[Holiday Edition] Althea Red Sparkling Box

I love receiving goodie in boxes. I subscribed to most of the beauty boxes back then, but sadly they were discontinued. I was happy when Althea released their Holiday edition Red Sparkling Box which contains 7 full size products from Korea. It was such a steal as we get all the lovely items below for just RM 116. I couldn’t resist and got myself one box too.

Hello Skin Jumiso Chewy-Elasticity Mask Sheet

This is my first time trying the Mask Sheet from Hello Skin. I love it’s attractive red packaging which means ‘ONG’ to Chinese hehehe.

SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Cream 50ml + SKIN&LAB Red Serum Sachet

Skin & Lab carefully formulated for various skin concerns based on dermatological experiences. Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Cream provides brightness and elasticity to dull skin so that your skin looks younger. The normal retail price for a jar of SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Cream is RM 150. Althea Red Sparkling Box is really a great deal!

New! Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint #02 RED

The Latest HOVR Collection by Under Armour

The renowned sports brand, Under Armour has unveiled the brand’s latest innovation in footwear cushioning technology called HOVR. Under Armour HOVR is a cushioning platform, engineered to provide the ideal combination of cushioning and energy return, all without compromise.
The HOVR midsole is made of a proprietary foam compound in partnership with leading innovators Dow Chemical, providing a super-soft durometer with incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every single foot strike. 
HOVR is UA’s third cushioning platform, in addition to Micro G and Charged Cushioning. This new pinnacle cushioning system delivers on runners needs to have a shoe that provides not only support– but also energy return and shock absorption. Another key component of the HOVR technology is the ‘Energy Web,’ which is a comprehensive mesh web that contains the cushioning core, helping to maintain the midsole’s shape and, in return, delivers strong responsiveness and energy return.
This combination of advantages makes you feel better and perform better – with HOVR, the shoe is absorbing some of the impact your body would normally feel, aiding in your comfort and keeping your legs fresh for the road ahead.

Invest a New Mattress Every 10 Years for Better Health

How old is your mattress? Mine is just 2 years as I have changed my old mattress then. Many people might not know how long they have had their current mattress, some ever thought mattress is used for life. In fact, many experts have identified and concluded that we should change a new mattress every 10 years for better health.
Mattress is so close to us, and it is affecting our sleep and life so closely. A good mattress give us the optimal support for the whole night. However, mattress does age just like our skin. The mattress might lost its support over time. Besides taking good care of the mattress, for instance to put on mattress protector, it is also essential for us to invest a new mattress every 10 years.
Many people judge a mattress by its look. Actually, an old mattress that still looks good does not mean it does not need to be replaced. Imagine the old mattresses that have accumulate years and years of dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria; it is a breeding ground for millions of creepy critters that are living there right now. Many skin issue, irritation or bad sleep are actually caused by the old mattresses.

An old mattress might also reduce the sleep quality. If you wake up with sore body, most probably you might need to change your mattress immediately for the good night sleep and rest.
Some people may thought a firm mattress is the best mattress but it might not. In fact, you should choose your mattress by trying it personally before buying. A firm mattress which seems comfortable to me might not bring be the same benefits to you. Hence I would always advice people to go and try out the mattresses before making any decision to invest in new mattress.

Now Everyone Can Eat Ribs

Hubby and I love BBQ spare ribs hence we know we must not missed the Biggest Ribs Eating Event this year. Happening at Naughty Nuri’s SS15 Subang Courtyard this February 28, Wednesday from 11am to 4pm. Do not miss this special chance to partake in an enjoyable, fresh, food tasting experience we will yearn for as soon as it ends.

Famous with delicious Signature ribs, Naughty Nuri’s is hosting the Biggest Ribs Eating Event where hundreds of their Signature BBQ Spare Ribs are doled out for patrons to devour.
You wouldn’t want to miss this Biggest Ribs Eating Event. To take part in the glorious festivities, you can made your reservations at the following link - http://bit.ly/naughtyribs.
Clicking on the link, it lead you to Naughty Nuri’s event page, ‘Now Everyone Can Eat!’ where it will prompt diners to key in their email addresses and select their preferred dining time. Akin to booking a flight ticket, successful reservations will deliver a Dining Pass to the applicant’s email, hurray!

Ohya, do bring along your own favourite plate, be it a classic porcelain one or contemporary with vibrant hues to enjoy the succulent ribs at Naughty Nuri’s the Biggest Ribs Eating Event. A communal seating arrangement greets diners, which is a fun way to socialise, with delectable ribs as the ice breaker. It will surely be a greatest ribs carnival in the fun atmosphere.

