[Review] Lunior Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel

I first heard about deer placenta health supplement on a workshop that I attended months ago. According to the speaker, deer placenta is the latest health supplement that provides many benefits including youthful and improve blood circulation.
So coincidentally, my friend has introduced me the Lunior Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel last week. Hence, I grabbed the golden chances to try it out since many people has already consuming it with good feedback.
As we know, placenta is a vital organ that is naturally needed for exchange of nutrients between the mother and the fetus. Ancient Chinese people explored the power of placenta as a source rich in nutrition, which nourishes the human body. Now, Deer placenta is preferred over other sources of placenta as New Zealand deer is known to be disease-free and a rich source of nutrients as well as certain growth factors which could be used for restoration of skin health and other benefits. The product is farmed from best sourced of New Zealand deer.
Made by Alpha Laboratories (NZ) Limited in New Zealand, Lunior Deer Placenta Plus Enteric-Coated Soft Gel comes in a 30 soft gels pack. Each soft gel contains 100mg deer placenta extract (20:1, equivalent to deer placenta fresh 2000mg), 200 mg Grape Seed Oil, 180mg Squalene and 50mg Lyophilised Royal Jelly Powder.

HyppTV Celebrates The Joy of Deepavali with Children from Agathians Shelter

In conjunction with the Festival of Lights, HyppTV, TM’s award winning TV & Video Streaming service available on multiple platforms in Malaysia has treated 20 underprivileged children from Agathians Shelter to a special movie screening of 'Cars 3', accompanied by their caretakers at GSC The Gardens Mall last Thursday.
Mr Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President of New Media, TM, Miss Inthira, Council Member and representative of Agathians Shelter together with 20 children from Agathians Shelter

In fact, HyppTV’s has held a series of Deepavali community-oriented activities including this special movie screening and a donation drive campaign to raise funds and collection of household items for the shelter.

(L - R) – Mr Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President of New Media, TM handing over mocked cheque worth RM7,000 to Miss Inthira, Council Member and representative of Agathians Shelter

We were honoured to witness this memorable moment with the underprivileged children at the event. Before the movie screening, Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President, New Media handed over cash contributions and shopping vouchers worth RM7,000 to Miss Lotus, a volunteer education planner and representative of Agathians Shelter. Part of the contributions were gathered through a donation drive held recently at the lobby of Menara TM for Warga Keluarga TM as well as members of the public.

Jeremy said, “Deepavali is one of the most significant festivals for the Indian community, and it is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time and bond with family and loved ones as we celebrate new beginnings. So at HyppTV, we intend to bring light and joy to the children from Agathians Shelter this Deepavali with the donation as well as the movie screening as a special treat.”

“In addition to this, we wish to extend the spirit of giving to more Malaysians and our customers through our on-going ‘Tambah Lagi’ campaign. In the spirit of Deepavali, we will be giving a 15 days free viewing period of all the channels in Varnam Pack to showcase our wide content offerings, bringing only the best Indian content line-ups for continuous enjoyment during the festivities. Furthermore, you can enjoy these channels not only at the convenience of your living room, but also anywhere while on the move with HyppTV Everywhere mobile app,” he added.
We knew that the kids from Agathians Shelter have truly enjoyed the special screening of “Cars 3” movie with popcorns and juices from their joyous faces. Good job to HyppTV.

Cost of Living – is it a Needs or Wants?

Have you ever calculated your cost of living? In this modern World, there are so many things we can buy from the shopping malls and even from home online. Do you always buy what you want and is all of them what you need?

For me, I would always ensure I buy something essential that I need, and I control myself when I see something nice to have but I don't really need. Simple because, wants may change over time, I might be regret the next day for spending something that I don't need.
Let me share with you some examples;

I need a pair of nice pants for working purposes.

I don't really need a nice dress for the latest fashion. I might probably wear it once or not even wearing it.

See, that's how I differentiates wants and needs. Sadly, I have many friends that shop because they see something nice. Over time, they have many debts from their credit cards, loans and it has eventually affected their financial status.
Thanks to KPDNKK, we can now check the latest price for essential items from their website and their app to become a smart consumer. For instance, KPDNKK has just announced the 16 controlled items for the coming Deepavali festival. From there, we consumer would know the price of the essential items for the festive.

