LEGO® Bring The Masters of Spinjitsu to Sunway Pyramid

Calling all fans of LEGO® NINJAGO®! Expect for an adventure with the upcoming release of The LEGO® NINJAGO® MovieTM which will be on the blockbluster 21 Sep 2017 onwards. The LEGO® NINJAGO® MovieTM follows the footsteps of The LEGO® Movie and The LEGO® Batman Movie promises fans a blend of meta-humor and the always fun LEGO® action. In conjunction with the big premiere, LEGO Malaysia treats fans of the masters of ‘spinjitsu’ by bringing the movie to life at its special The LEGO® NINJAGO® CHALLENGE Event at Sunway Pyramid!
LEGO® NINJAGO® mascot appearances and bountiful photo opportunities were one of the many highlights of the LEGO® NINJAGO® Challenge event.

Venue: LG2, Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall 
Date: Friday, 15 September to Sunday, 24 September 2017 
Time: 10am to 10pm daily

Built in partnership with 20th Century Fox Malaysia and Box of Bricks to promote the latest blockbuster in the LEGO® franchise and introduce the new The LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIETM play sets, fans of LEGO® and the highly trained ninja warriors are in for a treat – with awesome The LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIETM themed activities, special appearance by our favourite THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ life-sized Costume Characters and fun-tastic ways to redeem LEGO® goodies! 
“The LEGO® NINJAGO® series captivated many with its special concoction of humour, action and values since its debut in 2011. We believe that The LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIETM is sure to be yet another huge phenomenon and we wanted more reasons to connect with our fans. What better way to do that than bringing the joy of building to them. Working hand-in-hand with the film, the event brings to life a new level of cross -platform entertainment enriched with play - as we reach out to our LEGO fans through our products, movies, and the many exciting activities at the mall - ultimately bringing fun and play to Malaysians,” says Leslie Falvey, General Manager, LEGO® Singapore and Malaysia.
Mr Leslie Falvey, General Manager of LEGO® Singapore and Malaysia, sharing his excitement over the fun-tastic activities that LEGO® has in store for kids and adults alike who visit the LEGO® NINJAGO® Challenge Event.

Avid LEGO® and NINJAGO® fans are treated to the following awesome activities at Sunway Pyramid:

Follow Me's Reformulated Green Tea Shampoo

The family's favourite shampoo's brand: Follow Me has just launched its reformulated Green Tea Shampoo in a brand new premium packaging. Formulated with green tea and natural plant extracts, this new formulation helps strengthen hair from the roots and leaves hair feeling healthier and more manageable!

The Green Tea Shampoo is rich in Vitamin C and E to provide protection for the hair follicles while at the same time ensuring that your hair is always smooth and silky. While Polyphenol (a type of natural compound found in the Green Tea extract) helps keep the scalp healthy, the combination of various plant extracts alongside antioxidants found abundantly in the Green Tea extracts protect the hair from free radicals to further strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth and prevent hair thinning.

A healthy scalp which is clean, free from dirt, debris and sebum helps create an ideal environment in promoting hair growth; however, frequent perms and poor hygiene that includes irregular shampooing can cause breeding of bacteria that subsequently leads to dandruff and hair fall. Moreover, external environment including the hot and humid weather in Malaysia could also aggravate and potentially trigger a series of hair issues such as oily and itchy scalp, follicle congestion or even hair thinning.
“Therefore, it is vital that we incorporate a proper hygiene practice right away and having discovered that the ultimate step to haircare starts from the roots by keeping a clean and healthy scalp, Follow Me wishes to deliver haircare solutions to every individual with its reformulated Green Tea Shampoo that is also infused with natural plant extracts for different hair and scalp conditions,” said Jessky Hah, Product Manager of Follow Me. 

Available in 5 variants, the latest Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo includes the 6-in-1, Anti-Dandruff, Anti-Hair Fall, Soft and Smooth as well as Scalp Care. In addition to these are two conditioner variants, namely Anti-Hair Fall and Soft and Smooth conditioner; all of which contains the following properties to help keep hair and scalp healthy:- 

Jalan Jalan Japan @ 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras

Great news to people in KL and Cheras, the Japanese prevloved store – Jalan Jalan Japan is set to open on Sat, 30th Sep 2017!

