Instant Refresh & Long-lasting Hydration with Hada Labo’s Kiwamizu Lotion

Due to Malaysian humid weather many women faced problem with oily & dehydrated skin. Our skin tends to dry up faster especially under air-conditioning, in an aircraft or even when outdoors under the scorching hot sun. Most of us would carry a face mist in the bag and spray frequently to maintain a hydrated skin. While that may only be a quick fix to your problem, Hada Labo’s Kiwamizu Lotion promises a lasting hydrating effect.
A lotion like no other, Hada Labo’s latest Kiwamizu Lotion can be used daily after face wash or alternatively as a mist to help keep your skin hydrated all-day long and it freshens you up instantly upon application. With a nozzle spray that comes complimentary with each bottle of Kiwamizu lotion, it’s convenient for use anywhere, anytime whether at work or outdoors!

If you are used to the Super Hyaluronic Hydrating Lotion, you will find the Kiwamizu Lotion ultra lightweight with its water light texture and non-sticky formula. Applying the Kiwamizu Lotion feels like a splash of water on the face or just a regular face mist but it comes with immense moisturising properties that will last all-day long.
Blended with 6 minerals; Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Potassium (K) and Sodium (Na) and 2 Amino Acids; Arginine (Arg) and Trimethylglycine (Tmg). This lotion moisturises from inside out by re-balancing oil and water in the skin layers. The minerals help to improve and strengthen skin cells while at the same time help to cool and calm irritated skin. The Amino Acids on the other hand supply nutrients to nourish the skin and strengthens the connective tissue to keep the skin smooth and elastic. This one of a kind lotion is ideal when travelling, for outdoor activities and for a quick fix of your makeup after a long day.

The Kiwamizu Lotion is pH balance and 100% oil free. It is also free from fragrance and colorant.
Directions for use

Use daily after cleansing. Apply on palms and spread over face before patting and massaging gently to allow absorption into the skin. Also fill up the nozzle spray and carry it with you everywhere you go. Spray generously when needed.

Beautiful & Affordable Cosmetic from Canmake

Canmake is one of the makeup brand that I always haul when I travel to Japan. I am attracted to its cute and ladylike packaging, and the very affordable price. Canmake has celebrated its 30th Birthday celebration in year 2015, and it is continue to making cosmetics that are adore by many. It is knows for the petite size for convenience to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch, with excellent Made in Japan quality.
Thanks to Teeni Enterprise, Canmake is available here in Malaysia for more than 7 years now. It has brought in some latest products from Canmake Japan not long ago.

[New] Canmake Airy Cover Fit Foundation (RM 69.90)
Canmake Airy Cover Fit Foundation is so light that you’ll forget that you’re wearing a foundation. The formula is designed to melt like a mousse, create a velvety-smooth texture. It forms a dewy finish, without looking powdery. Aside from the excellent coverage, the foundation casing is pure in white which looks really classy and elegant.

Best Gift for Urban Housewife @ Senheng W-Day

Being a Urban Housewife is never an easy job. We have the kids and family to taking care of, the same chores to undertake, and the same never-ending to do list. These days, we are fortunate to have the smart and innovative electrical items to assist us in our daily tasks. Hence, I love visiting electrical shop especially Senheng electrical shop because it is a reputable chain store, it always have the latest electrical items with low price and we could try on the products at the shop.
During my last visit, the shop were full of flyers and posters of Senheng W-Day promotions. I did not hesitatate to ask the salesman and found out that the Senheng W-Day promotions is indeed a great promotions.

The promotions are listed below;

Promotion 1: Just spend RM1 to enjoy 1 to 1 replacement warranty within 24 months. This is only entitled to small appliances under RM500.

Promotion 2: Consumers are entitled to get extra Two years warranty for FREE during W-Day for Electrical appliances, Home appliances and Digital Gadgets.

As a wise and smart Urban Housewife, I of course do not miss this chance to buy my long awaited Panasonic hairdryer to enjoy the promotion. It is an ideal gifts for other Urban Housewifes too in this International Woman's Day which fall on 8th March 2017. I would be hassle free for 24 months as I could enjoy 1 to 1 replacement warranty on the hair dryer.

