang in ‘half serving’ and ‘full serving’ can also be arranged for home reunion dinners and special get-togethers too.
This year, expect to see many highlight of the CNY menu. One of it is the Braised Assorted Sea Treasure in Claypot. Also known as the Poon Choi, this is another traditional CNY dish favoured by everyone. Poon Choi is special in that it is composed of many layers of different ingredients. It is also eaten layer by layer instead of “stirring everything up”. Diners can find Abalone, Sea cucumber, Dry Scallop, Fish Maw, Chinese Mushroom, Tiger Prawn, Smoke Oyster, Waxed Duck, Roasted Duck, Chinese cabbage simmered with the flavourful broth and premium ingredients, simply excellent!

Enjoy Auspicious Celebrations This Chinese New Year @ Pavilion REIT Malls

The celebration of Chinese New Year has started with beautiful decorations and irresistible promotions at Pavilion REIT Malls. The time where lucky decorations, bright cheongsams, and auspicious angpows take centre stage! Join in the thrilling festivities as Pavilion REIT Malls herald Chinese New Year 2019 with festive shopping, rewarding experiences and an abundance wishes of luck, prosperity and positivity.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, has unveiled ‘A Regal Celebration’ – a joyous celebration to welcome this year’s Chinese New Year festivities. Inspired by the grandeur of a majestic imperial court, expect to be wowed by the opulent decorations at the mall from now until 19th February 2019.
The winner of 44 awards, Pavilion KL is a favourite destination for tourists and locals for its festivals and celebrations, where visitors can immerse in a sensory journey and experience with Maybank as the official bank partner for 2019. This Chinese New Year, receive a regal welcome with two towering golden lion sculptures at the Main Entrance. Upon entering the mall, marvel at the red LancÔme lanterns, part of the brand’s “The Big Wish” campaign. Then, take a regal walk through the Spanish Steps for a ceremonial and prosperous entrance while enjoying a specially-curated exhibition by Shiatzy Chen, featuring a collection of chic, neo-Chinese costumes on display.

Step into the Centre Court to find yourself in an imperial court, complete with a Dragon Throne, surrounded by magnificent gold trees, opulent pillars and a sky filled with lucky red lanterns. Prosperity Bells offer an engaging experience, spin them to receive an abundance of good wishes.
Launching ‘A Regal Celebration’ was Dato’ Yean Yoke Heng, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture; Dato’ Joyce Yap, CEO of Retail, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur; Pavilion REIT Board of Directors: Dato’ Maznah Abdul Jalil, Dato’ Frank Choo and Syed Mohd Fareed bin Shaikh Alhabshi; Mr. Philip Ho, CEO of Pavilion REIT; Dato' John Chong, Group Chief Executive Officer, Community Financial Services of Maybank; and Datuk Zulkefli Hj. Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of MYCEB.

[Review] NanoMD® Bright Skin Whitening Tablet

Many Asians, including myself, dream to have fair skin. They said, 一白遮三丑, which means a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults. However, sadly to share that my skin is slight tan because of my gene and long hours at outdoor under Malaysia's hot and sunny weather.
I constantly looking for solution to brighter skin. I used whitening skin care, I apply sunblock everyday, and I go for whitening facial frequently too. One day, my good friend has introduced me the new NanoMD® Bright Skin Whitening Tablet. It is the World's latest and most advanced supplement for skin protection, nutrition and brightening.

It sounds very interesting and hence I decided to give NanoMD® Bright a try. Developed in Boston, USA by multi-disciplinary team of world-class researchers and developers, NanoMD® Bright is a skin whitening tablet suitable for everyone.
Clinical studies on this new discovery were published in 2018 prestigious clinical research journals. The NanoMD® Bright represents the cutting-edge scientific discovery in nutrition and nano technology in a one-tablet-a-day form. It is the most powerful supplement that is able to add years of healthy, glowing skin.

The NanoMD® Bright is infuse with nano technologies that radically improves its skin brightening potential. The use of the product is protected by one or more U.S. and other International patents, and hence we could be assured of its quality.
The human body's largest organ – skin, is greatly benefits from NanoMD® Bright's novel 3-way impact. Beside its unique brightening and sun protecting action, NanoMD® Bright was clinically proven to regenerate and thus increase levels of of support the overall condition of blood vessels. They remain supple and flexible which allows for nutrients to reach the organs keeping them healthy. All thanks to it's unique ingredients including Pycnogenol®, an European pine bark extract that is a safe and evidence-based premium natural antioxidants ingredient; photo protective tomato phytoconcentrate that helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of UV light; and L-Cysteine, an amino acid that are able to bond in a special way to maintain the structure of proteins in the body and help in the formation of collagen, hence promoting healthy skin.

