Review: De’Xandra For Her Eau De Parfum (Inspired by CHANEL Chance)

I’ve recently came across a E-Inspired Perfumes local brand - De’Xandra. What captured my eyes was its vintage and romantic packaging.
De’Xandra has a wide range of inspired EDP. From Chanel to Prada, you name it they probably have it. I have hauled the De’Xandra For Her Eau De Parfum (Inspired by CHANEL Chance) and tried it out. The scent is very close to CHANEL Chance, and it stays on me for around 4-5 hours.
De’Xandra For Her Eau De Parfum is Halal, suitable for all races. It is affordable, only RM 65 for 35ml. I found 35ml is just good as we can carry it around easily.
De’Xandra For Her Eau De Parfum (Inspired by CHANEL Chance) Ingredients: Natural Floral Ethyl, Parfum fragrance, Aqua, Cinnamol, Oil
For more information on De’Xandra Eau De Parfum, visit;

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Phone No : 013-2644310 (LIA)


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