Since the launch of Jalan Jalan Japan's first store in Malaysia last year, Jalan Jalan Japan has continued to bring in more preloved items from Japan to all of us here in Malaysia for really cheap prices.
In fact, Jalan Jalan Japan is called 'BOOKOFF' in Japan. As one of Japan’s largest chain of 'Preloved' stores, BOOKOFF was founded in August 1991. Since then, the company has had explosive success, expanding to over 800 stores throughout Japan and overseas. Up to 97% of Japanese recognize Bookoff’s name and over 100 million transactions annually has been recorded. Bookoff first started trading only in 'Preloved' books. They have since expanded into a wide variety of popular goods that include CDs, DVDs, video games, apparels, children goods, toys, trading cards, household items, sports equipment, musical instruments, designer’s bags and watches. In Japan, product range includes mobile phones, furniture and electrical appliances. They constitute one of the world’s largest collections of ‘Preloved’ goods.
At Jalan Jalan Japan, everyone can expect to get more with any budget. The new store of Jalan Jalan Japan @ 1 Shameline mall is distinguished by its large surface area, cleanliness and bright illumination. There are many choices for the consumers no matter what are you looking for.

I have found some really useful items for the little one:

[Review] Masks by b-liv Malaysia

As a beauty blogger, I am quite familiar with b-liv Malaysia. It is a trusted skincare brand and have been reviewed and raved by many beauty bloggers. This time round, I got to try out their masks below;
O2 Bubby Bright Oxygenating Mask (50 g for RM 99)

This is the new mask by b-liv. O2 Bubby bright oxygenating mask is a purifying mask that combines oxygen bubble and rice powder to brighten and enliven complexion. It is like a magical mask, upon application, it fizzes into soft foam soaking up impurities while the red soft beads gently melt away to exfoliate our skin.

I have tried oxygenating mask from other brand before. B-liv O2 Bubby Bright Oxygenating Mask is more moisture and nourish compared with other brands that I have tried before. Skin feels softer, smoother and brighter after removing the mask.

It is pretty easy to use, just follow the 4 steps below;
  1. apply a small amount onto face and gently massage. bubbles will form.
  2. leave on for 5-10 minutes.
  3. massage once more for deeper cleansing.
  4. rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with remaining skin care steps.


Underarm skin is delicate, and plucking hairs out by the root can damage the hair follicles, leading to ingrown hairsi and enlarged poresii. The alternative isn’t any better  while shaving, the pressure of the blade on uneven underarm skin can lead to small cutsiii. In addition, debris removed during shaving may contain up to 36% of skin!iv

As hair removal damages your skin and often causes irritation, NIVEA has developed Protect & Care, a deodorant that is enriched with the essence of NIVEA crème, capturing the brand’s heritage of quality beauty creams with its distinctive care ingredients and delicate scent. NIVEA Protect & Care deodorant offers long-lasting protection of up to 48 hours and at the same time, the innovative and skin-friendly formula gently cares for your skin, keeping you fresh all day giving you softer and smoother underarms.

At NIVEA, we believe in products that protect and care for the skin from top to toe. In our busy lives, many people overlook the little things such as skin damage caused by shaving and tweezing. Some areas need a little extra attention hence NIVEA Protect & Care deodorant offers the same care that is found in all NIVEA products, applied to the needs of underarm skin,” said Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager for Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore.
In line with NIVEA’s core value of care, NIVEA Protect & Care will be organising the NIVEA Care Run on 29 October 2017 (Sunday). The 5 km NIVEA Care Run, held at Precinct 6 Putrajaya, features educational activities that raise awareness about underarm care. Participants are also able to share the care with friends and family through the exclusive NIVEA Protect & Care gift pack in the run kit. They will also get a chance to win great prizes in the lucky draw during the run.

