The All-New CIMB F.I.R.S.T – Customised Solutions Made Just for You

When it comes to your financial future, procrastinating can make things harder down the line. We shall always plan our finances to achieve our financial goals at any time of our life stage. Understand that creating a financial plan could be hard for people that don’t have any idea about financial planning, so it is best if we have the right tool to assist us.
I have discovered a simple, fun and relatable banking system that gives us personalised approach to banking recently. Introducing the all-new CIMB F.I.R.S.T that covers all key aspects of basic banking and financial services that every individual would need. F.I.R.S.T. stands for Finance, Insure, Returns, Save and Transact.
Contrary to popular belief, financial planning is for all age groups. While the young have to plan for their entire lives, the middle-aged have to ensure they don't fall short of money after retirement. CIMB F.I.R.S.T is relevant to every walk of life, if you’re a student, a single professional, married, married with children, expatriate, entrepreneur or retired, there is always a personalised banking solution for you at CIMB F.I.R.S.T.

As a full time mother of two girls, I am constantly looking for financial solutions that suits my family and kids. I have tried out the CIMB F.I.R.S.T. and I was enlightened by the services that it offers.

Amorepacific Malaysia Celebrates The Abolishment of GST With 6% Discount on All its Beauty Products

Amorepacific Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Amorepacific Malaysia), a Korean-based beauty company celebrates the abolishment of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) by offering a six percent discount on beauty products across its brands i.e Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde and Etude House.

This special discount is offered from May 21 until 31, 2018 and is applicable to products sold at the various brands’ beauty counters and boutiques.
Margaret Chin, General Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia

“GST has been a burden to many who wanted it abolished. When the nation received the good news on the abolishment, we took the opportunity to celebrate with our customers by offering them a privileged discount,” said Margaret Chin, General Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia.

Mom’s Day Out with Pigeon Malaysia

Hi my lovely readers, how was your Mother’s Day weekend last week? I had a pampering and relaxing experience all thanks to Pigeon Malaysia. 25 special moms including your honoured was invited to an exclusive event to rejuvenate our body, mind and soul by Pigeon Malaysia. Held at Be Urban Wellness @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights, we enjoyed a time of ultimate indulgence as we engaged in soothing therapies while also discovering how Pigeon products can help to simplify a mom’s life.
Mr. Masaki Tago, Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia shares that, “Pigeon is the market leader in mother and baby care products, believes that happy mothers make happy families. By providing mothers with products of the highest level of comfort, quality, and convenience, we aim to lighten every mother’s load so that they have time to do what they love most. We have a full range of products that caters to every mother’s needs”.
Mr. Masaki Tago, Managing Director of Pigeon Malaysia

While The Amazing Race Asia star and new mother, Vanessa Chong, mother to a 4 month-old baby Caela Rae, shares that “Ever since becoming a mom, I am always cautious of the products I use on her, and will always look for products that are safe. I also tend to pay more attention to the ingredient list to ensure that it is baby-friendly”.
Vanessa Chong

Besides that, the moms have experienced a mind detox through yoga and mindful breathing to regain our inner peace. Engaging in Soundbath therapy, we immersed ourselves in the healing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls to re calibrate our tired minds and bodies. The relaxing experience continued with a Kegel Chair Experience to increase our core conditioning in the pelvic muscles while being treated to soothing hand or shoulder massage using Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare series.

Tsum Tsum Collection by Mentholatum

Calling all Tsum Tsum fans! You will be delighted with the newly launched Tsum Tsum Collection by Mentholatum. The Mentholatum Tsum Tsum collection definitely has one of the most “kawaii-looking” aka adorable packaging among all beauty care items in the market!
Not only does this collection looks super cute and appealing especially to Tsum Tsum fans, it is also a joy to use with both fun fruity scents and invigorating floral scents. With the use of skin-loving ingredients, the products aim to deliver the best results to your skin.

Available at Watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring and Sasa nationwide, the Mentholatum Tsum Tsum collection includes facial sheet masks, fruity lipbalms, hand creams and face wash.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask (Single Sheet | RM7.90)

The Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask is available in 4 variants: Rose, Lavender, Honey and Tea Tree. Each of these masks contains ingredients that help improve various skin conditions.
  • Rose (Deep Hydrating Face Mask) combines 4 types of super moisturizing ingredients and Hyaluronic Acid to provide intense 24-hours long lasting hydration to the skin, making it more firm, supple and smooth. Contains Wild Soybean Seed extract & Natural Yeast extract to help strengthen skin's natural protective barrier and smooth away roughness leaving the skin feeling velvety soft, supple and dewy moist. This mask is suitable for dehydrated skin.

