Review: Q Switch ND Yag Laser at Renee Clinic, Adios Pigmentation

I used to think that pigmentation and freckles are cute, look at those cute girls in comics. Hence while I started to develop pigmentation since teenager time, I wasn’t care. Back then, I always played basketball under the hot sun after school without any sunscreen and other protections.
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When I step into my earlier 20s, things have changed. As I grown older, my pigmentation becomes more and darker, and I started to think that they are indeed very ugly. I tried every method to try to get rid of them, including used excessive whitening products, and always cover them with concealer. Even so, it did not help much.
After having this ugly pigmentation on my face for 17 years, I’ve decided to open to Aesthetic treatment to get rid of them once and for all. I studied the Net and magazines, and I finally found a safe and instant solution.
Last month, I made an appointment with Renee Clinic at Jalan Ipoh for consultation.
I was introduced to Dr. Renee Law and Dr. Cheok Jia Rhong, the two Doctors at Renee Clinic. They are really professional yet friendly and down to earth.
L: Dr. Renee Law; R: myself
Wow, impressive Wall of Fame isn't it?

After analyzed my skin, Dr. Renee recommended me to try the Q Switch ND Yag Laser, which is caters for patients who have pigmentation spots due to aging or sun exposure. 
Dr. Renee explained the Aesthetic treatments and procedures to me in detailed. 
Q Switch ND Yag Laser treatment is a simple, non-invasive procedure with minimal risk and minimal recovery time. It is affordable yet effective.
Hence, without any hesitation, I agreed to give the laser a try.
Patient needs to fill in the form before treatment begins

The treatment started with microdermabrasion. The whole idea of removing upper layer of the skin started in 1500BC in Eqgypt when Egyptians would use sandpaper to smooth the skin. Now microdermabrasion has become one of the top 3 aesthetic procedures in the world since 1985.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical treatment to help rejuvenate the skin. It uses a diamond/crystalised-tipped wand to gently abrade away dead cells which helps the skin to rejuvenate from below and enhance absorption of therapeutic solutions and skin care.
Once microdermabrasion was done, they put on numbing cream on my face for 30 minutes.

I rest at the waiting area during that 30 minutes. The area is equipped with TV, magazines and lots of refreshments.
I love the coffee they served, and I had fun watching the Korean movie playing on that day. I felt completely relax there. Dr. Cheok came to the waiting area to check if everything was OK with me for a few times during waiting. Indeed, I was good and I did not feel any tingling sensation at all.

After 30 minutes has passed, I was lead to the room again to do the laser. My eyes were covered to avoid the laser light throughout the procedures.
The laser targets the chosen area and selective photothermolysis will occur. I smelt something burning but I did not feel pain at all.
The procedure was fast, it was done in just 15 minutes.

My face was red and swelling after the procedure, It look pretty scary right?
However I did not feel pain nor discomfort. The redness and swelling started to reduce after a few hours.

Dr. Renee gave me some antiseptic cream to apply 3 times a day for the first few days. I followed her instructions and also put on sunscreen every 4 hours.
Sharing with you some after treatment skin care tips;
-          In the event of post-treatment discomfort it is recommended to cool the treated area immediately following treatment with cold (not frozen) compresses or air cooling or take a mild painkiller such as Paracetamol to reduce the discomfort.
-          Avoid swimming, sitting in hot baths, saunas and Jacuzzis, as well as strenuous exercise or intense massage for 2 weeks.
-          Avoid strong masks, scrubs or other products on the treated area for the next 1 week.
-          Avoid excessive sunlight on the lasered area for the next 2 weeks after treatment. Use sunscreen with SPF 50 and above, and reapply sunscreen every 4 hours during day time.
The redness has gone the next day, but the dark spots were quite obvious still. I kept on apply the antiseptic cream and I switched back to my routine skincare on the 4th day.
I started to see the black spots fall off itself from the 4th day onwards. After a week, they are all gone.
I can’t believe that my face has no more pigmentation! It is a dream come true, after 17 years! Not only that, my skin tone is more even and brighter, and my pores have shrink too!
The result is simply amazing! I am really happy to have flawless skin now.

Most importantly, Q Switch ND Yag Laser has zero downtime. I went back to work immediately after the treatment that day. No wonder the laser nowadays has become one of the most popular lunch time procedures.
I went back Renee Clinic for follow up one week later. Dr. Renee & Dr. Cheok were happy with my result. They said it may last up to 5 years and above until the pigmentation started to appear again. Depending on my concern, I can go for another laser treatment to have more significant result.

I am happy with my result; it is not any skin care can do. Now, I have the confident to go out without putting on any makeup and concealer.
I would recommend Renee Clinic to whomever that has any skin concerns. I trust that Dr. Renee & Dr. Cheok would attend to your need and provide you a solution.
Renee Clinic is located at;

No. 468-G-9, Ground Floor,
Block G, Riverwalk Village, Rivercity,
3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur
(Behind HSBC, Maybank & Affin Bank)
(Opposite AEON Big Jalan Ipoh)
Renee Clinic Tel No: +6-03-4040 0778
Renee Clinic Website -
Renee Clinic Facebook page -
You could also email them at for any enquiry.


Soon said...

How much is the charges?

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Soon, it depends. I think it's start from few hundreds to few thousands, depends on how many treatments you go through. Best to call Renee Clinic for an appointment and get consult by the Doctor. ;)

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