Children Mandarin Enrichment Class @ The Parenthood

After our kids' fun dance tour at The Parenthood Wellness @ Sunway Pyramid last Saturday, we have joined the trial of Children Mandarin Enrichment Class @ The Parenthood.

We all know that Mandarin is important and valuable language for everyone, so we always wanted our children to learn Mandarin. The Children Mandarin Enrichment Class at The Parenthood is a fun and interactive programmes that is designed for children between 2 year old to 6 year old.
The interactive Mandarin programmes are integrated with drama, games, storytelling, arts & crafts, music & rhythm and writing to motivate competency in the four components of language learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Teacher Julie has a lot of teaching experience in overseas and International schools. We like how she interacted with the children, and reward them when they have answered correctly in the class. She has also introduced some Big book as kids is very much attracted by big visuals, and big wording. Honestly, it is my first time seeing such a big book inside a classroom.
The curriculum is aligned with multiple curricula including Malaysia Chinese MOE syllabus, IB PYP and China HanBan YCT test and constructed on theme-based concept which relates to children’s daily lives and rages from beginner to advance.

Fun Dance Programs for the Lil' Ones @ The Parenthood Wellness

Like many kids, my younger daughter loves music and dance a lot. She is so active that she will starts shaking her body when she hear the beats of music. So, hubby and I were discussing about enrolling her into a dance class, coincidentally my friend has introduced me the kids' fun dance programs at The Parenthood Wellness @ Sunway Pyramid.
The Parenthood Wellness is a one-stop family fitness centre, we have been there for a few times at The Parenthood playground. This time, we visited The Parenthood Wellness to join The Dance Project on their tour open day.
We like the clean, bright and fun environment in The Parenthood Wellness. My girl got to change to their dancing suits and joined the dance sessions with other boys and girls.
It makes a big difference in life when you can start off on the right foot. The Dance Project is happy to be able to introduce our children, between ages 2 and 12, to the world of dance and exercise, in a fun and fruitful way. With their tagline of “Fun & Fitness with Dance – Developing Healthy & Confident Kids”, they will expose children to various genres of non-exam focused dance and movement programs, which are designed to be fun, engaging and educational.

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel's 6th Global Day of Discovery (GDoD)

We were honoured to be invited to Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel's 6th Global Day of Discovery (GdoD) which was held on 17th May 2017. This annual event is happening at 160 Renaissance Hotels around the World.
Renaissance Hotels, the global lifestyle brand known for bringing its Business unusual mantra to today's travelers let us experience “5 to 9” with as much vigor as we approach “9 to 5”.
In fact, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel has also celebrated its completion of Phase 2 renovation that offers newly renovated and luxurious rooms to travelers.

Siemens Malaysia “My Train-Ventures” Children's Activity Book Launch

Siemens Malaysia has once again demonstrated its crucial role in nation-building by raising awareness and understanding of the public transportation to Malaysian children through their corporate citizenship initiative with the grand launch of “My Train-Ventures” Children's Activity Book last Saturday morning at main concourse area, NU Sentral.
The launch event has attracted more than 150 people to join. The event commenced with a flash mob sequence of the iconic tune of “Locomotion” by Kylie Miogue, presented by the employees of Siemens Malaysia.
Then, Mr. Prakash Chandran, President & CEO of Siemens Malaysia and Mr. Ben Chong, Head of Business Development of Siemens Malaysia officiated the launch and gave their speech.
Middle: Mr. Prakash Chandran, President & CEO of Siemens Malaysia 
Left: Mr. Ben Chong, Head of Business Development of Siemens Malaysia

Siemens Malaysia's “My Train-Ventures” Children's Activity Book comprise of 3 different age groups, and comes with striking illustrations and entertaining storylines that promises a unique learning experience. It blends imaginative adventures with elements of fun that makes reading all that more refreshing for children.

A Girls' Trip @ #JomNaikMRT

When I heard that the new MRT line has started on last Monday, 17th Jul 2017, I can't wait to try it out with my friends as it was FREE on the first day of launch. So, I dated Wendy and Syahirah for a fun MRT tour that evening.
We started our journey from MRT Muzeum Negara station. First impression? Very clean, huge and modern MRT stations, even better than what we seen in Korea, Japan and the UK. Most importantly, the air cond is so cold which is really best for our warm weather here in Malaysia.
We traveled from Muzeum Negara to Cheras. Along the journey, we have seen a lot of people also having fun riding on the brand new MRT.
The first stop, we got down from Sri Raya, Cheras. It is quite a huge station as it links to the Saville @ Cheras Condominiums with a sky bridge. Imagine staying here at the condominium, it will be so convenient to stay here as my girls could go to school with MRT line just next to our house. It is hassle free from the heavy traffic on the road, and it took just less than 30 minutes to reach the city center, just so cool!