Youthful Skin with Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion

Everyone wants a firm and youthful skin, isn’t it? In order to achieve this, skin doctor has recommended Microdermabrasion treatment as it is a non-chemical and non-invasive procedure to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. Microdermabrasion also encourages the production of a new underlying layer of skin cells with higher levels of collagen and elastin, which further improves one skin’s appearance.
However, it cost a lot for us to go to the clinic for Microdermabrasion treatments as it takes a several treatments to see the result. Plus the time and effort to visit the clinic, it is really inconvenient for working lady like me. But don’t worry, here comes the Good news, we can indeed do it ourselves with Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion at home, yay!
Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion was launched last year, and I am happy to finally give it a try. First of all, the Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion is in beautiful white and gold color, it looks really elegant and luxury, and I feel so good to use it. The device’s design is sleek and easy to grab, made it easy to move the tip across my face while holding it.
Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion is developed with expert scientists and dermatologists, and combine the DualAction Air Lift & Exfoliation System functions to give us firmer feeling, more youthful looking skin.

The Air Lift System gently stimulates microcirculation. The vacuum massage intensively stimulates microcirculation that is gently lifted and streched our Skin, massaging its deeper layers. Blood flow increases, bringing oxgen and nutrients to the surface. For a revitalized look. VisaCare is designed to be in the sweetspot of stretch required to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Perfect White Teeth with Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite+

We all know that Smile and The World smile with you. A lovely smile would certainly made up one’s day and everyone around them. However, I notice some people do not smile because they don’t have the perfect white teeth. Well, that’s such a pity because getting a healthy-looking, white smile is indeed very easy, even easier than you thought.
You must be thinking yeah, we just have to skip coffee, and tea, or by visiting the dental for teeth whitening treatment. Nope, they are not correct. In fact, we can have perfect white teeth by using the correct toothbrush twice daily.
My most loved rechargeable electric toothbrush brand, Philips, has launched its Sonicare HealthyWhite+ electric rechargeable toothbrush that helps to clean and whitening our teeth recently. According to Philips, the Sonicare HealthyWhite+ removes up to 100% more stains and up to 7X more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
It is developed with effective and unique sonic technology with dynamic fluid action to clean between teeth and along gumline. Choose from the two modes available, Clean and White Mode; and select your preferred strength from the three Intensity settings. The Clean Mode cleanses teeth and gumline while White Mode removes surface stains, brightens and polishes teeth. The 3 intensity level is adjustable by pressing the + to increase, and – to decrease, it can be really powerful when needed.

SunPlay Sport UV Sunscreen SPF120 PA++++

Running, Swimming, Fitness, Yoga; no matter which sports are you in, we need to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Being active in outdoor sports activities requires a powerful sunscreen to stay protected. However, engaging in sports activities especially in warm humid climates often makes applying sunscreen more difficult, since ordinary sunscreen drips and whitens under wet conditions. With the new SunPlay Sport UV that is formulated with the Wet Skin Technology, you can now freely enjoy even the most intense sports activities as the sunscreen provides you with maximum sun protection.
SunPlay Sport UV Range

No matter you are in short hour or long-hour outdoor sport activities, the latest Sunplay’s Sport UV comes with a quick dry formula that allows instant absorption on both wet and dry skin. It instantly cuts through water and form a protective barrier without dripping off or leaving white marks on skin. Besides the uniquely designed sunscreen is also able to resist sweat and water up to 4 hours and its high SPF of 120 and PA++++ also helps to protect against the harmful UVA &UVB rays. 
Sunplay Sport UV Lotion SPF 120

Apart from its ability to actively adhere to wet skin, the SunPlay Sport UV is also designed with Solarex-3 Technology that provides a unique 3-in-1 UV defence system to protect against sun damage and premature aging while keeping skin hydrated at all times. It contains 8 UV filters that do not break down or degrade easily under the sun and thus ensuring long lasting protection to the skin.
Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120

The Sunplay’s Sport UV range includes Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Sunplay Sport UV Lotion.  The Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120 (165ml) is in a mist form which can be applied conveniently at any time as it instantly cuts through and absorbs into the skin, leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed. It is is priced at RM58.90 (inclusive of GST).