L’Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi Range – Cherry Trees in Blossom Scent

On the recent rainy seasons, I just want to close my eyes, and imagine my legs jittery with the desire to go on a walk in the countryside. Go out and breathe in the fresh air of spring, which gently caresses me and awakens my senses. And now, after climbing to the top of the hill, to be overwhelmed by a moment that I wish would never end: my eyes embrace a white stretch of Cherry trees in blossom.
Ah, just the perfect relaxation and enjoyment life to me! Well, it is possible with L’Erbolario's latest range - Tra i Ciliegi Range that is inspired by the cherry trees in blossom. We love the Tra i Ciliegi Range for its nice, sweet and soft scenes that last very long on our skin. Also, the sweet light pink packaging is just too pretty to not display in our bathroom.
If you do not know L’Erbolario, it is brand that does not use parabens, formaldehyde-donor preserva tives, potential sources of gluten, Acrylates, Silicones, Mineral oils, PEG-Derivatives in their products. They also monitoring the content of 7 metals* to minimise the risk of allergy and therefore also protect highly sensitive skin. *Nickel, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Antimony and Chromium.

L’Erbolario's Tra i Ciliegi range offers the products below;

Perfume (50ml ∙ RM217)

An exquisite, floral and light fragrance reminiscent of cloudlike Cherry trees in bloom. A pure and sweet perfume like the heart of the wearer.

Notes of: Cherry Blossom, Sicilian Orange, Musk Rose, Tonka Bean, Musk

Shower Gel (250ml ∙ RM92)
Cherry trees have the power of blossoming year after year, always renewing their majestic splendour. And all this inspired this delicate Shower gel that “picks” its virtues from the magnificent Cherry tree. The extracts of Cherry blossom and Italian Cherry tone and protect the epidermis, while the juice and distilled Italian Cherry water soften and preserve its firmness. A delicate and heavenly fragrance will quite literally be the cherry on the cake!

Not Your Ordinary IndoMie @ IndoBowl Cafe

Living in the North part of KL, I seldom travel South. On one exceptional case, I spent an hour to purposely travel there last month. Why? Because I heard that the first cafe that serves our favourite IndoMie instant noodle is opened at Lake Fields, Sungai Besi.
Introducing IndoBowl Cafe, where you can find everything IndoMie here. They are not our ordinary IndoMie as they are served with delicious meats, chef specialty sauces and sambal. Let's check out some of the items on their menu;

Sate Madura Beef/Chicken (set of 5 for RM 9/RM8)
Grilled Madura style beef and chicken sate drenched in special mix of savory and sweet soy sauces, shallots, onions, chili and lime leaves.

We love the sate madura chicken as the meat as tender, juicy and very fragrant.

Indomie Mumbo Jumbo
Perfect for all IndoMie lovers! Indomie mumbo jumbo has everything from sunny side eggs, seafood, rib eye stil Australia, lamb rack Astralia serves on top of IndoMie. This is really a huge portion that can served up to 4 persons.

Mini CUBECRATE Box - August 2017

Our monthly surprised box, CUBECRATE is come in a mini cute box for August 2017. Even though the size is smaller, it still has great items in it. Let's scroll down to see what's inside the box ok. 
A vial of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist is a refreshing facial mist instantly awakens the skin with a soothing touch of hydration. This vial of 1.5ml is easy to carry to anywhere to refresh my skin anytime.

A vial of Elizabeth Arden White Tea EDT

A musky-woody floral, it preludes with sparkling Italian Mandarin and sensual Sea Breeze Accord. Its Zen-like heart of White Tea Extract, Turkish Rose Absolute and Mate Absolute Paraguay steeps in graceful femininity while Madras Wood, Ambrette Seed Absolute and a Trio of Tranquility Musks lead to a harmonious finale. For the woman who wants to immerse herself in the moment.

Wunderbath Handmade Soap
The ruby shape Wunderbath Handmade Soap looks so cute, and smell so great too. Wunderbath Handmade Soap is SLS-free and Paraben-free. For more information, go to Wunderbath Handmade Soap website.

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagines a New Future

As we have shared previously, IPC Shopping Centre has been under redevelopment to strengthen its presence in the market since March this year. Now, phase One of the project recently launched the refreshed LG1 and LG2 floors, and Phases Two and Three are underway for more fun.
The redevelopment is part of our plan to futureproof the centre,” said Thomas Malmberg, Shopping Centre Director at IKEA Southeast Asia. “We’re not afraid to make changes to achieve what we believe in: a bigger, brighter, and greener future for us and our shoppers.”
With the redevelopment, the centre will also be returning to its roots, sporting a new look with distinctly Scandinavian touches. 
As a media, we were honoured to be invited to have a look on the brand new LG1 and LG2 floors' at IPC Shopping Centre last month.
LG1 will now be known as Foodland, complete with a new concept and design. It welcomes back popular tenants such as Uncle Lim’s, De Irrfan’s Café, and Noodle Shack. IPC Shopping Centre is also excited to play host to new tenants such as AEON Wellness , Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, myeongdong topokki and many more.