The Launch of Stella Maison in Malaysia

Earlier this year, we witnessed the launch of Stella Maison in Malaysia. The grand launch event took place at Metal Bees, Sunway damansara on a lovely evening. It was attended by a lot of VIP and guests, everyone dressed so well for this grand event.
The event place was nicely decorated into a garden, so dreamy and so ramantic. From the launch, we know that Stella Maison is a luxe-fragrance body care brand founded in 2012. It provides the finest salon fragrances & luxurious body care formulation, designed in London.
Stella Maison sends us on a journey of the senses. Enhancing emotions, elevating moments of indulgence. It has a range of body wash and body lotions for everyone from sunrise to sunset. The body wash range comes is a convenient pump bottle. While the body lotion range compliments the beautifully scents body wash.

The Launch of New Global Milbon’s Repair, Anti Frizz & Volume Haircare Range

Milbon, Japan's no.1 professional haircare brand whose sole mission is to provide helpful tools and solutions for stylists worldwide to together realize "Beautiful Hair, Beautiful People" has once again launched a cutting-edge range for us. With five decades of advanced damage research delivered a major breakthrough, Global Milbon introduced 3 New Series of products specifically designed to repair never-before seen parts of your hair.
We were honoured to be invited to the exclusive launch of new Global Milbon products at Shook! Star Hill Gallery. The 3 New Series, namely Repair, Anti-Frizz & Volume were displayed at every corner remarking that they are now added into the Global Milbon haircare range.
The new Repair range is suitable for people like me, who are having damaged hair due to excessive coloring and styling. With double repair technology, Repair range restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged in the first place. It has a warm, sweet scent that is delighting when using.
Anti-Frizz range developed with Aqua Balancing Technology gives moisturizing ingredient to control frizz, while also defining natural waves and curls. Bonus is it comes in refreshing and juicy scent that refresh your frizz hair and annoying mood in no time.

The Resort Café, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa's Ramadan Buffet Dinner 2018

Ramadan is the time to meet and feast together at dawn with scrumptious spread of cuisines and local delights. This Ramadan, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa celebrates a vibrant mixture of flavours and aromas at The Resort Café, featuring indoor and outdoor bazaar-style stations with live-action cooking from the chefs, reminiscing the classic bustling atmosphere of the Ramadan bazaar found around Malaysia during the festive period. Diners are in for a culinary treat with a multitude of nostalgic and new mouth-watering recipes to entice and revitalise the palate, alongside the many must-have recurrent dishes, served on the nightly buffet dinner at 6.00pm to 10.30pm from 17 May to 14 June 2018 at The Resort Café, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.
Leading the brigade of over 40 chefs for the season is Malaysian Chef Mohamad Yatim, Sous Chef Tournant of The Resort Café. Chef Yatim who has over 20 years of experience working in local and international hotels, will be cooking up a storm of over 400 timeless dishes for 29 delicious days. Diners can anticipate an energetic ambience with enticing aromas filling the air as the restaurant is transformed into a vibrant Bazaar-style atmosphere for a true feast of the senses.
Taking centre stage are nine (9) main food categories which are the Nasi Station featuring 15 varieties of rice cooked in different styles including a must-try for the season – Bamboo Briyani, the Bakar Station where fresh meat and seafood will be grilled on the spot for diners, the Soup Station including the restaurant’s signature Soup Gearbox Turbo, the Golek Station featuring a whole Roasted Goat, the Noodle Station serving a wide variety of soup and gravy based noodles, the Kawah Station where super-large cauldrons containing rich and spicy Gulai awaits, the Ulam-Ulaman Station offering an assortment of over 20 local picks as well as pickled fruits (jeruk) which can be enjoyed with the wide selection of Sambals, the Goreng Station will have fried Malaysian and Middle Eastern snacks and lastly, the Dessert Station which will feature a wide range of Durian specialities as well as traditional favourites.


The Resort Café, located at the Lobby Level of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, will commence the special Ramadan buffet dinner nightly from 17 May to 14 June 2018, starting from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. The buffet is priced at a special promotional price at RM98 nett per adult from 17 until 23 May and 11 June to 14 June 2018; whereas the buffet is priced at its normal price at RM178 nett per adult, RM108 nett per senior citizen and RM98 nett per child (aged between 6 to 12 years old) from 24 May to 10 June 2018.