FENDI Eyewear Collection

FENDI presents the Fall/Winter 2016-17 Eyewear Collection, celebrating the Maison’s elegance with subtle and unique geometric architectures, enhanced by unexpected colour combinations and a subtle feeling of lightness.
A skilful manufacturing enriches the steel frames of the LEI models echoing precious origami techniques as well as the oversize EYELINE sunglasses. The new BE YOU glasses feature a combination of Optyl and metal, with surprising contrasts between shiny and crystal surfaces. Each piece is conceived as an artwork, celebrating a story of unique craftsmanship and exquisite savoir-faire in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.
The LEI sunglasses and optical frames are the purest expression of unique working techniques on super-flat and extra-slim surfaces.
The EYELINE sunglasses features pure geometries enhanced by the slim lines of the frame in metal and steel, with a strong and contemporaty look.

Twist Your Summer Around with Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid Eyewear, inventor of the polarized lenses and a brand that over 75 years, has been a symbol of pop culture for millions of people throughout the world, launches the new 2016 TWIST COLLECTION: the new rubber sunglasses that bend but never break.
This new eyewear collection is designed to change the way people view sunglasses. With its vibrant colors, flexibility and lightweight feel, Polaroid’s TWIST COLLECTION is the perfect match between cool and practical. These sunglasses combine comfort with strength, and are perfect anywhere, anytime: at the beach, downtown, on the slopes, or for any sports you practice. Enjoy carefree fun to the max with your Polaroid sunglasses!
Polaroid’s TWIST sunglasses allow for true color perception and superior anti-glare vision, thanks to the exclusive UltraSight™ polarized lenses. All Polaroid sunglasses come with UltraSight™ lenses, for a perfect, distortion-free vision, enhanced contrast, reduction of eye fatigue, and 100% protection from UV rays.
Available for adults as well as for kids, the new models come in trendy nuances of blue, green, orange, fuchsia, gray and black.

Send a Special Shout-Out to a Loved One via #NUTELLAMESSENGER

Remember Nutella’s #YourNutella campaign that took place last year?  Well, after its immense success where fans were able to get their names printed on a jar of Nutella, the popular breakfast spread brand is back to exhilarate fans once again by bringing forth #Nutellamessenger, a newer, more uplifting variant of #YourNutella. #Nutellamessenger allows fans the opportunity to customise their own jars of delicious and creamy hazelnut spread with a personalised message for either themselves or a special someone.
There are a few ways you can go about this - first, you can be on the lookout for Kombi vans stationed at various shopping malls to purchase the limited edition customised Nutella jars from them. Which malls, you ask? Well, you can head over to IOI Mall from 17 to 19 February, One Utama from 24 to 26 February, and Sunway Pyramid from 1 to 5 March.
If you have a busy schedule and are worried that you might miss it, fret not because you can also generate customised labels for the Nutella jar online ( and at selected supermarkets ( You can also use this opportunity to come up with motivational messages for yourself. This way, whenever you see the jar with your message of choice on it, you’ll feel inspired!

#Nutellamessenger campaign
First Round - Date: 17 to 19 February 2017 | Venue: IOI Mall
Second Round - Date: 24 to 26 February 2017 | Venue: One Utama
Third Round - Date: 1 to 5 March 2017 | Venue: Sunway Pyramid

In fact, why not do this for someone you love and care about? if you want to do things a little differently and stand a chance to make this a truly special moment for someone important, #Nutellamessenger is at your service! To kick things up a notch and stay true to what this campaign means – spreading positivity and joy to others, Nutella will be hosting an uplifting online contest on my Facebook page, blog, and Instagram.