Panadol ActiFast presents Chinese New Year: Every Minute Matters

Oh my God it’s just a few more hours to Chinese New Year! I feel that the year of the Dog is usher in really quickly, what about you? It has been a hectic preparation for weeks but there are still so many things to prepare! Cleaning the house, preparing the food, prepare the new clothes for myself and the kids, sourcing those crisp new bank notes and ang pao packets, and so many more.
I am lucky that the hubby has shared my burden. He has been helping out to buy food, to the banks as well as cleaning the house with me. As a traditional Chinese, we are still practising the traditions associated with the Lunar New Year because they are full of auspicious meanings. For instance, cleaning day, reunion dinner, visit my mum’s side and many more.
Now you know that Chinese New Year preparations can be hectic. Lucky for us, this Year of the Dog, Panadol ActiFast is delighted to organise a contest for us to win a dream holiday so that we would never miss a moment with the people we love over the holiday season.

This Chinese New Year, Panadol ActiFast is helping you get back to the moments that matter, quickly.

Buy RM15 worth of Panadol at any Guardian store and Whatsapp/MMS your receipt to +6 11 11 266 930 by Friday 2 March 2018 for your chance to win a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong or RM500 worth of shopping vouchers!

Not only that, every submission will receive a special gift too.

Terms and conditions apply. Visit http://bit.ly/2rX39b1 for details.

I have already entered the contest and I wish I win the a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong with my loved ones.

Auspicious Lunar New Year Feast @ Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Lunar New Year is almost here, it’s time to make reservation at restaurants for a feast with our family and loved ones. This year, Executive Sous Chef of Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs are all set to immerse your senses with Festive Menus that capture the finest flavours of Cantonese cuisine from 2 Feb until 2 Mar 2018 in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.
From the festive Dum Sum selection to timeless Treasure Pots (Poon Choi), a superb selection of Set Menus and a line-up of Yee Sang to please all palates, Dynasty is the place to spoil or be spoiled by family and friends.
Focusing on the use of traditional ingredients while emphasizing on light and fresh flavours for healthy feasting, Chef Kin has created three festive set menus complete with Yee Sang and Dynasty’s fortune pastries. The 3 festive set menus are Happiness at RM 1788 nett, Fortune at RM 2188 nett and Longevity at RM 3388 nett for a table of ten persons.
There is also a 6-course and 7-course Double Delights menus for two persons, priced at RM 378 nett and RM 578 nett respectively. There are sets that cater for group of six persons and five persons depending on your number of patrons.

Sporting Fun with The Carrie Junior ‘Sukan Ria’ Collection

We have reached an age where technology is slowly overtaking human interaction and kids are drawn to it as well. Kids exposed to technology will tend to be more inclined towards leading a sedentary lifestyle as they stay glued to these gadgets. Kids naturally love to play and they should be encouraged to be active. Sports practices and games will provide the opportunity for exercise that can help kids to stay healthy and aid in their physical development. 
Fun with water is also something that kids look forward to and what better way to have a good time playing with water than during bath time with bath toys. Although toys are seen as fun and games, it is definitely more than that. Toys can provide at least some opportunity for children to learn in all developmental areas. It provides opportunities for children to strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills and enhance language development.

Setting out to bring splashing happiness to the children, CARRIE JUNIOR designed 6 cute toy figurines called ‘Sukan Ria’ to help develop their imaginative minds. As CARRIE JUNIOR defines the fun of bath time, it also encourages children to learn to embrace the positive value of social interaction as they play with the toys in creative and imaginative ways.
A total of 6 toy figurines which consists of CARRIE JUNIOR the elephant that loves football, SPEEDY TOMMY the fastest tortoise on the running tracks, TUFFY TEDDY the toughest bear, DRIBBLY MINKY the skilful raccoon in hockey, SMASHY MACKY the agile monkey that returns every shot and a sports trophy will each be randomly packed in every 700ml CARRIE JUNIOR product.