RM20,000 Given Away to Mission Foods & AEON #POWERYOURLUNCHBOX Contest Winners

It was indeed a happy Saturday for all the 20 lucky winners whom went home with RM1,000 in cash vouchers each all thanks to Mission Foods and Aeon #poweryourlunchbox contestWe were honoured to witness the Mission Foods and Aeon #poweryourlunchbox contest prize giving ceremony held at Aeon Mall Shah Alam last Saturday, 12th May 2018.
Mark Tan, Retail Sales Manager of Mission Foods Malaysia (back row, fourth from right) and Suhaila Haji Bakri, Store Manager of Aeon Mall Shah Alam (front row, third from right) posing with the winners of #PowerYourLunchbox contest who attended the prize giving ceremony in Aeon Mall Shah Alam recently.

The online contest challenged consumers to submit the most creative lunchbox ideas. The overwhelming response with excitingly creative submissions led to Mission Foods increasing the number of winners from the initial 10 to 20 winners. Thanks to the generosity of Mission Foods we were happy to see the joyful faces shown on all winners and their family and friends.
The #PowerYourLunchbox contest was run on Mission Foods’ and AEON’s social media platforms from 1 to 31 March 2018. To be eligible, participants simply had to purchase 2 delicious packs of any Mission products in an Aeon outlet prior to their submission.
Malaysian consumers are indeed a creative lot and this was clearly represented by the final 20 winning recipes which included twists to Malaysian favourite dishes like Pita Ayam Percik, Scrambled Otak Otak Wrap, Kangkung Goreng Belacan Quiche, Salted Egg Chicken Wrap, Rendang Pizza and Grilled Chicken Satay Wrap.

Amazing Benefits of The Hibiscus Found in Mamonde's Advanced Moisture Ceramide Range

Blooms majestically in vibrant colours of red, orange, pink and yellow – the Hibiscus flower is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it also has many health benefits when consumed as tea. Numerous health studies conducted have found that consuming hibiscus tea helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol and it also found to lower body mass index (BMI).

Apart from its health benefits, the flower also has astounding benefits to the skin which include exfoliating, firming and lifting; earning the Hibiscus the nickname ‘Botox Plant’. The Hibiscus is a source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which are known to aid in increasing moisture in the skin.
Utilizing the moisturizing substance of the Hibiscus flower, MAMONDE combines Hibiscus Ceramide Plus, an ingredient that provides the skin with a moist skin barrier. The Hibiscus helps to provide hydration to the skin while the high content of ceramide (which was exclusively developed for 20 years) helps to strengthens the overall components of the skin barrier.

The Importance of Ceramide

Our skin is damaged by many external factors such as harmful UV rays, environmental pollution, stimulating chemical products and excessive scrubbing / exfoliating. This causes damage to our skin barrier, which is the outermost layer of our skin. The damage causes our skin to be dull, dry, rough and dehydrated. How our skin barrier functions is crucial because a damaged skin barrier makes it difficult to repair skin troubles such as wrinkles, dry skin and breakouts no matter how diligent you are in your skincare routine. A damaged skin barrier will see improvement with the use of the right product targeted at protecting our skin’s barrier. While many of us would resort to using a moisturiser or nourishing cream to combat dry, dull or dehydrated skin, research has proven that products with high concentration of oil and moisture may help form a protective layer to reduce the skin’s moisture loss but they may not essentially increase the amount of moisture in the skin. The use of ceramide has been widely known to be the most important component making up the skin layer since it accounts for about 50% of the lipid that also functions to supply ample moisture to the skin. It acts as the body’s outermost walls that protect us from the external environment.
A moisturizing range like no other, the Mamonde NEW Advanced Moisture Ceramide Range contains double the moisturizing agent found in Hibiscus to help in retaining moisture inside the skin and its high concentration of ceramide helps build a double layered moisture barrier on the skin surface to help in preventing the skin’s moisture loss. To top it off, its soft and tight texture absorbs easily onto skin and upon application, the skin feels well-moisturized and healthy.

Mamonde MLBB(My Lips but Better) - Fresh Floral Shades for Your Lips

This season of spring/summer, Mamonde invites you to colour your lips with the fresh floral colours of rose, camellia, hibiscus and peony to elevate your mood and celebrate the new season! Introducing MLBB or ‘My Lips but Better’, an extension from the existing Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense range that comes with new fresh floral colours.