Grand Opening of Caudalie’s First Standalone Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid

Congratulations to Caudalie for open its First Standalone Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall last month (Jan 2017). The standalone kiosk is in open concept; where customers can clearly see and try the products on the display.
Just like other Caudalie’s store, they have super friendly staffs that is welcoming and explaining everything to the customers. 
Alice Declety, Area Manager of Caudalie South East Asia

During the grand opening event, guests were honored to meet Alice Declety, Area Manager of Caudalie South East Asia who was the best person in introducing the brand and products to us.
The French's skincare brand is known for promoting the cosmetic benefits of grapes, and it has really great products for all skin concerns. Our Top 3 picks would be;

BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas

BreadFruits is not new to many of us, indeed it is a well-established restaurant that serve 100% natural, full nutrient and a balanced diet located at Desa Sri Hartamas. I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas, and I was really delighted to receive the lovely invitation to review its brunch menu last month.
We visited BreadFruits @ Desa Sri Hartamas on a Saturday noon, the restaurant was filled with bruch crowd already. Lucky that someone has reserved a table for us hence we didn’t need to wait for seating arrangement.
There are a lot of variation on Breadfruits’ menu, from tapas, sandwich, burger, breakfast & brunch, lunch, pasta, salad to coffee, tea, cold pressed juice, beer, wine, mocktail and cocktail.
Our brunch kicked start with Tapas (make it a platter at RM 45 for any 3 choices with salad and toast).

Mermaid Blankets @ Fun and Tails

My girls and I have been watching The Legend of the Blue Sea (a South Korean television series starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho) together since last month. We love both Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho but most importantly, we are attracted by the love story of the Mermaid. As a girl, we love everything about Mermaid. This legendary creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish is not only beautiful, they are very intelligent too.
Indeed, my girls are a big fans of Mermaid since young from watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid film. Hence when we chanced upon the Mermaid blankets from Fun and Tails, we can’t wait to get it!
We have fun browsing through website. The Mermaid Blankets are available in adult, kids, and baby size at Fun and Tails. There are a variety of colors to choose from.
Since they are having a 50% off promotion, we have ordered a Mermaid Tail Blanket in Orange Red and a Kid's Mermaid Tail Blanket Rose Madder online for AUD 109.98 (Maybank card billed me RM379.69).

Nestle Omega Plus #MyCNYGoodieBag

Chinese New Year is a season of gifting to relatives and friends traditionally. Hence there are so many hampers available on the market, because we believed that every food item gifted to our loved ones are symbolic and full of meaning. For example, a pair of mandarin oranges (kam) representing gold, Glutinous rice cakes (Nian gao) representing ‘height’ and growth, and pineapple tarts (Ong Lai) meaning prosperity in Hokkien.
Asides from these traditional prosperity food items, this year we have also considered Nestle Omega Plus to gift to my in laws. In celebration of a healthy heart, we decided to send them Nestle Omega Plus which representing a wishing of good heart health.
Why Nestle Omega Plus? It contains ACTICOL® that is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by blocking the bad cholesterol from entering the blood stream. You can read more on my previous blog post where I have introduced this healthy drink in detailed.
My in law are happy with our CNY goodie bag this year, as Nestle Omega Plus red packaging is a auspicious colors for Chinese. Not only that, with consumption of 2 glasses of Nestle Omega Plus milk a day, it fulfill of our daily calcium needs and contains the right balance of Omega 3 & 6, and it also contains 1.2g of ACTICOL® which helps reduce cholesterol naturally. Nestle Omega Plus is totally suitable for my in law’s lifestyle. Together with healthy diets and regular exercise, I believe they will grow old healthily and happily.

Tommy Hilfiger F/W 2016 Eyewear Collection

Inspired by a transatlantic journey to New York City in the 1920s, as heritage favorites are reimagined, Tommy Hilfiger F/W 2016 Eyewear Collection has a fresh, optimistic twist that’s sophisticated, relaxed and refined.

STYLES TH 1455/S and TH 1467

The rounded silhouette is complemented by a double metal rim and unique end tips. The sunglass color palette includes black, cream, blue and ruthenium, and lenses are shaded in soft tones of brown-pink, gray or blue. For optical frames, colors range from clear and pastel to navy and black.

