Fast & Cheap Australia ETA Online Application for Malaysian

Hi my dear readers, I am at the lovely country, Australia when you are reading this post. Since we are going to be away for more than a week, the blog will be inactive until we are back to Malaysia. Sorry for not able to schedule any blogposts this time because I have been very busy lately.

Hence this post to share our experience on Australia ETA Online Application.

If you don’t know yet, a Malaysian we need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), an authorization to enter Australian territory, and is electronically linked to our passport. I remembered when we visited Australia previously; we paid quite a huge amount to local travel agency to do it for us. Well it was not too easy, as we need to go to the travel agency and provide all the information needed.

Now that everyone has an Internet, we can apply it ourselves online easily and fast too.

This time, we have applied from Australia Visa as recommended by a friend. It is pretty simple to apply, just follow the steps below;

1. Go to the website

2. Click on ‘VISA APPLICATION’ tab on the top bar

3. Select your citizenship, travelling date and number of pax.

4. Fill in the required information in the form. You will get a tracking ID, please jot it down for future reference.

5. Review the information and proceed to next step if they are correct.

6. Make payment. You can pay by credit card or online banking. We used Maybank2u to pay and get ourselves some discount for online payment.

7. Submit confirmation and wait for the approval email.

The Visa application fees was RM 25 only per person with the online banking services.

Our friend had their Visa promptly but we waited for more than 24 hours without any response from them. Hence we go back to the website and check the status by clicking on ‘STATUS’ tab and key in our tracking ID only to find out that our payment was ‘Not PAID’. In fact, the maybank2u transaction was successful, the amount was deducted from my bank. So, we have emailed to their customer support at and attached our tracking ID plus receipt for them to check and advice.

We received their approval email within hours after we sent the email.

Now, we just have to logon to the site, and print the Visa from the ‘STATUS’ page and here we go to Australia! Woohoo.

It is really simple, fast and cheap. Share with you more when we are back from our family vacation ok, xoxo.

Note: This is not an advertorial, this is purely our own experience sharing.

The Latest Integrated Beauty & Wellness HerbaLine Outlet @ Hartamas

As Malaysian, we are familiar with HerbaLine, a beauty and wellness brand that was established 17 years ago. This year, HerbaLine has set another milestone by opening the brand new integrated beauty and wellness outlet at Hartamas. Presenting to you the latest HerbaLine outlet that provides HerbaLine Facial Spa, Mama Kim Sauna Mee Café and Healthland Family Wellness Centre all under one roof.
Now, customer can truly “Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well” at the HerbaLine Outlet @ Hartamas. Thanks to Mr. C.K Low, the Managing Director of Herbaline Group, we got a chance to experience ourselves at the latest HerbaLine Outlet @ Hartamas last week.

Let me bring you through my experience on each pampering session below;

1. HerbaLine Facial Spa
Staying true to its “no sign course policy, consumers’ minds are immediately put to ease when they visit this facial spa which offers various cleansing, moisturizing and lifting facials or Body Massage Treatments.
The best part is, the treatments are complemented by value-added services such as natural sea salt foot bath, natural aromatherapy, fish spa therapy, detox lemongrass drinks for customers to enjoy during their visit.

Sunway Lagoon’s First White Tiger Cubs Unveilled!

In conjunction with the upcoming school holidays, guests will have the chance to see Sunway Lagoon’s newest and adorable additions: a pair of 4-month old white tiger cubs, Sam and Elsa, the first white tiger cubs born in captivity during the Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign (17 – 25 March 2018).
Cubs to Samson and Asha, the majestic icy blue-eyed white tiger beauties at Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park that were brought into the park in August 2016, the cubs are already showing their distinct characteristics and behaviour. Sam has denser stripes on his forehead with a playful and affectionate side, while Elsa has sparser stripes on her forehead, who loves sneaking from behind and eager to explore new things and people. Guests will have the chance to Meet & Greet with the White Tiger cubs at Tigerland during the school holidays at 10:30am, 12:30pm and 4:30pm.