With the habit of asking ourselves if something is a need or a want, we would eventually learn to set the spending priorities and save the money for things we really need.

[Concert] Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu / 而立

The last time I been to concert at Plenary Hall, KLCCCC was a few years back. I am so excited that I am going to be there again tomorrow for the 'Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu' concert.

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Jiritsu / 而立 

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 17

Time: 3 to 6pm

Venue: Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

As a big fans of Faye Wong, I know about Final Fantasy back to my teenage time. I love her sang “Eyes on Me” which was truly a hit back in 2006.

And now, I am going to listen the music live with my elder daughter. I feel really excited and can't wait! Sharing with you more details about Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY JIRITSU / 而立 below.
Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY presents a new series of orchestral concerts: FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary - JIRITSU. Including a spectacular musical tribute to 30 years of FINAL FANTASY, music from FINAL FANTASY XV and a visual experience to accompany the show, SQUARE ENIX, AWR Music and Impact Live/Creon Asia bring this once in a lifetime live show to Kuala Lumpur's Planerary Hall on 18th October. Featuring Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu in attendance and a full symphony orchestra conducted by Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth, this multimedia experience combines stirring HD screen images to match the soaring emotions of SQUARE ENIX's world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series.

Traditional Remedies for Kidney Stone

I have a lot of friends and relatives suffering from kidney stone. It is so painful and sometimes even need to go for a surgery to take out the kidney stone. For mild case like me, I would suffer from mild pain and sometimes pain on urination. But, I am glad that there is a traditional remedies for kidney stone removal which I have tried recently. The GlamoHealth juice that is made from traditional village formula.
GlamoHealth juice contains a lot of ingredients to benefit us from kidney stone, including lemon, beetroot, leafflower, basil, honey, celery leaves, pomegranate, soursop leaves, and snake grass leaves. As you can see, these botanical ingredients are good to the body. In fact, it does not only helps in kidney stones, it also helps for heart disease.
GlamoHealth juice comes in a plastic bottle packed in paper box. The bottle cap is sealed securely before open. It comes with a small measurement plastic cup too which is useful and made consumption easier.
The juice is quite concentrated. Most importantly, it taste good, not too sweet but soury sweet which I really like. I normally drink 30 ml of it on every meal. I also make sure I drink enough of water (at least 8 glasses) every day to help ease the passage. After drinking GlamoHealth juice for 2 days, I noticed that my urination is smoother and not as painful as previously anymore. I do not have any pain nor discomfort after consuming it. In fact, the best result could be seen after consuming it for one to two weeks.

Donate. Support. Recycle @ Neubodi Bra Drive 2017

Neubodi Bra Drive is back for the 5th consecutive year. This year, Neubodi Bra Drive is running from now until 5th November 2017. As Malaysian lingerie specialist brand, Neubodi has once again support the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month with this month-long “Donate. Support. Recycle” Bra Drive campaign.
Public can drop-off any unwanted or used bras in Neubodi “Bra Banks” at any Neubodi stores nationwide. Neubodi will donate gently-used items to victims of sex trafficking, enabling their rehabilitation into society as they warn a livelihood selling second-hand bras. Beneficiaries of the “Donate” initiative are communities in Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Africa including those in poverty for whom bras are sough-after essential item – providing comfort and self-esteem.
Keeping textile away from the landfills, bras not suited for donation will be collected by Neubodi's strategic partner, Life Line Clothing. Using proprietary technology, raw materials of bras such as spandex, nylon, metal wire and plastics will be converted into reusable solid fuel commonly used to power industrial boilers and generators. This “Recycle” initiative is Malaysia's first activity of its kind.
Neubodi has partner with Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) to increase public awareness that breast cancer is 'gender blind', and promote the importance of self-examination and early detection while raising funds for BCWA's “Hospital Angels” programme. In this initiative, trained specialists will visit newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and help them learn to cope with the disease in an encouraging and positive environment. Funds are raised via Neubodi's “Pedal Forward” cycling convoy that concluded on 7th Oct 2017, and exclusive sales from its GO PINK collection during the launch at 1 Utama Shopping Centre last weekends, where RM 10 from every PINK BRA purchase will be donated to BCWA.

