Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) - The New Landmark of Chow Kit

Chow Kit is a memorable place for me as my mom used to bring me there often when I was young. I remembered mom always bought textile and baking necessary before she brought us to eat the 'Chow Kit pan mee'.
Today, Chow Kit is transforming to a better and more modern place with the prestigious new landmark - Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC). It is Chow Kit's first major one-stop wholesale mall specialised in cosmetic products, kitchenware and traditional Malay herbs.
Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) is a new 10-storey icon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's atmospheric localized area which is touted to be one of its kind in Malaysia. This freehold development by New Paradise Development under the umbrella of VINSOON Group that is founded by Dato' Michael Lim Tiam Chye.

Dato' Michael Lim Tiam Chye, founder of VINSOON Group

During the official launch of Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) yesterday morning, Dato' Michael Lim said: “For many years, Chow Kit has served as a great area for the wholesale community including for leisure, due to its great location and varied wholesale products anyone can find in Chow Kit ranging from watches, custom jewelry, fashionable accessories, to household and kitchenware, and others. Armed with a specialized knowledge of the Malaysian market through past projects, we developed an understanding of targeted wholesalers and investors, and truly achieved what we set out to do”

Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) has been opened for sales since February 2017, and is receiving overwhelming responses since then. IT shows a strong demand for CKTC that has a net floor area of 34,650 square feet. It has been occupied nearly 50% from business investors and wholesalers that brings a variety of products and stocks mainly on cosmetic products, kitchenware and traditional Malay herbs originated from China, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and many more.

With the pretty and talented emcee of the launch of CKTC - Choo Mei Sze

Indeed, CKTC has certainly proved itself as the next big investment opportunity, as CKTC's biggest tenant MK Curtain Group – the leading and largest curtain showroom in Malaysia has allocated the whole 7th floor, while key tenants like Hypershoe, a member of Vinsoon Group will be occupying the entire 6th floor.

With that, Dato' Michael Lim foresee that CKTC will be fully occupied by the end of year 2017. Comprises of 254 lots with built-up areas ranging from 52 to 181 square feet, the price of CKTC starts from RM 101,400 to RM 1,411,800. This freehold premises is adjourning with major International hotels that provide exceptional contemporary wholesale shopping experience to shoppers.

CKTC will surely be the next signature wholesale mall in Chow Kit with its unique features such as a sky-dining Malay heritage food court concept, easy access to major roads and walking distance to public transport including Chow Kit Monorail, Kampung Baru LRT, PWTC LRT, Pekeliling Bas Terminal and Pudu Sentral UTC.

For more information on Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC), go to their Facebook page at

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Emily said...

I am not from KL so the things I hear about Chow Kit are all negative. I wish to personally visit this new icon to see how things have changed over the decades.

Absolute Yana said...

wow..i feel like it would the only odd ball there..coz isn't chow kit like filled with old buildings? hehehhe but that's one way of progressing

cindyrina said...

Long time never visit to this part of KL. Many modernization pop up nowadays.

Yanrula said...

WOW a wholesale mall selling cosmetic products? I want! But the only thing is the location HAHA still feel a bit scared going to that area :(

yanrula x

Jia Shin Lee said...

This sounded pretty cool can't wait to see its changes.

Emy Pluss said...

Last incident in chow kit really give negative issue for the public. Hope the launch of CKTC bring good transformation to that area

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

Wahh. Got trade center now? I guess this will makes the shopper feels safer than shopping in the street. Must remember the price for the item will go up too. :D

Shini Lola said...

Always hear bad things about Chow Kit but rarely go there. Seem they try to change the area.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Chow Kit gonna be beautiful and touristy after this. A great way to progress.

Bee Lee said...

Seems like an interesting place to visit since I have not been to the place before. It should be a good change of environment for both the sellers and customers.

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