The Walk & Hunt in the Wild campaign features an interactive Scavenger Hunt activity, designed to broaden one’s knowledge about the wildlife comprising of riddles and a photo hunt which will bring guests through the Wildlife Park, home to over 150 species of animals. Begin the edutaining journey by registering at Tigerland at 1:00pm and Wildlife Theatre at 3:30pm (on a first come first serve basis) and collecting the Scavenger Hunt Kit which includes an activity booklet, postcard map, hand sanitizer, Cadbury 5 Star chocolates, and exclusive Sunway Lagoon ticket redemption coupon.

Upon completion of the hunt, guests will be presented with a certificate of participation at Rimba. Families and friends will also be entertained the most talented bunch of animals at the Wildlife Theatre’s Wildlife Multi-Animal Show. Guests can also take the chance to bring home wildlife-themed merchandise as part of their font memories at Rimba during the school holidays from 1pm – 6pm daily.

Etude House 2018 Spring Make-up Collection - Colorful Drawing

Spring is coming, it's time for the colorful makeup with Etude House 2018 Spring Make-up Collection - Colorful Drawing. Just like water painting with clear, vivid colors; Colorful Drawing collection is the bright makeup expresses a dreamy, pure feminine image with natural gradation as if coloring the skin with vivid color.
Etude House Colorful Drawing Collection includes;

[Limited Edition] FANTASTIC COLOR EYES (0.7g * 6 | RM70)

A 6-color shadow palette helps express bright eye makeup.


Liquid blusher expresses natural color without clumps.

Chiffon-textured lipstick provides a soft, smooth thin application.
[Limited Edition] DEAR DARLING WATER GEL TINT (10g | RM28)
A water gel tint expresses vivid color without blotches in moisturizing feel.
[Limited Edition]  COLORFUL DRAWING LAUNCHING KIT (1Set includes Lipstick 1ea, Blusher 1ea,Eye Palette 1ea)

The limited-edition launching kit consists of the main colors of a spring collection.

Eye shadow brush RM34
Duo lip brush RM38
Cream blusher brush RM40


Hand Wash (250ml | RM32)
Hand Lotion (250ml | RM38)

Good news for Etude House fans, we can get 30% off the new Colorful Drawing Launching Kit and Play101 Mini Selfie Kit at Etude House Sunway Pyramid from now until 25th Mar 2018 in conjunction with the school holiday.

So, get your's and put on more colors for this beautiful Spring season.

I Wanted be to a Magic Master with my Kids!

I remember as a child being awestruck when my brother made a coin disappear. I always asked my brother to show me more magic, we also watched David Copperfield’s magic show on the TV. We had so much fun time together with magic during our childhood. It was a time of fantasy, where everything seems possible with Magic.
So much so, that I wanted to learn how the magician did their magic trick and how my children could learn it too. I have enrolled my elder daughter to magic class during her pre-school time. She like to play with her copper magic wand to do the magic trick. Now, even my younger daughter has recently become fascinated with the world of magic.
I like that the kids fall into magic, well I believe most of the kids do love magic. It is a world where everything is possible with your creative juice flowing. For instant, we can hold water in an up-side-down glass, walk through paper and many more. It would keep my kids and me entertained and feel happy in the magical world.

Now, the school term holidays are coming soon. I am so excited when I found out the CITTA Magic Masters event where my kids and I could spend some quality fun time together this coming school holidays.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost™ Duo

We all know that hydration is important to our skin. Furthermore, living in humid country like Malaysia, we can’t avoid ourselves from external aggressors which made our skin weak, dull and dry. Hence, we need skincare that could deeply hydrate our skin while also protect it from harmful external factors.

Neutrogena® has launched its Hydro Boost™ Duo, a two-step routine that will take your complexion from drab to fab. Introducing Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum, coupled with the brand's best selling Hydro Boost Water Gel, when apply together, they help replenish and repair the skin barrier, while boosting your skin's moisture level up to 137%.
What sets Neutrogena Hydro Boost apart is its Moisture Sensor Complex technology, a two-pronged approach that works intelligently to:

Replenish - Moisture Sensor Complex replenishes skin hydration after sensing a dry cellular structure that has been broken down by external aggressors.