Whereas Ben’s Independent Grocer will be opening in October. Both i-Alter and Thule have made a return to LG2.

Madam Kwan – a Life as Extraordinary as Her Curries

Many of us are familiar with Madam Kwan’s – a restaurant where you can’t go wrong when it comes to showcasing truly Malaysian cuisine with its delicious curries, rendangs and signature rice dishes – but what about the smiling lady in the hat and glasses herself?
Her name is actually Madam Kwan Swee Lian and the 83-year old is still up at the crack of dawn every day to oversee the food preparations in the central kitchen and a familiar sight at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur outlet during the day with her friendly figure, large framed glasses and signature hat.

Paying tribute to the grande dame who speaks Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia, the family-owned business has published a biography sharing Kwan’s rich life story while featuring her favourite recipes from her childhood as well as from Madam Kwan’s.
(L-R) Datin Maureen Ooi, CEO of Madam Kwan's Cafe & Cuisine, Madam Kwan Swee Lian and Catherine Foo, the Author copy

Written by her granddaughter, Catherine Foo, “Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story And Beloved Recipes” tells the tale of how a tenacious and enterprising beauty salon businesswoman with no cooking experience moved into the restaurant business to eventually build a successful enterprise with her son Rudy and daughter-in-law, Rudy and Maureen Ooi. 

Today, Madam Kwan’s is present in the country’s top shopping malls – Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, Mid Valley Megamall, Bangsar Shopping Centre, One Utama Shopping Centre, Empire Shopping Gallery and Sunway Pyramid, and also in Genting Highlands Resort.
Madam Kwan Her Untold Story and Beloved Recipes Book and the newly launched Curry Paste copy

The biography also touches on her personal life and the heart-breaking loss of her eldest son and his family in the 1993 Highland Towers tragedy followed by the loss of yet another son within a decade; providing a rare glimpse of Swee Lian’s strength, determination and ability to overcome the adversities thrown her way.

Meet & Greet Hannah Delisha @ Guerisson Red Ginseng Event

Whenever I heard about Guerisson, it reminds me of the famous and popular horse oil skin care. Originated from South Korea, Guerisson has launched the Red Ginseng series for anti-ageing concern.

Now, you might thought Guerisson's Red Ginseng series is just for mature skin, it is great for millennials too because of it's super hydrating and skin strengthening properties which are perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle we live in now.
Guerisson Red Ginseng skincare range is formulated with Red Ginseng RG3 Complex, a combination of a 6-year-old red ginseng extract and red ginseng liposomes which has a high level of RG3, a major component with saponine. These ingredients will effectively improve one's skin firmness and reduce wrinkles on tired skin caused by ageing.

The addition of the red ginseng created a synergy effect that strengthening the skin's barrier and protects it from environmental aggression, a double barrier protection to fight against signs of ageing and skin hydration.

It is a simple skincare regime with 3 products below;

Skin Essence (120ml at RM 149)

Apply skin essence onto skin as the first step skincare regime as it helps skin absorb other skincare better.

Eye Cream (20ml at RM 159)

Gently apply onto eye area for youthful eyes. You can apply it on other wrinkly spots as well.

Cream (60g at RM 169)

Apply an adequate amount on cream onto skin and achieve double barrier by tapping softly.
Hosted by Ms. Ellen from Korea, Guerisson has organised the Meet & Greet Hannah Delisha event on 9th Sep 2017 at SaSa, IOI City Mall. The popular young actress and singer, Hannah Delisha is the perfect example of a millennial who's a fan of Guerisson's Red Ginseng series.
At only 20 year-old, she has starred in more than 10 shows and has won Most Popular Woman Personality at Pesta Perdana 2017 recently.

Elevating Style with Luxury - Desireé by Avon

Exquisite, alluring, refined… it’s the one you desire. Avon presents its first prestige brand of fashion accessories and innerwear, Desireé that inspires women to be empowered and confident through fashion. Desireé combines the latest fashion trends and premium quality materials to create a collection that complements classy women of today.
This year, Desireé makes its debut with the opulent Irina Collection that symbolises the confidence and charm of a sophisticated woman. Irina Collection features a wide selection of bags, watches, and innerwear of the finest quality and lavish designs following the current fashion trends.