Also a multifunctional 3-in-1 stick that functions as a lipstick, a lipbalm and a liptint; the MLBB helps to improve the look of your lips by providing the lips with ample moisture and smoothening the appearance of the lines on the lips. Formulated with highly pigmentated matte texture and long-lasting colours, just one glide offers highly blendable velvety texture that enunciates your natural lip color.
The MLBB contains Silicon Elastomer Gel which moisturises and coats the lips to in aid of reducing moisture loss. This ensures dewy-looking lips without the flakiness and dryness while maintaining a creamy and smooth finish. Also formulated with coccoid powder, this intense colour balm ensures a smooth glide over the lips for an easy and natural gradient lip makeup without clumping. To top it off, this advanced, intense colour balm offers highly-pigmented, no-smudge colour and a clean finish once applied on the delicate lip.

The new MLBB comes in 5 floral hues namely No. 21 Red Soul, No. 22 Dandy Coral, No. 23 Brick Rose, No. 24 Nectar Coral and No. 25 Rosy Silk at an affordable price of RM45.

Laneige Water Bar @ Mid Valley Megamall

If you have been following us on social media, you would have noticed that we have visited Laneige Water Bar at Mid Valley Megamall day ago. Yes, Laneige Water Bar event is happening at Centre Courty, Mid Valley Megamall from 14 to 20 May 2018.
You could join a variety of activities and get your stamps to redeem freebies. From the complimentary skin analysis to variety of interactive games. Once you have completed all the 4 tasks at Beauty Finder, Touch Game, Photo Zone and CSR zone, you could redeem the special coin for vending machine at the information desk.
The vending machine is filled with variety of prizes from Laneige sample kit, miniatures to full size products. One of my friend has actually won the Laneige Intense Silk lipstick from her lucky number!
Be sure to check out Laneige's NEW Water Bank Hydro and Moisture Essence. Infused with green mineral water extracted from vegetables that charges the skin with moisture for a natural healthy glow, they are not only smell good but they hydrate our face instantly too.

Mamonde Launched @ SEPHORA, Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu

Mamonde, a beauty brand that is inspired by flowers, under Amorepacific Malaysia sets foot in East Malaysia for the first time with an in-store launch at Sephora Imago Mall.

Mamonde debuted in Malaysia 2 years ago with its first counter at AEON 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya. Since then, the brand has established 6 beauty counters in Peninsula Malaysia covering the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru. Apart from beauty counters, Mamonde products are also carried by Sephora stores in Mid Valley (Kuala Lumpur), 1 Utama (Petaling Jaya), IOI City Mall (Cyberjaya) and Komtar (Johor Bahru). To make its products more accessible to its customers all over Malaysia, Mamonde also collaborated with 11street and Lazada.
“We are excited about the customers’ response in Kota Kinabalu. Though Mamonde products are made available through online stores but it is different from having a physical store. It is a different experience when you can try the texture and smell the scent of the products and it is also an opportunity for customers to see and touch the products for themselves,” said Celine Diong Brand General Manager of Mamonde Malaysia. According to Diong, the brand is looking at expanding beyond just Kota Kinabalu but also to other parts of Sabah as well as in Sarawak.
Customers shopping at Sephora Imago can look forward to Mamonde best-sellers such as the First Energy Essence and Serum, Flower Facial Masks, Skin Fit Masks, Floral Hydro Range, Brightening Cover Powder Cushion as well as other flower-inspired products. Price ranges from RM19 for a piece of Skin Fit Mask to RM129 for the Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream.

Choosing the Best Products for the Family and Home

As a mother of two lovely girls, I know that part of my job is making sure that my family and home are outfitted with everything they need. That means choosing products for every possible circumstance.

From the things my kids need for the school to the products that I require to keep the household running smoothly. Most importantly, whatever I buy, I am looking for great quality products at the best prices.
Sometimes we have the tendency of thinking things are better with a higher price, but in fact, it is not. Indeed, we should seek the best value in terms of good quality and good price and hence I want to introduce you Guardian products today.
Guardian Malaysia understands mothers’ daily dilemma in choosing the right products for their family (it is because they love their families so much!). Therefore, there are many ranges of Guardian products available for your family and home.
Say hi to Guardian Malaysia's Own Brand Director, Alfonso Roderos

During an intimate private bloggers session not long ago, we got to meet Guardian Malaysia's Own Brand Director, Alfonso Roderos where he introduced us the Guardian home brand and their Botaneco Garden brand.

We were amazed that there are more than 500 SKUs available under the Guardian Malaysia’s wing for every family and households. What’s more, the products have gone through extensive QC and they are in affordable priced.

