Aeril Zafrel Appearance to Debut at Mid Valley BONIA Boutique

To celebrate the revamped makeover of BONIA’s Mid Valley Boutique, the luxury brand welcomed their Exclusive Members to a star-studded shopping event experience. In order to take part in an unforgettable experience and the shared excitement of their Twiggy Maras and Maras Collection, BONIA had ring in the Exclusive Member’s Event celebration with a special guest appearance from Malaysia’s renowned celebrity Aeril Zafrel.
Aeril Zafrel is the perfect special guest appearance for BONIA’s Mid Valley Boutique due to his refreshing creativity and individuality as a male trendsetter celebrity. His effortless style speaks volumes and has remained a strong presence in the Malaysian social media scene. 
In addition to the event, the Twiggy Maras and Maras Collection is BONIA’s Limited Edition showcase. A number of 10 satchels from the Collection’s pre-order exclusives will get a chance to have a meet and greet fan encounter with Aeril. What makes both of these collections unique is that their inspiration derives from the Madagascan Lemurs. Lemurs are high spirited, and playful in nature, which is the true embodiment of these collections. Fun and Carefree are the two sides to BONIA that the brand is super keen to reveal.
The brand’s recently expanded and renovated store is the ultimate stylish oasis for all their BONIA fans to endure. The space covers a total surface are of 1744 sqft. With their fresh smell of leather gracing the storefront entrance, the concession features refined wooden wall units and unique, gold-toned furnishings. 

The interior is divided into spacious areas defined by the signature refined wooden wall units, geometric patterns of gold and white wall paints. The warm white lighting that permeates within the space is a legacy of BONIA’s identity worldwide. A sitting area, known as the Monogram Lounge is equipped with elegant cushioned chairs that help complete the inviting workshop of a space. What sets this boutique concept apart is that it exudes a sophisticated atmosphere, one that is unique, majestic and inviting!

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Melissa said...

Bonia things are very nice. Most are very expensive.

Nisa said...

The bag, I must own it!

Sharon Lee said...

Bonia is a really good brand too! The bags are so high quality and pretty!

Chia Hui Koo said...

Bonia!!!! Well, I like their collection too. Awesome.

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

I wish I can own another bag from Bonia.. something from these collection would love the one the girl is carrying

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