We were privileged to see and feel the Desireé by Avon at Ruyi & Lyn not long ago. Let us share with you what could you expect from this stylish, luxury collection.
Bold red dominates the accessories from Irina Collection. Water and scratch resistant bags made from PU leatherette, adorned with rustproof gold tone hardware exude elegance. Golden watches with quadruple plating ensure protection against tarnishing. They are hand-finished with faux crystal embellishments that accentuate luxury and class.
Bras from Irina Collection are made with premium memory foam cups and sexy eyelash lace that give comfortable support without compromising style. Your sensuality is further enhanced with matching midi panty and sultry satin sleepwear.

GINTELL Flagship Store @ Mid Valley Megamall & Hi5 Rental Plan

GINTELL flagship store grand opening in Mid Valley Megamall was held on the morning of Merdeka Day, 31 Aug 2017. It was a happening opening graced by the appearance of our very own supermodel, Amber Chia and lions dance.
The brand new GINTELL flagship store is huge and display with all GINTELL products for customers to try it on. From the signature DeSpace UFO massage chair, to DeVano S FUNtastic Sofa and many more.

In conjunction with GINTELL flagship store launch, they have also introduced the Hi5 Rental plan.

The Hi5 Rental plan has the benefits below;

- Guaranteed Service (- Small Model (Normal warranty 1 year, with rental plan 3 years) / Big Model (Normal warranty 2 years, with rental plan 3 years). Service team will provide professional tips such as health tips, massage chair operation tips & self-maintenance tips for better & effective use)
- Guaranteed Maintenance
- Guaranteed Replacement (-Under any unforeseen circumstances such as flood, fire, earthquake etc. which results in total loss of product, a replacement will be given)
- Guaranteed Value (-Health Benefits: Relax muscles, aids in posture, improve circulation, relieves stress, and reduce pressure on the nerves. Free gifts exclusive to those who sign the rental plan )
- Guaranteed Upgrade

No credit limit will be needed for the rental plan, and interest will be borne by GINTELL. Customers need not worry about credit card limit, or debit card limit, so long as there’s monthly income. Customers are not tied down to the whole payment, instead they are only paying the monthly rental fees instead of a large sum at once. Interest will not be charge to the customers. Customer will only pay for the monthly fees.

Eggmonium Hits Avenue K!

For the first time in Malaysia, Avenue K brings to life the pandemonium of eggs in conjunction with the 2017 World Egg Day. Featuring a total of 388 egg sculptures nestling the Ground Floor Atrium at Avenue K as well as other prominent and unique locations around Avenue K, the campaign, dubbed “388 Eggmonium”, is aimed to highlight the benefits and values of eggs which offers affordable source of high quality protein with the potential to feed the world. 
A truly unique experience for shoppers visiting Avenue K, the egg installation is the first of a series of events planned in the shopping mall, as part of a 3 week-long showcase starting from 7 September to 1 October 2017. Together with other fun activities such as Premia Eggs showcase and daily egg tasting, exceptional cooking, baking and food art workshops, this campaign celebrates the beauty, nutritional value, and many different aspects of eggs. To further highlight, there will also be cooking demonstrations by chefs from Premia, Sugarcraft Baking and Culinary Academy. 
Second left: Ms Phang Sze Sze, Deputy General Manager of Avenue K

Measuring 1 foot to 3 feet, each of the 388 extraordinary sculptures were individually designed and painted by students from the Art & Design schools including Saito University College, Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), Linton University College, Raffles College, and Dasein Academy of Art, the mall management team, tenants, artist and invited media friends. 
Avenue K offers shoppers the opportunity to adopt the 1ft and 3ft egg sculptures from the “388 Eggmonium” display and bring it home for a good cause at a starting price of RM30 each. A series of 1ft limited edition egg sculptures, designed by popular graffiti artist Kenji Chai which are on display will also be available for adoptions through an auction. Online bidding on the artist’s online platform at Facebook and also Instagram.