Schwarzkopf #createyourstyle

This year, Schwarzkopf takes a step away from conventional beauty stereotypes and embraces diversity and individual expressions of style, fashion and beauty. The #createyourstyle campaign embraces individual styles and urges users to have the confidence to wear your favourite style in the best way. Or even, a non-styled; wake up hair style that says “So what? It’s me and I love it”. In this context, Schwarzkopf sets the stage for a clean and healthy head of hair with ever reliable products such as the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Conditioner and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Repair Spray. The rest is all up to you. The possibilities are endless, really!
At the launch event held in Talent Lounge, 3 top Malaysia influencers got to flaunt their favourite styles and share personal stories about their hairstyle of choice.

Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity loves wearing her hair in loose, carefree styles that are easy to achieve and reflects her wanderlust and free-spirit.

Local celebrity, Mawar Rashid, is a fan of simple, elegant hair styles. “A timeless hairstyle is very flattering and looks good at any angle; perfect for someone who needs to be photo-ready at any moment.” said Rashid during the event.

Emma Shazleen, mother of three young boys is a big fan of the high bun. The self-professed petite lady favours the look as it is practical, yet high fashion. Not to mention, it adds some height to her 5-foot frame!

With the help of Schwarzkopf’s hair care and styling products, the ladies got to achieve the best version of their favourite hair styles.
“With hair that is well taken care of, it is so much easier to style your hair however you want. We are honoured to be able to deliver attainable products with the reliability and quality synonymous with the Schwarzkopf brand that everyone can enjoy. Our Extra Care Hydro Collagen range has Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen complex that infuses moisture deep into the hair and locks it in for longer, so that your hair can look shinier and feel softer in whatever style you chose to rock!” said Mr. Sam Wong, General Manager of Vast Diversified, exclusive distributor for Schwarzkopf Hair Care Malaysia.

Fair & Lovely Invests in Potential of Young Women

Fair & Lovely, for the third year now, continues to invest in the potential of young women, to enable them to carve their future through education. Scholarships worth RM200,000 were awarded to 40 women undergraduates in local public universities through the Fair & Lovely Scholarship 2018. The scholarship programme was initiated as part of Fair & Lovely’s brand promise to encourage women to have the confidence to pursue their dreams and enjoy a brighter future through education.
This year, Fair & Lovely took a step further to establish a virtual community for these 40 recipients. The platform is to encourage these young women to interact within the community and obtain latest updates from Unilever Malaysia on available opportunities. Through the virtual community platform, Fair & Lovely is developing a program that connects students with the industry and gives them access to world-class Unilever programs. Workshops on interview skills and career sharing sessions on leadership roles for women will be provided by Unilever Malaysia’s female leaders.

For the first time, the students will also be fast-tracked for industrial placements within Unilever Malaysia. Recipients who apply for the internship placement will have an added advantage as they will be prioritised for the screening process.
“At Fair & Lovely, we believe that education, confidence and self-belief are essential to empower women and positively impact society. By creating pathways through the scholarship, career guidance and internship opportunities, we want these young women to be ready to pursue their dreams and take control of their destiny,” said Lin Meiyi, Brand Manager of Fair & Lovely, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd, at the ceremony.

Seeing the World with Tiny Tots in Tow

Traveling with young children may not be easy, but it certainly does not have to be intimidating. One of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has no shortage of sights and activities that will entertain even the most discerning of travellers, including the young ones.

Apart from the vibrant cities of Ho Chi Minh (south) and Hanoi (north), which are great starting points for any Vietnamese family adventure, there are several other destinations that could make your holiday an extremely memorable one.

Families can head to one of Vietnam’s beach resorts in Hoi An or Danang, which have plenty to offer in terms of beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and lots of fun activities for children. Some of the best beach resorts in the country are located in Danang, although the Cua Dai beach close to Hoi An is also a popular vacation spot. There are also plenty of other beaches in Vietnam’s central and south coasts worth exploring.
Hoi An also offers some unique sightseeing opportunities. Centuries-old Buddhist pagodas, temples, quaint museums and colonial shophouses line the streets of this ancient town. One of the best ways for you to soak in the rich culture and heritage as a family is by cycling through the streets of Hoi An.
For the more adventurous families, there are spectacular mountains and jungle treks from the peaceful hill station of Dalat in the south, to the beguiling valley of Sa Pa in the northern highlands. The mountainous countryside of Sa Pa – close to the border with Yunan province in China – offers charming trekking trails for some amazing hikes; rice terraces and waterfalls; and is home to several ethnic minority tribes.
Cap off the Vietnamese holiday in the modern and bustling metropolitan of Ho Chi Minh City. Among the not-to-be-missed attractions is the Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park in District 1. The Buddhist-themed attraction is fitted with colourful statues of mythical creatures as well as edifices and shrines of Buddha amidst waterslides, rollercoaster rides, a 4D theatre and aquarium!