Sonne Sauna - Far Infrared (FIR) Home & Professional Sauna

We all know that sauna is good for us in many ways since long long time ago. Hence, there's a sauna at almost every club houses, ftiness centers, spa centers, and hotels. I love going to sauna since I was teenager, as I don't sweat much even during exercises and sauna is the best way for me to sweat. However, why go for the traditional sauna which is hot and can overwhelm those who are more sensitive to the heat while we can have Infrared saunas that provides milder temperature but the heat of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body for better sweat results?
I have tried out the Far Infrared (FIR) Home & Professional Sauna from Sonne Sauna recently. Sonne means sun in German, which is the energy that powers life on earth. Comparing to the traditional sauna, FIR Sonne sauna is much more comfortable and relaxing in term of usage. Most importantly, Sonne sauna brings a lot of benefits to us, read further to find out more.

Benefits of Concentrated Infrared Sauna:

1. Cardiovascular Health
As a complementary to diet and exercise, especially for people who has problems to exercise from chronic heart failure, high blood pressure, knees pain etc. Blood pressure reduction is proven from FIR sauna from the studies by University of Missouri Kansas City in year 2005 showed that a 30 minutes sauna session three times a week can lower the blood pressure. Also, in the study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that sauna has significant improvement in Survival Rate from the sauna bathing among 2315 middle ages men (42 to 60 years old) with a median follow up of 20.7 years, was associated with a.

2. Weight loss
FIR sauna has the capability to penetrate the deep tissues that produces sweat. One 30 minutes infrared sauna can burn up to 600 calories. Such amazing and proven results by just sitting and relaxing in the sauna. With a combination with diet, regular use of Sonne sauna will reduce body weight and reducing waist line especially in obese patients.

3 Detox and Cleanse
FIR sauna works very good in Detox and Cleanse. Detoxifies your body 7 times better than a traditional sauna, composing as much as 20% of toxins and it is a more effective detoxification on heavy metals, urea, lactic acid, etc.
4 Look and Feel Younger
FIR sauna Improves blood circulation, heating of the muscles with infrared heat results in blood flow level increment which is similar to that seen during exercises. With that, one will notice that the fine lines, wrinkles are reduced, and skin feels firmer by the increasing of collagen and elastin content, which made us look and feel younger over the usage of FIR sauna.

Premium Rich Moist Lip Balm - An Ultra Nourishing Lipbalm

It’s time to care for your lips as much as you care for the other parts of your face. Your lips too deserve the pampering as much as your skin! Without the extra care and pampering, the lips would appear dull, eventually develop wrinkles and in some extreme condition, the lips become chapped and dry.

To promote pampering and caring of lips, Mentholatum introduces its all-new Premium Rich Moist, a super nourishing lipbalm that pampers the lips with all the best moisturizing ingredients. Formulated with 8 moisturizing ingredients i.e. Olive Oil, Honey, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Shea Butter and Moringa Butter this premium lipbalm helps to relieve dry and chapped lips while keeping the lips velvety silky smooth.
It is also fortified with Multi-Ceramides that helps to maintain and restore the skin barrier function for intense and long-lasting moisturisation. Ideal for outdoor use, this premium lipbalm also comes with SPF23 PA+++, for protection against the UVA and UVB rays.
For best and long-lasting results, gently slide two to three layers on the lips. Available in two variants namely Fragrance Free, which is made suitable for those with sensitive skin and Natural Honey for those who prefer a tinge of sweetness in the scent.

Lunch like No Other at Tony Roma’s

The clamor and chaos of lunch hour in the main cities of our nation is a defining feature of the average work day. And the way you spend your lunch hour can have a dramatic effect on your entire day. It can significantly influence your productivity but more importantly how you actually feel. Here’s a great news as Tony Roma’s has prepared an amazing lunch deal to be enjoyed at your own pace.