Repair - Moisture Sensor Complex repairs these dry cellular structures, helping dull and damaged skin become more radiant and toned.
Texture of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum 30 ml is retails at RM 75.90, whereas Hydro Boost Water Gel 50g is retails at RM 63.70.
Texture of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Nando’s Celebrates 20 Years of PERi-PERi Perfection!

Our family's favourite restaurant, Nando’s celebrates its 20th birthday here in Malaysia recently. Congratulations to the iconic brand that is loved the world over, and thank you for always bringing us the good food.
From its humble beginnings in Jalan Telawi, Nando’s has grown to be a favourite amongst the flamed-grilled chicken enthusiasts locally. Sizzling the hearts of Malaysians with its trademark cheeky wit, out spoken humour and of course its glorious PERi-PERi sauce, the brand has not only introduced to Malaysians, really really good chicken, but a host of other delectable eats that keep them coming back for more.

As soon as the restaurant came to roost in Malaysia, Nando’s signature PERi-PERi spread like wildfire as more and more people discovered just how delicious a little heat could be. Truly passionate about chillies, Nando’s grows its own PERi-PERi chillies with the help of over 1,400 independent farmers in South Africa. Mixing these fiery little wonders with onions, oil, herbs, fresh lemons and a kick of garlic produces the brand’s unparalleled secret weapon, the Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce.
“We are definitely excited about reaching such a significant milestone here in Malaysia. When we first introduced ourselves, I believe we piqued the interest of chicken lovers out there. We were unique and were offering new flavours to people so it was an intriguing time for everyone. 20 years on and we are still firing up the tastebuds of our amazing fans and hitting a few new-comers as well. Our magical little chilli called PERi-PERi is to thank for this as it is our heart and our heat and it is truly unique to Nando’s,” commented Stephen Chew, CEO of Nando’s Malaysia.
Putting flavour first and heat second, the Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce is unlike the ‘all-out-burn’ of other chilli sauces. The chickens are marinated in the sauce for 24-hours and then basted with ones choice of heat level ranging from Lemon & Herb to the fiery Extra Hot.

The Launch of Abellie Organic Skincare

Great news to people who are resides in Malaysia, we have a new organic skincare brand available right here in Malaysia for us. Presenting to you Abellie Organic Skincare which is origins from France. All the way from France, Abellie is a family-owned beauty brand that helps reveal your skin’s beauty with organic bee products. Perfect for oily and sensitive skin, all Abellie products are lovingly formulated to be kind on skin and environment.
Harnessing the organic goodness of Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis, Abellie skincare gives your skin the nourishment it needs, without any signs of heaviness or stickiness. Suitable for all ages, Abellie Organic Skincare products are mild yet effective.
"I chose to bring Abellie into Malaysia because of its precious ingredients like Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis. These ingredients work wonders on our complexion, even in hot and humid Malaysian weather," speaking of their founder, Stephanie Yong during the launch event held at One World Hotel, PJ on 25th Jan 2018.
They have also appointed famous radio DJ (Ai FM) and TV presenter; Jin Chuan 苏进川 as Abellie’s ambassador. Jin Chuan has shared that he has been using Abellie Organic Skincare for some time now, and he likes that it has a full range of products from skincare to bodycare that pamper he could use to pamper his skin. He especially loves the star product, the Abellie Micellar Cleansing Water that comes with the benefits of makeup remover, clease and hydrate. Abellie Organic Skincare products has light texture, suitable for the boys in Malaysia. He also urge the people to start using organic skincare.

Celebrate The Year of The Dog The Lego Way

As we are entering the lunar new year of the year of the dog, LEGO® Malaysia has spread the joy of gifting by bringing back its special edition Lunar New Year GWPs.
Do you love this cute limited-edition LEGO® MICRODOG like we do?
For more information on the awesome promotions, participating outlets and fun-tastic activities, do like and follow LEGO® Malaysia Facebook page.

The Launch of Angeli by MATRADE Chairman

Chairman of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) YB Dato’ Dr Noraini Ahmad, and Founder of Forestry Group of Companies, En Eshamael Rao, had launch an all-natural, hand-crafted line of fragrance and skincare products named Angeli, by Forestry Oudh, in KL Hilton on 20th Dec 2017.
Forestry Oudh Sdn Bhd is part of the Forestry Group of Companies and is a Malaysian-owned and Malaysian-based oudh and oudh-based production company established by co-founders, Eshmael Rao and Ariza Norhalim.