World Sight Day 2017 'Make Vision Count' by Focus Point

I have been supporting World Sight Day for many years. World Sight Day (WSD) is a global initiative to raise awareness on preventable blindness and vision impairment. There are approximately 285 million people in the World live with low vision and blindness. In fact, 80% of it was actually preventable, either by early detection of eye problem or by having it cured by a treatment or surgery, or it can be easily solved by just having a pair of prescription glasses.
There's always some CSR campaigns running in conjunction with World Sight Day each year. This year, I felt honored to participate the World Sight Day 2017 'Make Vision Count' CSR Campaign initiated by leading vision care group, Focus Point. With the aim of advocating eye and vision care amidst rising vision impairment and eye problem incidences in Malaysia.
World Sight Day 2017 - 'Make Vision Count' by Focus Point Event

Date: 9 Oct 2017 to 15 Oct 2017

Time: 10am to 10pm

Venue: LG2 Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid

According to media reports of year 2016, 54 out of every 1000 Malaysians suffer from low-vision impairment owing to health defects, as revealed by the Health Ministry's National Optometry Services Head Dr. Nur Zahirah Husain.

She added that an estimated 15000 people nationwide suffer from low-vision impairment based on statistics obtained from government hospitals. Among the factors causing this are diseases, for instance glaucoma, diabetes, age-related degeneration, cataracts, retinal disease and uncorrected refractive error.

During the launch of Focus Point's World Sight Day 2017 'Make Vision Count' event at Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, Dato' Liaw Choon Liang, President & CEO of Focus Point Holdings Berhad said: “This year marks our 6th year running the WSD event. We are excited and proud to be part of global effort in raising pubic awareness on the importance of vision care and eye health. It is also very much in line with the company's philosophy of giving back to the community”

5 Things You Should Know If Your Partner Snores

Today we are going to discuss something that is a bit privacy but yet happen commonly in our community – snoring. Do you have a partner that snores? I believe a lot of us have same issue, well, at least I do. My partner snores is so loud that even the neighbor can hear. I have tried to poke him, and even put on ear plug. However, it doesn't solve his snores. At times, I was even thought to sleep in separate room but I know this is harmful to the marriage hence I just let this thought slip away.
Over the years, he has tried almost all the remedies including the nose strips, get doctor's consultation, but they are not helping him to reduce his snores. The doctor has advice him to go for an operation but we thought it was too extreme and hence we didn't go for it. However, as his snores become louder every night, it made us both had poor sleep and affect our daily activities.

Month ago, I posted my concern of my snoring partner online. Not surprisingly, many of my friends are having the same problem, and one of my friend from pharmaceutical background has introduced me Silence. Made in France, Silence is an anti-snoring throat spray that acts directly on the main cause of snoring and lasts throughout the night.

As I was really curious just like you, I have decided to give it a try. I have let my hubby to use the Anti-Snoring Throat Spray 3 weeks ago. Read on further to find out the 5 things you should know about Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray from our experience.
1. Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray is plant base, it is made from 2% of Carrageenan, a very sticky seaweed; 7.5% Phospolipids which is soy lecithin, a plant based lubricant and Rosa Canina Extract, the rose hip extract to tone up muscle and helps in inflammation. It gives immediate effect as it coats the throat tissues and providing lubrication immediately. It reduces the inflammation and swelling of the throat tissues (edema), therefore reducing snoring.
2. Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray comes in foam spray type which is easy to use. To use, shake the can vigorously, attach diffuse to nozzle, turn the can upside down, spray foam towards back to your throat for 3 seconds, swallow it in. Repeat spray and swallow for 3 times before you sleep. This way, the anti-snoring throat spray will stay on the site of action the whole night.