We Attended a Unicorn Party

Thanks to our favourite Malaysia’s very own beauty community, The Butterfly Project we had an awesome unicorn party last month. Celebrating its 5th Birthday, the party was attended by many caterpillars dressed up to the Unicorn theme.
Well, my daughters and I are unicorn’s lovers. We always buy unicorn’s plush toys, small gifts but we have never really thought about a unicorn party until we attended one. Now, I am planning to place my elder daughter’s coming Birthday in unicorn theme.
First of all, the venue should be decorated in lovely pastel color according to unicorn theme. Once we reached the place, we can see the floating balloons, lovely fresh flowers and beautiful photobooth set up according to the theme.
Then, there should be activities to get everyone together and have some fun memories. If you have no idea what activities should you set up in your unicorn part, refer below;

1. Boomerang PhotoBox by GNG Studiobooth

Songkran Bazaar @ BANNGKOK Street Food, Platinum Walk Setapak KL

We Malaysian love Thai street food for it’s kick and spiciness. I especially love to enjoy my hot tomyam kung during any rainy days, it warm my heart and made me feel really satisfied.
Recommended by a blogger friend of mine, we visited BANNGKOK Street Food at Platinum Walk Setapak KL weeks ago. They are having the Songkran Bazaar where we can enjoy many different variety of Thai Street food in BANNGKOK.
Songkran, the festival to celebrate the Thai New Year, we see people enjoy the water play and to chillax with friends and family over food. Well, BANNGKOK would be a great place as it is decorated in fun colors with many traditional decorations of old plate and wooden table just like you in Bangkok. It’s a best place to enjoy good food and take great pictures for the great memory.
Located inside Platinum Walk Setapak KL, there are ample of car parks available with affordable car park fees. They offer more than 100 types of Thai food to satisfy our cravings for Thai food at Songkran Bazaar.

We have tried more than 30 dishes that day, let’s see what we had that day.


Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas – Organique Lavender Hand & Body Cream Set

Every Mother's Day, we have the opportunity to tell our mom how special she is with a unique Mother's Day gift. I always do not missed the chance to give her the top Mother’s Day gift. This year, I have decided to give her my favourite Organique Lavender Hand & Body Cream Set to thanks her and and I know it will certainly warm her heart.
My mother is a full time homewife, she is spending more than half of her life taking care the 4 of us. Her skins are dry and ageing as she always cook and wash for us. She has never buy any fancy and premium skincare, hence we decided to spoil her with the best Organique products.
Organique products contain its famous Olinda Spring Water with all ingredients being of native Australian origin and naturally derived, they are free of harmful ingredients which is great for the skin.
In conjunction with Mother’s Day, Organique has introduced their Lavender Hand & Body Cream Set which contains 2 great products in a luxurious box. They are;

Organique by Olinda Spring Lavender Hand Cream (75ml | N.P. RM 39)

Taste of Malaysia with Chef Supi @ TEMPTationS, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

The annual season for cultivating transparency, harmony and observing the values of compassion is fast approaching. Embrace this holy month of Ramadan with family and friends while break-fasting at TEMPTationS, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel.
Happening from 16 May to 14 June 2018, get together with family and friends at TEMPTationS over a sumptuous Taste of Malaysia Buffet of more than 100 dishes.

Taste of Malaysia with Chef Supi

Venue: TEMPTationS, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel 
Date: From 16 May to 14 June 2018 
Time: 6.30PM to 10.30PM 
Price: RM 138 Nett per person | Half price for children between 6 to 12 years old

Specially curated by Executive Chef Supi Mansor, the buffet is inspired to please very palate as it comprises of the diverse culinary culture of Malaysia and the traditional must-have favourites for the breaking of fast.
Diners can enjoy an assortment of the all-time buka puasa favourites such as Sup tulang rawan, Ayam percik, Kari kambing dengan ubi kentang, Sambal sotong-petai and the daily Roasted whole lamb along with the must-have Bubur lambuk that will be available every evening throughout the fasting month.
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