World renowned for its legendary ribs and famous for so much more, the lunch portion sets are specially designed for you so that you are able to feast on a selection of Tony Roma’s famous dishes such as the Bountiful Beef Ribs or New York Steak. For chicken lovers, try the recommended White Barbeque Chicken, Fire-Grilled Harvest Valley Chicken or the Chicken Caprese Pasta which are chicken meals like you never tasted before!
For a perfect lunch combo, try the Bountiful Beef Rib & Mojo Chicken, Bountiful Beef Rib with Fish & fries or Boutiful Beef Rib & Lamb Cevapi. If you are looking for something lighter, the selections of salads are great too. Selections such as the famous Tony’s Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken or the Chicken Caesar Salad will definitely satisfy the palate.

“There is truly no better time to enjoy your lunch break at Tony Roma’s with your colleagues, friends and family,” said George Ang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grand Companions Sdn. Bhd, the franchise holder of Tony Roma’s Malaysia.

“We specially crafted the set lunch menu so that everyone will get to try Tony Roma’s signature dishes at affordable prices. For those less enthusiastic about ribs, we have several other items such as steaks, salads, chicken, pastas and seafood. With great food and great atmosphere, you can be sure to enjoy an excellent overall dining experience at Tony Roma’s, “said George Ang.
Each main course comes accompanied with a bowl of soup and bottomless soft drink. 

Applicable on weekdays except for Public Holidays from 11.00am to 3.00pm, Tony Roma’s Value Lunch Deal is available at all Tony Roma’s outlets except for IOI City Mall and Komtar JBCC. The value lunch deal is offered at RM16.90 onwards at all participating outlets.

Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) - The New Landmark of Chow Kit

Chow Kit is a memorable place for me as my mom used to bring me there often when I was young. I remembered mom always bought textile and baking necessary before she brought us to eat the 'Chow Kit pan mee'.
Today, Chow Kit is transforming to a better and more modern place with the prestigious new landmark - Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC). It is Chow Kit's first major one-stop wholesale mall specialised in cosmetic products, kitchenware and traditional Malay herbs.
Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) is a new 10-storey icon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's atmospheric localized area which is touted to be one of its kind in Malaysia. This freehold development by New Paradise Development under the umbrella of VINSOON Group that is founded by Dato' Michael Lim Tiam Chye.

Dato' Michael Lim Tiam Chye, founder of VINSOON Group

During the official launch of Chow Kit Trade Center (CKTC) yesterday morning, Dato' Michael Lim said: “For many years, Chow Kit has served as a great area for the wholesale community including for leisure, due to its great location and varied wholesale products anyone can find in Chow Kit ranging from watches, custom jewelry, fashionable accessories, to household and kitchenware, and others. Armed with a specialized knowledge of the Malaysian market through past projects, we developed an understanding of targeted wholesalers and investors, and truly achieved what we set out to do”

Hydrate with HADA LABO’S All New Revolutionary Hydrating Oil-In Lotion

Hada Labo, the Japanese skincare brand well known for its hero product lotion, introduces a new breakthrough innovation in their range of lotion products. Introducing the first Oil-In Lotion. This new Hada Labo oil infused lotion offers a unique approach to lotion where it promises consumers a brand-new experience in hydration like no other.
Combining the best part of water and oil, Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion enables oil to adheres on the skin retain moisture while the water penetrates deep into skin to infused skin with abundant of hydration. A single pump patted on the face is all you need in exchange for a well hydrated, soft, smooth and supple skin all day long.
Using the nano encapsulated and dispersion technology, Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion nourishes like oil and feels like water. The plant-derived squalene oil in this lotion is encapsulated and disperse onto skin through nano-dispersion technology to ensure the oil is solubilized in water to give you a transparent, ultra-light, pleasant and comfortable feeling without leaving any oily & sticky residues when applied onto skin. It also provides skin with ideal oil and water balance to ensure skin stay hydrated and fresh for long hours.

RM 55,000 Funds from The 13th Annual ROASTERS Chicken Run Raised for The Needy

Berjaya Times Square was swarmed with more than 2,000 runners during the 13th ROASTERS Chicken Run (RCR), organised by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR).
The atmosphere was radiating with energy when the enthusiastic participants engaged in an upbeat warm-up session by Sports Toto Fitness before getting ready for their respective categories.
Coming back for the 13th year, it is exhilarating to see the continuous support we get from the public. RCR is one of the significant events in our calendar because it fits our objective to promote healthy living and also allows us to give back to the community by lending a hand to organisations like Food Aid Foundation that are operating to help the needy by providing basic necessities such as wholesome meals,” said Sydney Quays, Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Food Berhad.
A huge part of the funds raised from this event will be translated to nutritious wholesome meals contributed to the needy while the remaining will be donated to various organisations through Food Aid Foundation. We have reached out to 35 homes and organisations and contributed a total of 3,340 wholesome KRR meals between July 2015 to March 2017,” added Sydney.