Whittaker’s Chocolate – World-Class Chocolate Made in New Zealand

We all know New Zealand is famous for its dairy, and hence they produce the best chocolate there too. We were glad to be invited to a blogger event to try out Whittaker’s chocolate, the World-class chocolate made in New Zealand at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall last Saturday morning.
As New Zealand's Most Trusted Brand and a favourite among chocolate lovers, Whittaker’s chocolate has expanded into the Asian market, with its chocolate now widely available in China, North Asia, and South-East Asia. 
Left: Matt Whittaker, the Head of International Markets for Whittaker’s chocolate

We were glad to meet Matt Whittaker, the Head of International Markets for Whittaker’s chocolate during the event. According to him, Whittaker’s chocolate is all made at its one factory in Porirua, New Zealand, and is the only major chocolate manufacturer in New Zealand that ensures quality by controlling the whole manufacturing process – from beans to bar. Each step in the chocolate-making process, from receiving the cocoa bean in its raw form to the final wrapped product, is done at the Whittaker’s factory. 

“Our core focus on producing quality, world-class chocolate is why we think we have been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand for six years in a row,” says Matt Whittaker.
Whittaker’s was established over 120 years ago by J.H. Whittaker, and is now directed by third-generation Whittakers, brothers Andrew and Brian. The next generation of Whittakers, brother and sister Matt and Holly, work in the business as Head of International Markets and Marketing Manager respectively.

Flavours of Diwali @ Pavilion KL

Deepavali is around the corner, it is fall on 18 Oct 2017 this year. In conjunction with this year's Festival of Lights, Pavilion KL, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination has launched ‘Flavours of Diwali’ – a joyous Deepavali event today. Inspired by the symbols which reflect the true essence of Deepavali, Flavours of Diwali will showcase the most creative and largest kolam design in collaboration with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, which will be featured in the Centre Court of the mall from now until 23rd October 2017.
Flavours of Diwali @ Pavilion KL

Flavours of Diwali invites Malaysians to come together for a feast of the senses in the heart of Bukit Bintang, with colourful, vivid decorations, stunning performances, fabulous shopping deals and mouth-watering dishes, some created exclusively for the festive period.
To celebrate the launch, media and guests were treated to a spectacular performance and speeches by Ms Kung Suan Ai, Director of Marketing, Pavilion KL and Dato’ Gail Phung, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Worldwide before seeing the beautiful ‘Unity Kolam’ be brought to life in a magnificent lighting ceremony.
Designed by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s students from 18 different countries, the ‘Unity Kolam’ features 3 huge ‘kolam’ which comes together to create one massive, vivid art piece. The colourful kolam is infused with robust coloured rice grains to boast intricate patterns of the different symbols of Deepavali, such as the Elephant which represents strength, power, stability and wisdom; the Lotus which encompasses creativity, wealth, health and prosperity; and the Peacock which captures beauty and elegance. Like the myriad colours on the kolam, Flavours of Diwali captures the true essence of Deepavali that we are the most beautiful when we embody these symbols and are united as one.

Direct Flight to Jeju from Kuala Lumpur with AirAsia X

Calling all South Korea lovers, we can now fly directly to Jeju from Kuala Lumpur, yay! This exclusive direct flights sets its course to commence 4 times weekly. As the idyllic island in South Korea, Jeju is a beautiful and natural island that one should not be missed. In conjunction with the launch of this new route, travelers can enjoy promotional all-in fares from RM199 one-way on the grand launch on 12 December 2017.
The special promo of all-in fares from RM199 one-way on standard seat and RM899 one-way on award winning Premium Flatbed will run from 10 to 15 October 2017 for travel between 12 December 2017 and 25 March 2018, available for booking on airasia.com.

AirAsia X CEO Benyamin Ismail said, “We are proud to be the only airline to operate direct flights to Jeju, South Korea from Kuala Lumpur, connecting the beautiful island with Malaysia and the rest of Asia and beyond through Asia’s LCC hub. South Korea is an important market and we have seen tremendous growth from our existing routes to Seoul and Busan which will now be complemented by our new service to Jeju, saving our guests the hassle of domestic transit to the island province. This new route will provide additional over 150,000 capacity annually and will be a significant boost to strengthen business and tourism ties between Malaysia and South Korea. We wish to thank the governments and relevant authorities for the tremendous support and making this route launch possible.”