According to Pn. Ariza Norhalim, “Each product in the Angeli range is crafted only from natural ingredients, and is functional in its design – be it stress reduction, skin purification or other benefits. Every product contains the highly coveted oudh oil which comes from agarwood or gaharu trees. The use of oudh oil and agarwood woodchips for medicinal and beauty purposes has been known thousands of years ago amongst the royals from the Moghul dynasty, Japanese monarchs, King Louis XIV or France as well as the respected figures of various religions.”
Created by fourth generation Moghul royalty perfumer Abdullah al-Roman, Angeli’s first collection, includes some of the purest and finest grade essential oils from the highly-treasured oudh wood.

All-natural and handcrafted, Angeli’s new collection is unique, and is formulated from coveted oudh essential oils from Malaysian-grown agarwood trees (agarwood is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world) as compared some other oudh-based perfume which uses synthetic oudh and fragrance oils.
The exclusive collection of Angeli includes perfumes for men and women, natural skincare products such as soap bars, bath gel, bath bombs, body moisturising oil, hand and body lotions, mud and salt scrubs. They are priced from RM 35 to RM 350.

New! Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask

The first quarter of year 2018 is ending soon, it’s time to try out new skincare with latest technology and formula. Innisfree has recently launched My Real Squeeze Mask that is Eco-friendly with biodegradable sheet; cold-brew-squeezed nourishing ingredients and easy-to-peel design.
Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask comes in 3 different types of texture;

1. Water type that is light and refreshing.
2. Essence type that is deep moisturising.
3. Cream type that provides intense nourishing.
There are 18 different variants in Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask for different needs below;

Moisturizing – Bamboo, Cucumber, Tomato, Oatmeal
Soothing – Green Tea, Aloe, Coconut, Ginseng
Clarifying – Tea Tree, Broccoli, Fig, Rice
Revitalising – Lime, Rose, Pomegranate
Nourishing – Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, Acai Berry
How to use Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask?

1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.

[Review] Bell HYPOAllergenic Cosmetics

I always love to play makeup. I was given some cosmetics products to try from Bell HYPOAllergenic recently. Honestly, it was my first time knowing about the brand, and I was pretty impressed by its hypoallergenic line of colour cosmetics. When googling about the brand, it is interesting to find out that the brand is a leading Polish brand, and has been selling for over 30 years in Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Now, it has comes to Singapore and Malaysia, expended to about 50 countries in the World.
We like that Bell HYPOAllergenic Cosmetics products are fragrance free, tested under supervision of a dermatologist and very well tolerated by sensitive skin. Available exclusively at Caring Pharmacies, let’s see what we have to say on some of their products below.

HYPOAllergenic Mat & Soft Make-up Range

HYPOAllergenic Mattifying and Smoothing Makeup Base
(RM 52.90)
A base that is gentle to the skin, delicate in texture and unscented formula. The fluid is in light pink tone, made my skin look glowing after application. It is easy to apply on skin and leaves a dewy effect of optically smoothed complexion.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Celebrates Chap Goh Meh with ‘Dream Love’

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, has unveiled “Dream Love”, a beautiful celebration of love in conjunction with Chap Goh Meh, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day on 2nd Mar 2018.

A dream destination for celebrations and festivals, 2018 is a milestone year as the mall celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Themed Visit Pavilion 2018, it is an exciting year filled with new experiences, personalised indulgences, amazing rewards and fulfilment of dreams for shoppers and community.
The Chinese New Year dream garden in full splendour coupled with cascading 8,888 Petals, which was recently certified as the ‘Most number of hanging fabric flower petals’ in The Malaysia Book of Records provides abundance of good wishes and prosperity for love to bloom and prosper.
The auspicious occasion was attended by Mr. Philip Ho, CEO of Pavilion REIT, the Pavilion Group management and staff and shoppers of the mall. The opening 10-Lion Dance performance provided a thundering welcome to guests. Invited couples for this “Dream Love” celebration, all shoppers of Pavilion KL, then took the stage to publicly declare their love for one another, in the spirit of the Chap Goh Meh celebration. 