Recharge Your Fatigue Skin with Mamonde’s New Vital Vitamin Skincare Line

Multi-vitamins are known to be essential in maintaining good health of the body, but they are also as important in maintaining the health of our skin. With Mamonde’s new Vital Vitamin skincare line formulated with a 7-vitamin complex, you can now recharge your dull and tired skin! Both the Vital Vitamin Essence and Vital Vitamin Cream is made to help revitalize and provide moisture to the skin so that it glows from deep within.
One of the key ingredients used in the formulation of the Vital Vitamin line includes the Bitter Orange flower that is extracted on the day that they are picked to prevent changes in fragrance and colour. Unlike the sweet orange flowers which are more widely used, the Bitter Orange flowers are known to be more effective because of their shorter blooming period. These flowers are handpicked petal by petal and only 1kg of essential oil is obtained from 1000kg of petals. Other than providing moisturizing and antioxidizing benefits to the skin, these flowers also gives nice deep fragrance. The rest of the ingredients under this skincare line are made up of six different vitamins, all working together to bring tired skin back to life. These vitamins include Vitamin B3 to help brighten the skin, Vitamin B5 to strengthen the skin’s barrier, Vitamin F that provides a smoothening effect for smoother and finer looking skin, Vitamin E to maintain skin elasticity and the very well-known Vitamin C that helps to clear the skin, leaving it looking fresh and pure. An extra special vitamin that is also part of this 7-vitamin complex is Vitamin P that helps to further boost absorption of Vitamin C into the skin.

Mamonde Vital Vitamin line contains two products:

Chinese New Year Set Menu @ Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

2019 is the year of the Boar (pig 己亥猪年), which symbols a healthy and peaceful year. As Chinese New Year getting closer, it's time to look out for a good restaurant for reunion with the family members. Especially on the Chinese New Year's even dinner, which is also the reunion dinner that is important for all Chinese family.
To usher in Chinese New Year, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar invites you for a auspicious Chinese New Year dinner at their Oriental Chinese Cuisine. Featuring dishes that are believed to bring health, wealth and happiness for the New Year, the CNY set menu will be available from 15 Jan to 19 Feb 2019 for lunch and dinner.
Begin the scrumptious feast by tossing the Yee Sang which symbolizes tossing up good fortune and abundance of wealth and long life. Diners could pick from a variety of yee sang from Japanese scallop, abalone to salmon.
According to Chinese Cuisine chef Lee Yew Ken, the yee sang comes in healthier version as no colouring is used in the ingredients. “We want diners to have a healthy meal during Chinese New Year,” he said.

The yee sang is priced from RM48 for half a portion and RM78 for one portion.

[Review] Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream

Welcome to 2019! This New Year, I have discovered a brand that is new to me - Dr Glamogenic. Dr Glamogenic is created and formulated by the Doctors who have over 30 years’ experience in the skincare and beauty treatment sector. Made with the natural and highest quality ingredients from Australia, the products are kind to your skin as well as the environment.
Dr Glamogenic has a range of products from skincare to body care. This time, I have given
Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream a try. This highly concentrated whitening cream will transform the skin tone to more even and radiant. I know that some people have stopped wearing sleeveless dresses and tops because of dark armpits, and some people stopped wearing short skirt to to knees and elbows appear darker than usual? Have you stopped wearing sleeveless. Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream is the perfect solution, as it gets rid of dark spots and pigmentation in just a few weeks.
Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, this brightening cream heals the skin internally, while keeping it well moisturized. Unlike similar products that tend to soak up the natural oils of the skin, this product causes no underlying damage.
I have been applying Dr Glamogenic Enliven Brightening Cream on the dark spots on my hand, and I can see immediate result. I like the refreshing scent of the cream, and the fast absorption of it. It leaves my skin nourished and glowing.

Spreading Love and Warmth this Lunar New Year with Julie's Love Letters

The most important festivity in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Lunar New Year is around the corner. It is the perfect time to to unwind and reunite with their loved ones and enjoy a sumptuous meal together after a year of hard work.

