TCA Pre- Xmas bazaar @ Damen USJ

As Christmas season is around the corner, the Container Artbox (TCA) Pre- Xmas bazaar will be happening at Level 4, Damen USJ at end of this week.
TCA Pre- Xmas bazaar

Date: 16-18 December 2016

Time: 11am-8pm

Venue: Level 4, Damen USJ

Wondering what is The Container Artbox (TCA)? It is the new shopping place which is coming to you with excing acvies and variety of shopping experience in 2017!

If you have been to Artbox market in Bangkok, you will fall in love with TCA. TCA is a new shopping concept that makes you feel like 'shopping in Thailand', while it's indoor and air condioned.
Among the vendor joining the TCA Pre- Xmas bazaar is Yureska. Yureska will be bringing the K-Style trend for Fashionista who are dare to be different. So if you are ready, drop by the bazaar to transform your look.

MDG, known as Modo Del Gao in Italian means Fashion Cat. Founded by a lovely couple in Malaysia with passion and mission to bring a unique shopping experience for their shopper!

Shoppers could expect to get some low priced pre-loved and brand new items from some of the bloggers who are putting up their booths there too. To find out who are the bloggers and their items? Go to the bazaar and have a look ok!

Aside from that, Grooming also bring more trendy clothing to satisfy your crave for more outfits. They have been selling trendy pieces since early of the year.

Beside the beautiful clothing, you can visit CY Beauty Solution. They provide nail sticker service with gel top coat service (Its so eco friendly and time saver) and also gel colour manicure service. Ladies, you do not want to miss a creative and gorgeous nail art design for this coming Christmas.

Enough of Fashion? How about toys for the big boys or your little ones. LA Galaxy Trading is selling variety of products, especially toys and phone accessories. If you are looking for a present for your friends, you could visit their booth on the day.

After shopping all day long, shoppers could relax at the comfort zone from Tim Bodycare Training Centre which will provide head and shoulder massage. Not forget to mention that they are one of the most reputable and the leading National medicinal massage Training School in Malaysia!

TCA promises to be one of the best shopping choice to you, therefore there will be 'added value' to this shopping experience during this TCA Pre Xmas Bazaar. TCA will be giving away shopping vouchers and freebies with mini games throughout the day.

As planned, TCA is ready to be launched officially in January 2017. Good news to any of you who dream to be an entrepreneur. The Container Art Box, will be providing safe and comfortable commercial and promoonal booths which allow Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to have their own booth. TCA has curated a total of 250 booths which gives the sense of novelty and "added-value” to complement the mall.

Besides making TCA a whole new level shopping a racon, TCA management promises to organize a lot Below are is the list of tenants in Damen USJ.

You can join TCA as part of the business family members or visit us for your greatest shopping experience. Looking forward to see you guys this weekend!


Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

seems like an interesting event.. I won't mind checking it out if I had some time...

Emily said...

I love shopping at these kinds of bazaars. They take up plenty of time but it's not wasted. At least, I don't think so!

Olivia said...

Nice. Don't have to go so far to experience Thailand shopping. Will definitely come here shopping infuture!

Jane Chua said...

I love to shop at Bazaar. Can get variety of items at an affordable price.

RainbowDiaries Singapore said...

I just love the festivities that are on for Christmas in various malls. This looks very happening too.

Blair Villanueva said...

this looks fascinating event! I like bazaars coz its the places I could find unique gift items :)

Ivy Kam said...

Hmm interesting... Didn't know about this until I read your post :)

~ Everest ~ said...

Sounds really nice! Visiting bazaars are my favourite cos they have such a huge variety of vendors and some have interesting stuffs

Isabel Lee said...

I already have plans to visit artbox in thai! Maybe I will visit our local version first eh? xD

Geng Qian Choo said...

would definitely have a check on this. haven't started my christmas shopping yet.

Candace Ng said...

Ooh I love bazaar events! So many goodies I could get hold of! Too bad I'll be attending another event on that date :(

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