STYLES TH 1437/s and TH 1438

Summer Délice Macadamia Tart - Love in Every Bite

I love nuts, especially Macadamia nuts. We all know nuts are among the healthiest foods we can eat, especially Macadamia nuts which is the ‘king of nuts’ that gives numerous health-benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential. Not only that, Macadamia nuts is also sweet in taste and is a rich source of energy, they are simply irresistible, right?
Summer Délice Macadamia Tart

Good news for us, we can now enjoy delicious Macadamia nuts in a very convenient way - Macadamia Tarts.  Summer Délice has launched their Macadamia Tarts not long ago. It was our first time trying out Macadamia Tarts bought online. The parcel came in promptly and we are delighted that the tarts were packed nicely in a high quality sturdy paper box. The packaging is simple and minimalist, made it ideal to recycle for storage purposes.
We love that Summer Délice Macadamia Tart is hand-crafted with love. The tart’s base was crusty while the Macadamia nuts were chunky and crunchy walnuts. Topped with maple syrup, they taste not too sweet but earthy, and rich in natural fragrance. Summer Délice has used a generous amount of Macadamia nuts origin from Australia in each and every Macadamia Tart. Summer Délice Macadamia Tart taste so great and they are simply fabulous.

There are two flavors available – The Original Maple Sugar Macadamia Tart and Orange Macadamia Tart.
Summer Délice Maple Sugar Macadamia Tart (the original taste)

Summer Délice Macadamia Tart tastes so good that we finished a box within hour. Most importantly, it contains No colouring, no preservatives and no artificial flavours, that made it the exact healthy snack one could have, even for my kids. We would buy more of Summer Délice Macadamia Tart which is indeed a healthy snack for the whole family.

Philips Lighting Specialty e-store @ Lazada Malaysia

Me and my family is a loyal user of Philips Lighting when it comes to lighting. We are happy that we could now purchase Philips Lighting online from Lazada Malaysia. Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, has announced the official launch of its specialty e-store on Lazada Malaysia, the country’s number one online shopping mall with over with over 25 million monthly desktop visits.
This partnership signifies a major step forward for Philips Lighting, as well as the lighting industry in Malaysia as it opens up a whole new channel to better serve the growing needs of savvy online shoppers by offering a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.
(L - R) Mr. Alston Foo, Head of Consumer Sales Philips Lighting Malaysia & Singapore, Mr. Fuji Sartono, Head of Marketing Philips Lighting Malaysia, Mr. Alok Ghose, Managing Director for Singapore & Malaysia, Mr. Kevin Lee Fong Siang, COO of Lazada Malaysia, Mr. Simon Paterson, Lazada Regional Category Director, Home & Lifestyle pose with Philips Lighting products   available on its e-specialty store.

Managing Director for Philips Lighting Malaysia and Singapore Mr Alok Ghose said the tie-up is in line with the company’s market position as the leader in connected lighting and fits aptly with its theme for this year, Let’s Get Connected. “Philips Lighting aims to take the ultimate step of introducing a host of smart and sustainable LED lighting products, turning them to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system to create an engaging user experience. This year’s theme is a culmination of a 3-year consumer experience journey which began with Let’s Go Green in 2015 and followed by Light Beyond Illumination in 2016,” Ghose said.

He added that by partnering Lazada Malaysia, it was also a great opportunity for Philips Lighting to tap into the growing e-Commerce market segment and unlocking new business revenue, while at the same time, delivering richer lighting experience to the Malaysian consumers via the platform.

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2016 Eyewear Collection

unexpected. unconventional. unique. 

The Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2016 eyewear collection juxtaposes the avant-garde with conventional eyewear traditions, combining the everyday with the extraordinary.

marc 101/s and marc 100/s

transparency and lightness are key on these geometrical shaped metal sunglasses. the two models represent the highest levels of craftsmanship. the panthos shaped marc 101/s and the cat-eye shaped marc 100/s each possess a multi-layer lens construction in which the lenses relinquish their traditional functionality to become part of the frame design. gold metal detailing on the frame front and acetate temple tips provide a luxurious effect to these innovative designs. the color palette for both includes palladium with a gray lens, gold copper with a dark grey lens, gold with a brown lens.

marc 102/s, marc 103/s and marc 104/s

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