An Opulent Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner @ Sunway Putra Hotel KL

As we usher in the Year of the Dog, let’s enjoy an opulent Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Priced at RM 1188 per set for 10 diners, it is available from 8th Feb 2018 to 12th Mar 2018 from 6PM onwards everyday.
Available at the Coffee House, Level 9 of the Hotel the Reunion Set Dinner will feature 2 interesting set menus. Set A or Set B are specially created and prepared by skillful Chef Chew Keng Chai and his team.
Besides the “ must-to-do tossing the Yee Sang”, highlight of the food review will be Braised Crabmeat and Seaweed Soup with Dried Scallop, Roasted Chicken with Plum Sauce, Steamed Sea Garoupa with Hong Kong Style, Stir-fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk, Stir-Fried Broccoli with Mushroom Dumplings, Chilled Honey Dew Sago with rock Melon and many more.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Pout

Valentine’s Day is just 2 days away, are you ready to celebrate this big day with your lover? No matter what’s your plan, it’s always good to put on the perfect lipstick color that match with your outfit. After all, what better way to finish off a gorgeous makeup look than with a perfectly kissable pout?
No matter what your skin tone or age, Elianto Make Up has something you’ll fall in LOVE this Valentine’s Day – if not with your date, then with your lipstick!
Presenting the latest Brilliant Riche Lip Colour by Elianto, the best weapon to flaunt this Valentine’s Day.
Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour is a matte liquid lipstick that infuse lips with bright, intense colour. It has a lightweight and yet long-lasting formula with moisturising ingredients. Its super matte finishing is not only non-drying, it’s kiss proof too.

Productivity Nexus for Retail and F&B Launches Three Flagship Programmes Targeting 7.2% Growth in Labour Productivity

The Productivity Nexus has once again proven its keen initiative of increasing human capital productivity by implementing Productivity Nexus for the Retail and Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. During the official launch of the Flagship Programmes held at Sunway Putra Hotel, KL on 8th Feb 18, invited media was given the first-hand information about this flagship programmes.
Targets a 7.2% growth in labour productivity in the industry to meet the 2020 National level productivity target of RM 92,300 per worker. Through this, the platform, driven by the private sector and supported by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tn Razak, aims to empower industry associations to become key change agents in the nation. This is because the collective power of industry associations offer a strong bridge to connect with enterprises and knowledge experts in each sector. The event was officiated by Minister of Human Resources YB Dato’ Sri (Dr) Richard Riot Anak Jaem.
At the moment, the Retail and F&B sector employs no less than 2.7 million people which marks a value-added of RM 89 billion – recording an 8.3% contribution to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, the productivity in this sector remains as one of the lowest. This spurred the implementation of the Productivity Nexus which rides on the premise of sharing the economy’s best practices and being inspired by industry experts to further inspire the rest of the industry. The initiative is slated to involve 80 to 100 selected flagship companies.
There is no denying that digitalisation is the way of the future. Recognising this factor, the Retail and F&B Productivity Nexus Champion Dato’ Bruce Lim reiterated,”The Productivity initiatives for Retail and F&B have included support for digitalisation of business operation and honing e-commerce capabilities.”

Guardian Malaysia to Knock Down Prices Every Week for The Whole Year

Good news everyone, our favourite leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, Guardian Malaysia will reduce the price of selected items every Friday to Sunday, for the rest of the year, in a bold initiative to help consumers mitigate rising costs of living.
Called the “Knockdown Prices Campaign”, it would feature four to five full range of products, with reductions stretching from 10 to 70 per cent.
CEO of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd (Guardian Malaysia), Mr. Soren Lauridsen, said: “This Knockdown Price Campaign is very important to us as it would enable the Company to contribute, directly, and in a significant way, to help Malaysians lighten the rising costs of living.”
Left: CEO of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd (Guardian Malaysia), Mr. Soren Lauridsen

“Customers throughout the country, no matter where they are, and including those who prefer to make purchases online, can enjoy these great low prices, every Friday to Sunday,” he added.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign at Guardian Sunway on 8th February 2018, Soren said: “Guardian has been a leading brand in Malaysia for over 50 years, and we have a reputation of offering a wide range of exclusive and high quality products at very affordable prices. In fact, prices at Guardian are also one of the lowest in the market. But this fact has not been highlighted sufficiently in the past because of the different focus in earlier marketing campaigns.”