Director General of Tourism Bureau, Jeju Special Self- Governing Province Mr. Lee Seung Chan said, “We would like to congratulate AirAsia X on this exclusive route connecting Malaysia with Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a destination unlike others with year-round attractions suitable for all types of travellers, be it single or group travellers, families or honeymooners. We are certain that this direct route will boost the tourism arrival for Jeju attracting tourists from not only Malaysia, but also from other countries who can now easily connect to Jeju via Kuala Lumpur.”

Guests can now make use of AirAsia's Fly-Thru service to connect seamlessly to Jeju from other cities within AirAsia and AirAsia X’s extensive flight network with just one additional stop, or utilise the multi-city option to explore Jeju together with Busan or Seoul before flying back to Kuala Lumpur.
Jeju Island, also known as the “Island of the gods”, is a beautiful volcanic island located 64 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula. It is the country’s most popular holiday island, with more than 70% of visitors being domestic travelers seeking out what has become known as the "Hawaii of South Korea."

Lipton x Monin #MixTealogy

Tea is a big part of Asian culture and that is no different here where it is enjoyed, and savoured by Malaysians from all walks of life.

Now for the first time ever in Malaysia, Unilever Food Solutions (Lipton) is joining hands with Monin to bring tea lovers a brand new concept to elevate your beverage offering to an absolute quintessential level.
Enter #MixTealogy: a perfect blend of the purest Lipton tea, with the premium quality of Monin syrups. The uplifting nature of tea drinking coupled with innovative mixology is opening the door to limitless #MixTealogy possibilities.

Founded in Bourges, France in 1912, Monin is the world’s leading provider of premium gourmet flavourings. Monin is present in over 150 countries and has a range of 175 flavours including gourmet sauces, fruit purees and frappe powder for unlimited drinks creation.
UFS Malaysia Country Head Nusrat Perveen said: “Following a relaunch of the Sir Thomas J Lipton range of teas last year, we are here to bring you a whole new dimension to tea enjoyment.”

Today, Lipton is the world’s leading tea brand and is sold in more than 150 countries. Lipton was also the first brand to sell tea leaves in tea bags, and every year a whopping 100 billion Lipton drinks are enjoyed around the world.

“Consumers nowadays are setting new standards and expecting to be wowed by amazing lifestyle experiences. That’s why we introduced #MixTealogy, to enable our customers to inspire and satisfy their guests,” she said.
Iced tea reached the top 5 iced beverages for its refreshing and healthy perception and #icedtea and #coldbrew tea are topping the charts in social media currently. Having 2 expert brands in their own field, working together hand in hand, #MixTealogy looks set to be the next big hit among consumers.

Curél ‘Be Well 365. Ceramide Skincare’

Kao Japan is bringing Japan’s No.1 Brand for Sensitive Asian Skin, the Curél brand to Malaysia with the vision of providing safe and effective Sensitive skincare solutions for Malaysians. Launched in Japan in 1999, Curél is scientifically developed and is a culmination of years of extensive dermatological research clinically tested to suit Asian Skin. Kao Japan’s skincare research team paid particularly close attention to customers’ concerns over skin problems and discovered that dry and sensitive skin is caused by a lack of Ceramide.

Sensitive skin is a state of hyper-reactivity where the skin lacks sufficient Ceramide, resulting in skin problems and symptoms of discomfort such as roughness, dryness, irritation, itching and redness. Thus, it is important to provide moisturizing skin care which protects and replenishes the function of Ceramide. Sensitive skin troubles occur when skin becomes dry and stripped of its thin protective barrier. Curél discovered that dry and sensitive skin troubles amongst Malaysians have increased significantly1 and the many factors causing sensitive skin include pro-longed exposure to UV rays and bad weather conditions such as pollution. Even the use of unsuitable skincare products could aggravate sensitive skin woes. As such, skin affected by these external irritants cause problems such as tautness, redness, itchiness, allergies and skin peeling prone to itching and redness.
A highly anticipated brand under the Kao range, Curél offers a holistic range of products that combat sensitive skin problems at its root. Specially formulated and clinically proven to support dry and sensitive skin, Curél is also recommended for use on babies with dry and sensitive skin conditions. Curél’s efficacy is backed by over 30 years of R&D, researching more than 2,000 different formulas and 6,400 people with sensitive skin. The result is Curél’s breakthrough technology – the Advanced Intensive Moisture Ceramide Care technology.