Mr. Philip Ho said “Pavilion KL has been filled with so much excitement and events since we announced Visit Pavilion 2018, a year-long celebration to commemorate the mall’s 10th Anniversary. Visit Pavilion 2018 promises our visitors an exciting year filled with new experiences, personalised indulgences, amazing rewards and fulfilment of dreams for our shoppers and community. Today’s ‘Dream Love’ event is another new experience and we wish you all abundance of love and happiness today”. 
The ceremony continued as guests were led to the Pavilion KL Main Entrance for a joyous Lou Sang Tossing Ceremony, promoting a sense of unity and harmony to mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

What to Do with Your Expired Cleansing Water

Do you know that cleansing water or micellar water only last 6 months after opening? As a big fan of cleansing oil, I rarely finish a bottle of cleansing water. Plus, most of them comes in a big bottle, which is kinda waste if we threw it away just like that. So, I have came out with an idea to use the expired cleansing water until the last drop.
How? Use the expired cleansing water or micellar water as a makeup brush cleanser! It works like magic.
I have been using my expired micellar water as a makeup brush cleanser for a few times, it works perfectly everytime. Look at my blending brush which is so dirty with the eye pigment and even mascara and eyeliner, it just took a few seconds for the dirt to be removed. 

1. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water.
2. Pour the expired cleanser water into a container.
3. Soak the tips of the bristles in expired cleanser water and stir gently.
4. Rinse the bristles.
5. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
6. Reshape the brush head.
7. Let the brush dry with its bristles hanging off the edge of a counter, thereby allowing it to dry in the correct shape.

Hisyam Samsudin & Jihin Radzuan @ Media Open Workout Ahead of ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY

The largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), recently held an open workout featuring bantamweight contender Hisyam “Zephyrus” Samsudin and 19-year-old “Shadow Cat” Jihin Radzuan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In conjunction with, the two Malaysian ONE Championship athletes also showcased their talent and skills in a workshop entitled “She Fights -- A Self-Defense Education for Women Workshop 2018”. Both Samsudin and Radzuan have scheduled bouts at ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY, which is set for Friday, 9 March at the new Axiata Arena Stadium.
Ticket information for ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY is available at

Hisyam Samsudin, ONE Championship athlete, stated: “It is an honor to be a part of such an important event. SheFights is doing incredible work raising awareness for crimes against women. I am happy to help lend my talents in this great cause. Women all over the world, especially here in Malaysia, should have access to the knowledge of self-defense and everyone should be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. Thank you to ONE Championship and to SheFights for this great privilege.” 

Jihin Radzuan, ONE Championship athlete, stated: “As a woman in society, it is important to stress the need for the knowledge of self-defense. I believe that all women should possess this knowledge to give us strength and the wisdom to do the right thing in situations that come about. This is extremely important to me and I am very proud to lend my skills for this cause. In my opinion, SheFights is doing an incredible job and I am happy for all women who we will be able to help.”

LANEIGE Brand Ambassador, Lee Sung Kyoung is Making Her Way to Malaysia Again!

Calling all LANEIGE fans, LANEIGE Brand Ambassador and Korean Actress, Lee Sung Kyoung will be making a public appearance in Kuala Lumpur again on early March 2018.
In conjuction with LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion launch, Lee Sung Kyoung will be coming to Kuala Lumpur to meet her fans. Don't miss this rare chance to meet and greet the beautiful Lee Sung Kyoung, as well as learn a tips or two from her beauty secret.

LANEIGE Layering Cover Cushion launch & appearance of Lee Sung Kyoung



姜含有大量的维他命 C,镁和其它(人体所需的)矿物质。因此,长期使用姜带给我们很多养生的好处,包括以下:

1. 排汗降温和改善血液循环








以前制作姜茶的手续繁琐,人们总是要买姜,清洗干净,切片,磨碎和晒干来制作姜茶。往往要花好几个星期才只做好一点而已。但是,随着科技的进步,我们现在随时随地都可以享用纯正的 CAROMA 文东姜茶
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