TOKUYA Malaysia @ Mont Kiara

TOKUYA is not new to many Mont Kiara people, right? Used to be inside 1MK shopping mall, TOKUYA Malaysia is now shifted to a brand new upcoming location - Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara.
I took a chance to visit it during it’s soft launch weeks ago. There were ample of car parks available at the basement of Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara with just RM 2 per entry. Took the lift up and you will find TOKUYA Malaysia at level LG1.
If you are new to TOKUYA Malaysia, let me share some details of them with you now. TOKUYA Malaysia’s tagline is ‘Purposeful Unique’. Meaning, ‘Purposeful’ in the placement of its product to inspire people to make bold decisions, ‘Unique’ in the way no one can replicate how the brand lifts the spirits of people where it seeks to bring people through a unique user journey through modern and old Japan.
There are many products that you can get from TOKUYA Malaysia. Priced from as low as RM 5.80, I can get children’s toy, color pencils, yarn, cute watering pot, personal care items and many more with just RM 5.80. 

Every day is a Good Hair Day with Hair System by Watsons

Hair specialist always told us to treat our hair the same way we do to our skin. However, it is hard to maintain hair care post salon treatment, blame the humid weather here.
With the new Hair System by Watsons, we can achieve hair salon quality hair at home too. Hair System by Watsons is a professional salon hair care range that is designed for the modern woman, with a busy and hectic lifestyle.
We were given a hair pampering session at A Cut Above Academy by Watsons recently. Using the brand new Hair System by Watsons range, we like that they are free from harming chemical such as paraben, mineral oil, colourants, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).

The Hair System by Watsons features a range of products engineered with advance technology fuelled by ingredients hand-picked by Watson’s hair experts. No matter you are having dry or damaged, week or fragile, frizzy or dull hair, the Hair System by Watsons hair care range provides a solution to every need.
I had the opportunity to attend a Hair Pampering Session and the event launch by Watsons a few days back to try out the new Hair System range and it was so relaxing.

2018 World Prestige International Grand Finals

The 2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals was officially held in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya on the lovely evening of 25 January 2018. The commonly expected "International Honorary Master of The World in 2018" will live up to people’s expectation and take the hot top ten candidates of “Man” together into the river of fantasy with you. This time, the candidates election for the “Man” are no less than the ordinary beauty campaign, on the contrary, exploring the world's great potential of stylish men from the world's international reputation campaign. Let’s witness the success of Mr. Victory to be listed in management talent of World Prestige International reputation as one of the artists.
The general assembly expressed gratitude for the sponsorship as honorary sponsor of Vintage Collection International, which made the 2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand finals successfully completed. They are the main sponsor of the event for Mister World Prestige International. Vintage collection was founded in 1996, and it is mainly tailored for evening wearing and senior executives. Its unique evening dress collection creates a timeless style of evening wearing, which has created the fashion trend of the never-out-of-date evening dress. At present, the Collection has three experienced high fashion designers from all over the world to tailored in person, designed and make for the current female fashion departments. With the day after day, year after year, the orders are increasing daily. It also laid a solid foundation for the fashion team behind its silent cultivation and consolidates the brand support for the fashion art. Daniel fenadon, chief designer, said: "entering its 11th anniversary this year, the show has expanded from personal design and limited edition customization to a large number of evening retail stores with years of experience and tries to diversify. Let more women wear Vintage collection in honor to attend all kinds of large and small dinner, prom and red carpet, dressing well to show the inviters their attentions on the banquet.”
The charismatic candidate uses this lofty stage to show off the world's Top Ten International Reputations and to continue to train and strengthen their physique to become the next best champion, to be invincible and enjoy the constant victory with their opponents. Each bright light, shining like the sun, one by one alternately show the broad and charming shoulder muscles, also appear to be light pace in the steps. The riders in armor gradually radiate interesting and humorous talents at the end of the spectrum. The audience saw and clapped their hands to give strength, and the force was not inferior to the semi-final jury's vision of looking for a high standard of fierce general.
The behind-the-scenes staff of the World Prestige International organizers has been working hard to quickly launch the campaign recruitment in a short period of over two months to find the right sponsor side by side to successfully open today's press conference and select the strongest and most outstanding 10 candidates. The Congress takes this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who assisted the World Prestige International and the contestants who participated in the Mister World Prestige International 2018 .The usual co-sponsor of the shooting venue includes Pullman Lakeside Hotel, who providing the venue for the solo album shoot of this year's contestants. There is also major clothing sponsorship: Vintage Collection. Followed is Bag & Shoes sponsorship: Fion Poon Exclusive. And other Silver sponsor are : Hairstyle team:Peek-A-Boo Hair Profesional ; Makeup team:Gelly Wee Makeup, model trainer: Character International Modeling Academy & Agency, shooting team : VOUGE Production.