Curél contains the essential ingredient – Ceramide-functioning ingredient, which is unique, dermatological formulated and clinically proven to be hydrating, penetrating and moisture-retaining for the skin. It not only helps improve low barrier conditions on the skin surface, but also targets the problem from within. 

Curél provides a comprehensive face to body range suitable for all skin types. The two range that comes highly recommended by Kao skin specialists are Intensive Moisture Care series and Sebum Trouble Care series. Curél is the solution to relieve irritation and helps hydrate skin while providing highly effective solutions to restore the structure of the skin. Apart from these, Curél has a UV Protection Essence to protect sensitive skin against UV damage while restoring Ceramide for healthier skin barrier.

1 Kao Global Benchmark survey 2011-2014

Curél is now available at selected Watson’s stores. The retail price of Curél products ranges from RM42.40 to RM111.30 with GST.

For more information, please visit Curél Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/curelmalaysia or Kao Malaysia’s official Curél website at http://www.kao.com/my/curel

The 20th Anniversary of Lewre

Women love shoes, we all do. There's a saying of 'a woman always lack a pair of shoes', which men would not understand. Lucky that our Malaysia very own man designer, Dato' Lew understood that and have created the beautiful shoes for the women since 20 years ago.
In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Lewre this year, Lewre has set had set up the Lewre Galleria at The Gardens Mall from 23 to 29 September 2017. Public had the chance to see and appreciate the 20 years of diligence and milestones achieved by the brand. Every piece at the 20th anniversary display has 3 elements to it, which is the brief story, an artwork and the final product, with the highlights of the conception of idea to visualization from the artwork and production to the pair of Lewre shoes.
I was honoured to be invited a an intimate hi tea with Dato' Lew with a bunch of bloggers. During the hi tea session, we were told his many inspiring stories and learn to appreciate his piece of arts, which is women's shoes.
Not only that, Lewre has launched it's latest series in commemorate with the 20th death anniversary of the late Princess Diana.

The 10th anniversary of AirAsia travel 3Sixty° Magazine

What do you do when flying on board? I personally love to read magazines because I enjoy reading. AirAsia’s award-winning inflight magazine, travel 3Sixty° has launched a brand new look for its October issue in conjunction with its tenth year anniversary celebration last Friday. The revamped magazine which boasts a new logo, layout, content, and overall branding, was launched by Datuk Kamarudin Meranun; Executive Chairman of AirAsia Berhad, Group CEO of AirAsia X and publisher of the magazine at Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang.

Introduced in August 2007 to bring the latest in destinations, arts and culture, heritage and adventure, travel 3Sixty° now seeks to ignite wanderlust amongst the readers and inspire them to plan their dream holiday. The magazine also introduced several new sections such as The Hype, Travel Planner, Aperture and The Client’s List. Furthermore, in tandem with AirAsia’s green initiative, the magazine has also changed its paper to a lightweight matte paper that reduces weight by 20 percent, which enables better fuel consumption that will translate to better savings for AirAsia guests. 
Furthermore, to complement the magazine’s sleek new look and as part of AirAsia’s continuous effort towards becoming a digital airline, the magazine unveiled a brand new travel3Sixty.com, which now incorporates a transactional feature and mobile-first-approach to further improve user’s experience, especially on-the-go users. In addition, the website allows guests to learn about new destinations faster and easier as articles, activities and deals are now destination specific so guests can access relevant information about their destination and purchase exciting activities on the go seamlessly.
Datuk Kamarudin Meranun; Executive Chairman of AirAsia Berhad, Group CEO of AirAsia X and publisher of the magazine said, “The new look and feel makes the magazine more contemporary and sleek, following the latest trends and directions in the publishing industry. Apart from refreshing the presentation style to our readers, it positions itself as a constantly evolving magazine that finds ways to satisfy the wanderlust in our readers. In addition, we also want to show our supporters and advertisers that the magazine is constantly looking at reinventing itself as a publication where quality is reflected in content and style - which will elevate the standing of the publication in the public eye.” 