This year we are welcoming the Year of the Pig on the 5 Feb 2019. People said it will be a healthy and peaceful year. To usher in Chinese New Year, every household will be busy doing the Chinese New Year shopping. One of our family must have is 
Julie’s Love Letters that are not only a taste of beautiful memories for most Malaysians, but the most appropriate gift you can get for your relatives and friends.
Good news is, Julie’s will be doing its annual promotional roadshows to spread joy and love around Malaysia from Jan 11 to Feb 3, 2019.

To march the fifth consecutive year of Julie’s “What’s Your Love Letter” campaignJulie's Buscuits has organised a grand launch of this yearly CNY campaign at Sunway Velocity Mall 2 days ago.
Mr Sai Tzy Horng, Director of Julie's Biscuits

This event has received overwhelming responses over the years and this year Julie's  is continuing their tradition of encouraging people to share their love through words. Instead of leaving a note only to your loved ones, you may send your message together with your purchase receipts through mail or drop them in the Julie’s promotional booth boxes to participate in the “What’s Your Love Letter” campaign contest that begins from Jan 8 to Feb 3, 2019. 15 winners of the campaign will walk away with RM1000 worth of reunion dinner vouchers to treat themselves and their families to a sumptuous meal this Chinese New Year. That will be so nice to win one of this attractive prizes and enjoy the meal together with our loved ones.
As a token of appreciation to the public for their unwavering support for Julie’s Love Letter, they will be holding promotional roadshows around Malaysia to deliver our blessings to everyone. Julie’s CNY roadshows will be held from Jan 11-13, 18-20, 25-27 and Feb 1-3, 2019 in 53 locations in Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Johor, Kedah, Pahang, Kelantan, Melaka and Perak. There will be many attractive promotions, participants also stand a chance to win interesting Julie’s products.

MILO® UHT Bento Box Workshop 2019

Did you know the energy for our school-age children is 1,500kcal calories per day? Which is equivalent as running a half-marathon! In order for our children to have enough energy to go further and stay focus, breakfast plays a very important role. There was a saying in Chinese proverb “一日之计在于晨” tells us that morning is the most importantly time to plan the day ahead and hence breakfast is the most important meal of the day for us to stay focus and think ahead.
As my elder girl is turning 10 in a couple of months, it becomes more important for her to stay focus and have enough energy throughout a long day in school. She will needs balance nutrition to be healthy and study happily. I am glad that we have joined the MILO Bento Box Workshop held at 1 Utama Old Wing Concourse on last Saturday morning. We have met a lot of other parents and kids on that blissful morning and enjoyed our light breakfast which included a pack of MILO UHT drink to kick start the day.
In fact, I always buy MILO UHT to let my girls bring to school. It contains ACTIV-GO which is a unique combination of PROTOMALT, essential vitamins and minerals for efficient energy release from food. MILO also contains calcium and Vitamin D to maintain stronger bones and teeth. The MyBreakfast Study also found that children who consumed malted drinks had higher micronutrient intakes and were more likely to meet the Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) for calcium, phosphorous and B Vitamins.
The workshop began with a welcome and introduction by Angeline Lim, Consumer Marketing Manager of MILO, Nestle Malaysia. “We are on a mission to help parents ensure that their children receive proper nutrition that not only benefits their mental and physical developments but also meets their daily energy needs. Making a conscious effort to pack balanced, nutritious meals into a recess box for your children before they leave home helps them acquire better consumption choices out of home and reinforces healthy eating habits,” Angeline said.

Fun and Festive Piglet-themed Lunar New Year Merchandise for The Season @ Starbucks Malaysia

Embracing the spirit of innovation and reimagination for the New Year, Starbucks is introducing a brand-new way to experience tea with its range of Teavana™ tea beverages. These new modernize tea experiences reimagines tea culture by combining classic teas with unexpected flavors, which offer warm and refreshing options for any occasion.
Starbucks Malaysia will offer the following beverages starting 8 January, while stocks last.

Starbucks Teavana™ finely selects tea leaves and botanicals of premium quality from around the world. Combining age-old knowledge and modern techniques, Teavana™ reimagines tea into a thousand possibilities. Through innovation and research on flavor mixology, Starbucks has handcrafted each of these Teavana™ beverages with perfect complementary flavors. Sip on these elegant Teavana™ Tea Beverages:

New! Teavana™ Oat Green Tea Latte: Starbucks is reimagining the delicate green tea latte with an unexpected ingredient: Oat! Introducing Oat Green Tea Latte, Starbucks’ new take on the smooth and creamy matcha-based beverage with the addition of real oats to offer you the comfort and warmth of a hearty breakfast.