Sunway Malls Celebrates Traditions to Usher in The New Year

With a new year comes new opportunities! Sunway Malls reunited to celebrate the coming Lunar New Year at Sunway Putra Mall in grand fashion. With the festive season coming to full swing, each Sunway mall is decked out in extraordinary Lunar New Year fashion.
Each mall has their unique take on this year’s festivities with the unifying theme of celebrating traditions. From pinwheels to an homage to a water canal town, Sunway Malls will be the highlight of your shopping destination this season! 
HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls and Theme Parks

“In many ways, the coming together to celebrate the festive season has always been Sunway Malls' hallmark, as we embark to expand our footprint in key urbane markets. We are fortunate too that Sunway Malls has grown from a single mall operation to five-mall operation which enabled us to reach wider and further,” said HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls and Theme Parks.
In the spirit of the festive season, children from Yayasan Sunbeams Home and Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) were invited to join the Lunar New Year Launch. They were brought to Funscape by Cobay for a game session, followed by a shopping spree at Good2U as they sponsored a set of clothing for all the underprivileged children.

The Cellar Signature @ One City USJ

If you ask me for a reason to go to One City, I will tell you it’s The Cellar Signature. We can now enjoy the revolution of the New World Wine in Malaysia only at The Cellar Signature, a newly opened wine bar and restaurant at the Ground floor of One City USJ.
We were honoured to be invited to the Cellar Signature’s Grand Opening ceremony on a lovely Friday, 19 Jan 2018 in One City USJ. As Viña Concha Y Toro’s first official outlet in Asia, The Cellar Signature provides a good ambiance place for everyone.
The grand opening event was really happening, with lions dance and other activities. We took the chance to walk around the restaurant, we like it’s spacious, comfortable dining area as well as the exclusive VIP rooms if you want some privacy.
There, we learnt that The Cellar Signature @ One City is in collaboration with VCT Group of Wineries Asia and officiated by H.E Rodrigo Perez, Ambassador of Chile to Malaysia. Provinage, the First New World Wine Club in Malaysia is also launched with The Cellar Signature. This is indeed a big milestone to raise the awareness of New World Wine that has been under-rated by the Old World Wine in Malaysia.

The Best Hampers this Chinese New Year 2018

It is less than two weeks to Chinese New Year 2018. Have you bought the hampers to those who matter? It is a tradition that we gift our loved ones CNY hampers as a sign to the appreciation of our relationship with either business partners, family, in-laws, co-workers and so on during this festive season. I remember I used to follow my dad to the grocery nearby to get plenty of CNY hampers for his clients last time. Not only it was hard to find a car park, the items inside the hampers are usually not healthy stuff too.
Therefore, we have chosen the fabulous Chinese New Year hampers from Koyara this year of dog. Simply because we believe, organic and natural food is the best for everyone. Koyara is an online health store selling Organic Food and Natural Personal Care products. Good news, they are in the expanding in to Supplements, Vitamins, Sports Nutrition and even Traditional Chinese Medicine in the future.
Today, Koyara offers a variety of Healthy Chinese New Year Hampers ranging from RM 158 till RM 888. You would surely find a nice hamper that suits your budget and beneficial to the receiver at Koyara.
Browsing through Koyara’s CNY 2018 hampers online catalogue, I was having a hard time choosing which one to gift to my family.

New! Jonlivia's 2018 breakthrough in Calories Blazing and Skin Brightening - BlazePants Brightening Series & Slimplezy Challenge

Hello, it’s the second month of 2018, have you set your goals for this year? I believe many of us has set to become healthier and loss weight for this year, right?
Now, lose weight has never been so easy with the new cutting-edge athleisure apparel from Jonlivia's popular Neoheat Series product range. Introducing Jonlivia's 2018 brand new breakthrough in Calories Blazing and Skin Brightening - BlazePants Brightening Series.
JONLIVIA Active wear, one of Malaysia’s premium activewear, has launched the first ever skin brightening activewear recently. When I first saw the beautiful gray color BlazePants Brightening, I knew I gonna get it.
Infused with the latest skin brightening innovation via Neoheat fabric immersed in distilled rose extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal components, we can sweat 4 times more and burn calories faster with the BlazePants Brightening Series. In fact, the benefits go beyond fitness, it can brighten skin via fabric immersed in distilled rose components extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal components, 50% UPF protection and many more natural benefits that will come with the rose extract. It is ideal for sensitive or dry skin because of its anti-oxidising properties.
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