Korean Ala Carte BBQ Buffet @ Hwa Ga Taman Desa

We love Korean food, especially Korean BBQ. However, it is not cheap to eat at the normal Korean restaurant, a BBQ dinner would easily cost more than RM 100 for 2 to 3 small plates of meats. Imagine if I dine with my family and friends, the bill will be so expensive.

But hey, I am happy to share with you that I have found an affordable and delicious Korean BBQ buffet restaurant lately. Hwa Ga restaurant has opened their latest branch at Taman Desa. Serving free flow Ala Carte BBQ buffet every day and night, Hwa Ga restaurant is a great place for meat lovers like us.
Just like other Hwa Ga's branches, Hwa Ga restaurant at Taman Desa offers a wide range of food for diners to chose from. We are happy to see a lot of meat selections, from pork, beef, chicken to squid on the menu. Once we sat down, we were served with refillable Banchans of kimchi, spicy eggplant, fish cake, egg roll and many more.
Then, we started to order our food from the menu. 
There are 12 selections of meat available at Hwa Ga Taman Desa as below;

Samgyeopsal(Pork Belly)
Busut Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly with Mushroom)
Daepae Samgyeopsal (Sliced Pork Belly)
Gochujang Samgyeopsal (Spicy Pork Belly)
Dwaeji Galbi (Grilled Pork Ribs)
Dwaeji Jumulleok (Grilled Marinated Pork)
Hangjeongsal (Pork Shoulder)
Usamgyeop (Short Plate)
LA Galbi(Beef Rib)
Jumulleok Gui(Beef in Soy Sauce)
Dakgalbi(Stir Fried Chicken)
O-Jingeo Gui(Grilled Squid)

We love that the meats are fresh, succulent and tender, most importantly they were marinated perfectly.

Flower Are Better with A Better Florist

A Better Florist in Singapore needs no special introduction. This amazing flower shop is something that everyone needs in their life, as it’s a service and a business that you can rely on. I find myself constantly busy, running around Singapore never actually being able to finish what I start, let alone go on a fantasy flower shopping adventure. I just don’t have the luxury of time.a

With A Better Florist, I never miss holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, because I don’t have to do anything. Without leaving my home, I can order a fruit basket for myself or fruit baskets for my cousins and have them sent over to their home with the best flower delivery in Singapore

I usually go for The Allison for my home décor, which is a bouquet of colourful tulips that’s not plain and it adds such a surge of energy into every room. They’re thoughtfully curated and the experience of shopping is super simple. Whether you want hampers for the holidays, or funeral flowers for emergencies they can jump in and do the task efficiently.

What I love the most is that these blooms explode with life. They’re gorgeous, vibrant and stand up proudly in a vase. Whether it’s flower stands in questions or flowers that go with a baby shower gift it’s equally fresh and perky. I found out that they deliver flowers from farms directly to their flower shops, so flowers don’t sit around in the store but go directly to you. That means I get flowers that will last longer in my home, and I don’t have to spend money as often on flowers as I would usually.

If you’re looking for the best florist in Singapore, in my opinion, A Better Florist is the only flower shop you should even consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re a flower enthusiast or just want to grab a beautiful get well soon hamper for someone, they’ll cater to all your needs. I don’t even go gift shopping anymore, because they have balloons, hampers, baskets, flowers, bundles and can create anything you want for any occasion.

K-Gloss Keratin Hair Treatment @ Hair by Martin

Dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair has always be my biggest concern of my hair. Due to excessive dye and style, my hair is damaged since years ago. I am in need of great hair treatment to save my look!

Happy to try out the K-Gloss Keratin Hair Treatment at Hair by Martin. More details, click to watch the video below.
Don't you love my healthy, shiny hair just like I do?
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