Disney Reveals Malaysia's First Ever Mouseketeers

After an extensive nation-wide search, seven young, talented Malaysians have been chosen to be the country’s first group of Mouseketeers. They will be the hosts of the multi-platform Disney Channel show “Club Mickey Mouse”, which makes its debut in Southeast Asia. 
Created by Walt Disney in 1955, the original “Mickey Mouse Club” is being refreshed in the United States as a digital-first program called “Club Mickey Mouse”. In Malaysia, the franchise has been localized and refreshed into a contemporary and uniquely Malaysian show which will entertain kids and families through music, comedy, games and celebrity guest appearances. These include hugely popular local personalities like actress Nur Fazura, actor and singer Fattah Amin, and hip-hop rapper Joe Flizzow.
Leading the group is 26-year old Head Mouseketeer Charis from Kuala Lumpur, well-known to Malaysians as a popular YouTube lifestyle personality. The other talented Mouseketeers are:
  • 15 –year old Faiz from Johor Bahru and 14-year old Natasya from Selangor, both winners of the “Club Mickey Mouse Star Search” which was conducted over six weeks across Malaysia
  • 13-year old Dheena from Negeri Sembilan
  • 14-year old Erissa from Kuala Lumpur
  • 15-year old Wafiy from Sabah
  • 16-year old Gabriel from Selangor
Standing (LtoR) Mouseketeer Dheena; Mouseketeer Gabriel; Agnes Rozario Vice President of Content Management Group, Astro; Mickey Mouse; Amit Malhotra, Vice President & General Manager, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia; Mouseketeer Faiz; Head Mouseketeer Charis.
“We are extremely proud of our talented Mouseketeers, and we can’t wait for Malaysian kids and families to get to know them,” said Amit Malhotra, Vice President & General Manager, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. “Together with our valued partner Astro, we are pleased that our fans in Malaysia will be the first in Southeast Asia to enjoy this iconic show which has been refreshed and localized especially for Malaysians.”
Agnes Rozario, Vice President of Content Management Group, Astro said, “We are proud that Disney Channel has chosen Malaysia as the launch pad for the localization of this great format. We are thrilled that our young talented Malaysians will have the opportunity to express their creativity and showcase their talent to a regional audience.”
With a digitally savvy audience in mind, “Club Mickey Mouse” will be a one-of-a-kind, multi-platform experience, providing fans with more ways to celebrate their love for Disney. Besides the variety show on Disney Channel in Malaysia, there are also 16 digital-first episodes called “Club Mickey Mouse Extra”. The Mouseketeers also interact with kids and families on social media. To date, Club Mickey Mouse has reached 18.5 million Malaysians online, with close to three million of them engaging with the content.
Fans can enjoy all digital content on Disney Channel Asia’s social media platforms (YouTube; Facebook, and Instagram) as well as on

Sell Your Car Hassle Free

Living in Kuala Lumpur, I have been driving a car around since I retrieved my driving licence at 17 years old. We all know that it's the best and most convenient way to travel around the city.
I have been changing cars over the years. As a car owner, I had been through a lot of hassle when I tried to sell my old cars. For examples, the buyer might not be able to buy my car as sometimes loan is not approved and there is no confirmation that the buyer will buy my car. I especially hate verbally promises which usually leads to big disappointment and frustration.

I remember the last time I wanted to sell my previous car, I had to visit several used car dealers to get a quote. It was time consuming and each of them told me differently about my car condition. I was so frustrated and can’t decide to whom should I sell my car to. Sometimes, I even receive PM from my listing post that are obviously scams I really hate! Furthermore, there are so many paperworks that I need to go through without anyone helping or guiding me.

So when my car started giving me problems last few months, I had decided to sell it off to buy a new car. Coincidentally, I discovered Carsome ads on Facebook and I found it interesting. Hence, I have done some research on Carsome. Carsome was first launched in Malaysia, then expanded to Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Car owners like me feel so relief with the service provided by Carsome.  
Why Carsome? Carsome is an online car selling platform. They are Fast, Fair & Free! The car selling process is very simple and easy, just 4 steps as shown below;

Step 1. Go to Carsome's website and submit your car and contact details to get an estimated price. If you agree with the price, you may select your preferred date and time for inspection.
Step 2. Carsome‘s customer service team will contact you to verify your details and confirm on the inspection appointment and guide you through the selling process. They will also advise on the documents that needed to bring for the inspection.

