Island holiday at Pangkor Laut Resort: Day 2

The breakfast at Pangkor Laut Resort is served at Feast Village. There were quite a lot of varieties for you to choose. From local food like Roti Canai, Chinese Porridge to International food like omelets, corn flakes, Dim Sum and etc. We enjoyed our big breakfast before we went for Jungle trekking at 10:30am.

We took the easy Jungle Trek instead of the difficult one. Mr. Yip was the guide, he talked to us about the jungle before we depart from the library. Actually the journey from The library all the way to Emerald bay bypassing the jungle is short. However Yip is a very long-winded person and he talked too much.  :P  So we did not really enjoy the walk, it was hot and a lot of insects.

By the time we reached the Emerald bay, it was already 1pm+. We enjoyed the nice scenery for awhile before we had our lunch at The Chapman's Bar at 2pm.

After the long lunch, we went back to our villas by a shutter van. On the way walking back to Our villas, we passed by Jim Thompson so we had some shopping there before we went back to our villas. Jim Thompson is a Thailand brand selling Thai Silk Products, Cotton Fabrics and Accessories. Their t-shirt and bag designs are not bad, quite modern.

Hubby and I enjoyed a soak at the bath tub and I did my DIY spa then. I exfoliate my face and body, applied some masks and body butter then had a nice nap. By the time I woke up, it's already time for dinner.

I faster changed and dress up to the Feast Village to have western food dinner. That night was hot but the place we sat doesn't have a fan. Hubby sweat until his shirt was wet, we asked the waiter to put some fans to our place but one of them ignore us. Hubby was quite angry with them but lastly one of them took a fan and placed it towards us. It's really huge different how the workers treat the foreigners and the local, you could feel and see it most of the time. It was unpleasant but I wouldn't let this kind of people destroyed my holiday mood.

I enjoyed reading "Shopaholic & Baby" in the library after the dinner. It was relaxing and nice, how I wish my house could be like that.

The second day passed really fast and I enjoyed it a lot.

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