New! Teavana™ Poached Pear Chamomile Tea: Combining floral chamomile tea with the subtle sweetness of poached pear bits, Starbucks presents Poached Pear Chamomile Tea - a soothing and refreshing fruit tea that you will want to savor time and time again.
In addition to celebrating the New Year, Starbucks Malaysia is also unveiling its exclusive Lunar New Year merchandise. The adorable collection of piglet-themed drinkware, ranging from a selection of Thermos bottles to coffee mugs, is inspired by the zodiac of the year, the Year of the Pig.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup

I believe many beauty junkie is familiar with Revlon ColorStay Makeup, the #1 foundation in mass, right? I was invited to Revlon's beauty hi-tea session some time ago and I was delighted to have joined the event to know more about Revlon ColorStay Makeup, as well as made some new beauty junkie friends over there.
Revlon ColorStay Makeup foundation delivers flawless, all-day coverage to match every skin tone and skin type. It is now comes in new pump packaging for a mess-free application, yay!
It is build for 24-hour wear (To be honest I think no one will wear makeup for 24 hour but just in case lol), and a new SPF protection.
Revlon ColorStay Makeup comes in 2 formulas to cater for combination/oily skin as well as normal/dry skin. There are 10 shades to choose from, theoretically suitable for any skin tone. You could also mix and match the shades to get your ideal shade for your skin.

CNY Dinner & Buffet @ Sime Darby Convention Centre

Let's welcome the Chinese New Year 2019 with a feast at the dinner and buffet at Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC).
Diners may feast on China Treasure restaurant's delicious spread such as Fortune “Yee Sang” with Golden Sea Whelk & Golden Corn, Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Dried Scallop Wild Red Mushroom & Cordyceps Flower, Steamed Lotus Leaf Chicken, Steamed Sea Grouper with Premium Soy Sauce & Golden Garlic, Baked Crystal Pranws with Nyonya sauce in 'Nan Yang' style Braised black moss roll & bean curd puff with seasonal vegetables, steamed rice wit baby abalone dried octopus, yam & mushroom, chilled sow lotus & ginseng root with red dates & dried longan.
Besides, China Treasure is also offering a CNY Eye International Buffet promotion. Diners can enjoy the delicious food at their six private dining rooms or the restaurants itself. It is Halal-certified by the Department of Islamic Develoment Malaysia (JAKIM) hence it is perfect to help your personal or corporate celebrations there.
SDCC banquet are also available for group bookings, offering “Build your own” Chinese New Year set menu package for private events.

‘READY SET GLOW’ - Guardian Malaysia Ushers in 2019 with a Glowing Health Program

Welcome to the brand new year. One of my 2019 New Year resolution is to be healthier with more regular workout and adopt an healthy diet. Hence I am happy to share the first blog post of the year with you about the ‘READY SET GLOW’ campaign by Guardian Malaysia.

Inspired by the idea of a New Year resolution to keep Malaysians healthy and to be better, GUARDIAN MALAYSIA ushered in 2019 with a Healthy Beauty initiative called “READY SET GLOW” this January 2019.
Joanna Soh, Asia's No 1 Fitness Youtuber and Wong Vai Chi, Head of Marketing and Promotions, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd at the launch of Ready, Set, Glow Campaign

“This month long ‘READY SET GLOW’ campaign is another campaign reinforcing Guardian’s leading reputation as a specialist in Healthy Beauty where we help our customers keep healthy internally and be beautiful externally with our product offerings,” said Mr DY Cho, Marketing Director, Health and Beauty, South East Asia, Guardian Health & Beauty.

“For this Ready, Set, Glow Campaign, we are collaborating with Asia’s No. 1 Fitness YouTuber, Joanna Soh to develop a series of exercise videos to guide and inspire Malaysians to achieve their health and beauty goals in 2019,” Cho added.
Together with Joanna, Guardian is encouraging Malaysians to Join The Glow Squad and be a part of this nationwide movement to view and put these exercise tutorials to use in their everyday lives. The videos are three short exercise videos that Malaysians can incorporate into their daily routines to have a more active lifestyle to achieve a healthier GLOW in 2019.

Let's check out the simple exercise that you can do in your kitchen, office and even in car below.
Exercise while cooking.
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