Step 3(a). Attend the inspection and Carsome's inspector will give you a final offer based on your actual car condition. If you agree with the price, proceed to Step (4).

Step 3(b). If you would like to get a higher price, you may opt for bidding where Carsome's 700+ used car dealer will have the access to bid on your car. You will also receive a login to view the live bidding transparently. When the bidding ends, you will have 24 hours to accept the final bidding price. If you accept the offer, proceed to Step (4)

Step 4. Carsome will handle all the paperwork (JPJ, PUSPAKOM & etc) and the payment will be transacted immediately.

Isn't it fast, fair and cool? Furthermore, Carsome's services is free hence we don't have to pay a single cents to sell our car. No charges on the paperwork and using thieir bidding platform. It is all up to us to decide!

Now, why not go try it out. If you still have doubts, you can read these reviews that I’ve got from Carsome’s Facebook! They have a total of 3400+ cars that are sold to them. has 2 inspection centres, one at Kelana Jaya and another one at Old Klang Road. They are open 7 days a week;
    • Customer service team (Monday – Sunday 9am-6pm)
    • Inspection Centre (Monday – Sunday 10am-530pm)

Watsons VIP Card 7th VIP Members Anniversary

Time flies, our favourite Watsons VIP Card is celebrating it's 7th VIP Members Anniversary from now until 2 October 2017. Happy Birthday to you Watsons VIP Card! Watsons VIP card members will certainly “look good, feel good” and feel syok as well with the amazing #watsonsrewards throughout the months. Well, we could look forward to many goodies, a line-up of exciting deals, promotions, offers, members only sales, carnivals in malls, great joint promotions with leading brands, as well as local and International artistes support and appearances.
We were delighted to attend it's Watsons VIP Card 7th VIP Members Anniversary media event on 5th Sep 2017 at MyTown Shopping Center, Cheras. Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia said: “It indeed has been a milestone since the launch of the Watsons Customer Loyalty Programme also known as the Watsons VIP Card. Launched in 2010, the card was initially to reward our loyal customers through out very own loyalty programme offering exclusive deals and members only opportunities. At Watsons, we always value all our customers, our VIP members that have supported us at all times.”
Sign up as Watsons VIP Card now to enjoy new sign ups promotions like to RM 300 worth of Watsons vouchers, receive 500 VIP points upon activation and RM 5000 worth of health club, dining, travel, beauty and lifestyle reward vouchers. Joining with a loyal following of more than 4 million members nationwide, Watsons VIP card comes with more health club rewards with more than 1000 #watsonsrewards merchant locations nationwide. Besides this, Watsons VIP Card members could also enjoy lifetime membership, earn 1 point for every RM 1 spent, pay using points, 200 points for RM 1, earn 2X points with Watsons brand products, earn 5X points on Birthday month, pay for your purchases using Touch N Go on your Watsons VIP card to earn 5X points, and exclusive discounts on health products.
What's more? During the Watsons Syok Member Anniversary celebration, Watsons VIP members can purchase items with a combination of cash and Watsons VIP points, have the opportunity to redeem free reward coupons worth RM 300 with purchases of RM 50 and above, and purchase exclusive items on sale of up to 50% in all Watsons stores.

Look out for Watsons Syok Sale Carnivals held at shopping malls below;

One Utama Shopping Centre's Ground Floor, Centre Court from 6th to 10th Sep 2017

Sunway Velocity Mall's Vanity Atrium from 26th Sep to 1st Oct 2017

ARISSTO Coffee Machine & Capsules

Do you know that I am more than a beauty junkie? If you know me well, you would know that I am also a coffee junkie that can't live without coffee. These days, good coffee comes with expensive price, don't you agree? Rather than spend quite some money to buy coffee at the cafes, I am glad to have an alternative now – the ARISSTO Coffee Machine & Capsules.
To be honest, I was attracted to ARISSTO Coffee Machine's Sleek, clean and cool design at first. I was given 3 boxes of capsules to made my own coffee and now I am going to share with you my view of it.
I normally drink coffee with milk. Hence the first step for me is to insert the Coffee milk into the coffee machine's slot. Arissto milk coffee is a low-calories milk capsule that contains only 40 calories per capsule. This is 5 times lower than the amount of calories in an instant coffee. 
Then, depends on my mood, I would put in either coffee flavour below;
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