Althea Turns 2

Happy 2nd Birthday to Althea, our favourite online seller for Korean beauty products! Wishing you many many more happy years to come, don't forget to keep bringing us the awesome deals ya.
In conjunction with the 2nd Birthday, there are many exciting things happening on Althea. 
Some of them are as below;

Exciting Althea Birthday 3 - 31 July 2017 -

  • Limited Edition Althea Birthday Box design that looks like a cake!
  • Birthday Kits for lucky early bird shoppers
  • Birthday sample pack for lucky early bird shoppers
  • Birthday Sales & Promotions for customers
  • Althea Birthday Giveaway Festival for customers (free products every other day in July to add into cart)
  • Althea Beauty Box July - Birthday Makeup Box (theme) 3/7 released
  • Weekly Lucky Shopper Contest to win Althea credits
  • Instagram #AltheaTurns2 Contest - snap & show your decorated birthday box to win amazing prizes from Althea!
  • 20 days of Beauty Giveaway on @Altheakorea (Instagram)

ISHIN Japanese Dining @ Old Klang Road

We love everything Japanese, from the clean country itself, to the fabulous beauty brands and a variety of Japanese cuisines. If there's one cuisine we would live on, it would be Japanese food.

You see, we have been travelling to Japan for a number of times. There's always something new and nice there, especially for food. However, we couldn't be flying to Japan every time we cravings for authentic Japanese food. ISHIN Japanese Restaurant is here to save us, as a Japanese restaurant serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order, ISHIN prepares their meals freshly using ingredient imported from Japan's famous Tsukiji market with the finest ingredients of the season.
Let us share with you what have we tasted at a fantastic dinner at ISHIN Japanese Dining lately, Itadakimasu.

Chef Special Sashimi (2 pax)
Generous slices of fresh, sweet and smooth sashimi on a sashimi boat decorated with a cool LED light igloo. Comes with assorted fresh seafood, chef has prepared fresh prawns, salmon, scallop, sea urchin squid, and clamp for that night. It is indeed one of the best Sashimi we have tasted outside of Japan. We just love this nicely presented sashimi boat.

Wagyu Stone Grill (Market Price)
The most premium and best wagyu beef steak, grill with the special stone in front of us. Every bite of the wagyu beef is juicy, tender, and soft. It doesn't need any sauce or gravy as the wagyu taste rich and great by itself. 

Kiple's Influencers Program x Top Passion Salon

So you know I had a hair makeover at Top Passion Salon @ Paradigm Mall at the beginning of July 2017. Thanks to Kiple for the kind arrangements for Emily and I to enjoy the hair cut, color and treatment on the lovely day.
Due to I had a really dark hair dye the month before, I was opt for a change to a lighter hair color this time around. My hairstylist that day had suggested me a cool brown color as he thought it would look good on me. So, I sat down, relaxed and let him do the magic.
He first cut off the ends of my hairs since they are mostly spoiled due to excessive dye and styling over the time. I felt lighter after the hair cut, and he then started to apply the product to bleach my hair. We waited for quite awhile for the bleaching to be done.
My hair was turn into very light brown after washing out the bleach. It's time to put on the hair color to dye it into cool brown shade. Since I had a base of highlight from my previous hair dye, the end results were fantastic with plenty of depth and dimension on my hair.

Trade in Old Bottles for New Philips Avent PA Bottles

As a mother of 2 girls, I have a lot of old bottles. Sometimes I feel it's wasted and not environmental friendly to throw them away. Good news for all parents like me out there, now we can recycle our old bottles for the selected new Philips Avent PA Bottles and get up to 50% discount.
If you have follow me on my social media, you would know that I had a fun shooting for Philips Avent x yesterday on this special promotions.
In fact, Philips Avent has placed the special recycle boxes at Philips Brand Store at The Gardens Mall, Publika and Sutera Mall, SOGO for us to drop off our old bottles. This great deal is happening from now until 30th Sep 2017.
On top of that, we can also take a picture of us dropping off our bottles and share on our Facebook or Instagram, and hashtags #motherhoodcommy #philipsavent #recycylemom to get additional RM10 giveaway if we shop on

JBL Extraordinary Sound Experiences 5 KM Fun Run 2017

JBL is organising an Extraordinary Sound Experiences 5 KM Fun Run 2017.

JBL Fun Run 2017 

Date: Saturday, September 30

Time: 5 PM - 11 PM

Venue: Shah Alam Stadium

Participants will be enjoying themselves with music, lights and many more fun during the night! Not only that, we could also be a part of this run and join JBL to help the needy as they will donate part of the collection from this run to charity organizations.

During the JBL Fun Run 2017, participants will get to see the JBL's Brand Ambassadors below;

Jeff Chin, a multi-talented and hosted many events as emcee, MYFM radio announcer, artist, and TV host. Jeff just did his own concert “Let’s Go Dud Stand Up Show 2017” on January. For now, Jeff Chin will be the brand ambassador for Hot Gadgets and the spoke person for JBL Fun Run 2017.


Our favourite child health supplement brand, CHAMPS has launched a fun and educational mobile application – MYCHAMPION at MBO Cinema @ The Starling Mall, uptown today. This user friendly mobile app is designed for children aged 7 to 12 years old, and help them understand and explore their ambitions through the digital platform.
Every young child has a little ambition, I dreamed to be a doctor while I was a children, what about you? However, many of us did not achieve our childhood ambition because we were unsure of how to realize it at a young age. CHAMPS, Malaysia's household well-known child health supplement brand, always believes in nurturing champions since young. With it's brand's statement “Mother's choice for champions” leads the brand's initiative to provide the best in developing children's growth mentally and physically from product offers to marketing activities over the years.
MYCHAMPION, the first localized and educational mobile application was developed in line with Ministry of Education Malaysia's vision, which is to uphold quality education system that develops individuals to their full potential and fulfills the aspirations of the nation.
Present at the MYCHAMPION mobile app launch was Mr. Billy Urudra, Chief Commercial Officer of CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd., En. Shamsul Idham Ahad, General Manager of OTC Business, CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd., Watson's Management team, CCM Members, media representatives and students and teachers from SK Kampung Jawa.

Daily Dining Treats in July at TEMPTationS, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Experience great value when you dine at TEMPTationS from 1 to 31 July 2017. With 31 days to get more for your money, dine with TEMPTationS every day of the week and be rewarded with complimentary drinks and further discounts. 
The ‘Daily Specials’ are:- 

Mojito Monday FREE glass of Mojito or a soft drink with any main course for Dinner. 
Thirsty Tuesday FREE glass of cocktail at Mezzo with any main course for Dinner. 
Women’s Wednesday Ladies enjoy 50% OFF on all main courses for Dinner. 
Thursday Tipple Guys get a FREE pint of beer at Mezzo with the Dinner Buffet. 
Feel Good Friday FREE glass of house wine with the Dinner Buffet. 
Spiced-up Saturday FREE glass of house wine with the Dinner Buffet. 
Wacky Weekends FREE glass of Mimosa or a sparkling juice with the Long Lunch Buffet. 
There is every reason for you to come and reap your dining rewards as WACS Global Master Chef Helmut Lamberger has crafted a new a la carte dining menu with plenty of choices to choose from. Highly recommended are the Renaissance burger, Nasi goreng kampong, Tagliatelle turandot and the American style rendang pizza amongst others. If you cannot decide, simply enjoy the Dinner Buffet with a tantalizing selection of dishes spanning from East to West. 
Specials at the Dinner Buffet include live stations dishing out Chicken shawarma, Roasted lamb shoulder with rosemary jus, Freshly grilled chicken and beef satay and Salt crusted baked whole seabass to name a few. TEMPTationS Treats Diners Everyday of the Week in July, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel Daily specials abound! There is something for everyone, every day of the week. 

[Food] 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Crispy outside and juicy inside fried chicken anyone? We have found it at 4Fingers, a food chain that is nuts about chicken. According to 4Fingers, they have discovered the best Asian crispy chicken in New York City’s grungy subway scene, we knew we had to share it. And so began the revolution of crispy chicken.
We Malaysian love fried chicken, but you haven't have the best fried chicken if you haven't try 4Fingers. Spicy, crispy, unique and downright addictive – it’s chicken that’s so bad, it’s good.
We were happy to have a great fried chicken dinner at 4Fingers Sunway Pyramid awhile ago. In conjunction with the grand launch of the new brunch, they have also introduced a new bundle meals for a limited time only for 3s and 4s.
4Fingers' TRIO platter is priced at RM60.70, which is perfect for 3 people. Consists of 3 pcs of drumsticks, 6 pcs of wingettes and drummettes, Katsu Sandwich or B.F.F /burger, 2 fries, 1 rice and 3 drinks.
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